Pokemon Emerald Enhanced

The Pokémon Emerald version has been completely overhauled. Emerald Enhanced is a more advanced ROM hack directed at more experienced Pokémon players.

Notes on Compatibility: Emerald Enhanced makes use of advanced code not seen in many other GBA games. As a result, Emerald Enhanced can only be played without problems using official Nintendo hardware or the mGBA emulator.

VBA and other generic emulators based on VBA code have been known to crash and cause incompatibility. It’s best to use mGBA and My Boy! on Android if they’re both available.

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced Game Information

Pokemon emerald enhanced

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced
Creator: Ryuhouji
Game Base: Emerald
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: See Pokemon Emerald Enhanced cheats

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Feature List

  • Gen 7 battle engine with custom tweaks to some statuses.
    • Burn deals 1/8th HP damage and reduces Attack by 2 stages
    • Curse deals 34% of target’s HP per turn
    • Critical chance is gen 7 rates
    • Critical damage is gen 3 multiplier (2x)
  • Completely open world. Complete gyms in any order. All wild&trainer Pokémon auto scale to your badges or party power level.
  • Main quest has been completely replaced with one where you can choose to work for Devon, Magma, or Aqua. There are multiple branches and endings for each one.
  • 685 total Pokémon available
  • The player performs HM actions on their own, with no need for the HM or a pokemon with the move.
    • Some life skills use HM moves for collecting items, but these moves are not permanent. They are TM’s.
  • Multiple modes of play!
    • Initial options:
      • Normal mode (Exp is increased by 25% for each badge you own.)
      • Easy mdoe (global 4x experience modifier)
      • Nuzlocke mode (A mode that has some restrictions on gameplay to further improve challenge.)
      • Frontier mode (select a frontier starter team and go straight to the frontier, get all silver symbols to access the rest of the game)
    • New Game plus (Keep your PC pokémon, achievements progress, key items, and some other things)
      • Normal Mode
      • Nuzlocke Mode
      • Hardcore mode (An even more difficult variant of nuzlocke with even more restrictions)
  • There have been some tweaks to the overworld map, including some new places to explore.
    • Snowshore is a whole continent to the northeast, and has some miniquests and special Pokémon available.
    • Route 66 provides a much needed quality of life shortcut between Fortee and Fallarbor cities.
  • New starter choices
    • Enjoy an enhanced selection of 7 starters that change from time to time to keep the experience fresh!
  • DexNav!
    • Use this tool to easily track down rare pokémon!
  • Followers! Befriend any of the companion NPCs to have them follow you around or help you in battle!
  • Switchable Dark/Light theme!
    • Emerald Enhanced has been optimized for modern screens. The original GBA screen used a white background, so it used less energy to have a light theme for the interface. Modern displays, especially OLED will benefit greatly from the included dark theme.
  • Achievements:
    • There are over 50 achievements you can earn, including 6 gold achievements, which grant a master ball upon completion.
  • Achievement Powers:
    • There are many powers you can choose from which use your Achievement power to activate. AP represents your overall completion of the game. More is better!

Here are some other interesting things

  • Relationship quests to befriend certain people in Emerald Enhanced. If they like you enough, you can have them follow you around and/or help you in battle.
  • Factions
    • There are 7 factions which you can work with and for to get money, unique rewards, and access to special features.
      • Outcasts: Access to alchemy via quests
      • Nobles: Access to Real Estate, where you can buy, sell and lease properties.
      • More on the horizon and coming soon!
  • Ball changer:
    • In Lilycove Department Store, you can change the Ball your pokémon are stored in.
  • Life Skills:
    • Mining: Mine raw resources from rocks throughout Hoenn to sell, or convert into useful items, or use as materials for Alchemy!
    • Botany: collect plants and other organic materials to create new and more powerful healing items, as well as create your own performance enhancing drugs!
    • Alchemy: Once you have truly mastered the other two life skills, you can take items you ear from both to create very powerful effects and items which can vastly improve your performance in battle!
  • Overhauled Trainer Card:
    • The new Journal interface has much more useful information than the original Trainer Card. Use it to track your achievements, faction progress, and more!
  • Frontier Bank & increased player money limit
    • You can now hold up to 1 billion pokedollars
    • You can open an account at the bank in Mauville City which will hold up to 2 billion pokedollars and protect your money from loss deduction
  • GCMS
    • Use this ingame area to supercharge your EV training! Meet the Scientists to obtain the Imprinter which removes unwanted EV’s instantly!


Pokemon emerald enhanced screenshots

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced Download

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    • Same way as Vanilla Emerald;

      Talk to Steven in Sootopolis City (West), the location of the 8th Gym. (You will need to use surf as well as dive to enter.) Steven will direct you to a cave inside the city previously blocked by an old man. Just go further into the cave and talk to Wallace, and then he will leave to go to Sky Pillar. Follow him and he will unlock the door for you.

  1. I tested the following codes and they all work. These are the ones I’ve found so far.

    All items available by purchasing in pokemart (none are free):

    82005274 XXXX

    0001 – Master Ball
    0022 – Full Restore
    0028 – Max Revive
    0033 – Elixir
    0035 – Lava Cookie
    0047 – Protein
    004A – Calcium
    0049 – Carbos
    004B – Rare Candy
    004E – PP Max
    005C – Max Repel
    005D – Ability Capsule
    0066 – Moon Stone
    007D – Heart Scale
    011A – Life Orb
    0200 – Brick Break

    Hopefully these are helpful and work for everyone…

  2. Rare Candy Cheat: 82005274 004B
    Keep In Mind You Need To Buy It In Pokemart And It Cost A Lot, I Suggest Activate The Infinite Money Cheat

    • Interesting, thanks for sharing mate. We have just started collecting cheats for this game and we’ll test this, I very much appreciate your help.

  3. I finally know what’s the rare candy cheat (More or less): 82005274 004B
    Keep it in mind its not free in pokemart (u can buy it in the pokemart). I suggest you activate the money Cheat (83006ba8 03e7) and then buy rare candies

    • Thanks for sharing. We’ve been working to collect cheats for this game and we need more input from our readers.

      Anyone can confirm this code is working?

  4. Just created a cheat kinda buggy still gives you lot of money if done properly.
    83006bab8 03e7
    Cheat will make your item count 999. This means go to a mart select something to sell and you would always sell 999. Will work even while depositing item in pc

  5. Please give me cheat for inf money.i find cheat for rare candy but i cant buy it bcoz the price is so high.btw i found cheat for masterball too.

  6. Hello, I’m playing the game on normal mode and any time I die I keep getting sent back to the main characters house in new bark, Even after going into a pokecentre and even after beating the first gym?

  7. can anybody help please? is there a way to change natures in this game? i have a modest male ralts but i would love to have a gallade 🙁

  8. We’ve made a test for cheats in this game but unfortunately none of them worked. Hopefully we can work together to find working cheats for this game, or perhaps the author of this game disabled cheating in purpose which is not on our control.