Pokemon Sweet 2th

People love Pokemon and sweets. What do sweets have to do with Pokemon? You get the ROM hack called Pokemon Sweet 2th. The ROM hack uses FireRed as the base and it turns your favorite Pokemon into sweet versions of themselves.

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Basically, the Pokemon in the hack are the same ones but they have the whole sweet and dessert motif going for them.

You have a Squirtle looking like a pie hence the name is Squirpie. This hack is more than just sweets because it is fun and will keep you engaged. Use the FireRed Version 1 ROM to patch the UPS file included below and we have more information added.

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Pokemon Sweet 2th Details and More


The story is interesting and it is best that you explore it yourself. Your Pokemon look sweet but the world and design of the areas have some nice dessert and sweet motifs to them. The story is pretty much common where you capture Pokemon and uncover mysteries in the Region.


We already have the sweet and dessert motif going on. We can basically classify the roster as Fakemon but they still are the same ones from the games from Gen 1 to 3 with altered looks.

You can craft or cook in the game which is an interesting feature.  Mega Evolutions are included but only around 25 can Mega Evolve. Follow your own adventure since depending on your Starter is where you can go through the area.

Pokemon Sweet 2th Information

Pokemon sweet 2th

Pokemon Sweet 2th
Creator: Ephraim225
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Around 386 Pokemon (Gen 1 to 3)
  • Mega Evolution for 25 of them
  • The 3 Starter Pokemon will have one HM Move
  • Depending on the Starter, you can start your adventure differently
  • Side quests are available
  • Crafting and Cooking feature
  • Fast Travel service to areas where you’ve already been by opening the Menu
  • Customize the music you listen to in the game




We don’t share pre-patched rom hacks and roms – sharing these files is considered piracy, and it’s illegal!

Pokemon Sweet 2th Download


Spriters: (Look em’ up on DeviantArt!)

SgtSmilies – Region Map

Stuff I used:

MrDollSteak – Decap ROM Base
Doesntknowhowtoplay – Inverse Battles, IV display (modified by me to display EVs)
Touched – Mega Evolution
Navenatox – Dynamic Overworld Palettes
JPAN – Save Block Recycler
Jambo – Safe Flags/Vars
Ismash – Capture EXP (Though it doesn’t seem to work alongside the other Pokeball hack)
Shiny Quagsire – Berry Bag Selection
FBI – Multibox hack
NewDenverCity – Speeding Up FireRed
~Ruki! – HGSS Kanto Reloaded Music

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