Pokemon Emerald Enhanced


Pokemon Emerald Enhanced is a ROM hack of the original Emerald. In terms of story, it is pretty much the same Emerald. Nothing has been changed in terms of how you progress the story and more. The hack itself prides on how it alters Emerald to a more interesting game at least to a certain degree.

There are over 600 Pokemon for you to catch and train. The game also scales its trainers and battles to make things interesting. Even at the start of the game, you can choose the difficulty or mode that you want to play the game in. Right off the bat, you can decide to play hard or just take it easy, and considering it has a New Game+, you can pump in some good hours in this game.

Details on Pokemon Emerald Enhanced


Much like Emerald, Emerald Enhanced has the same story. If you already know what to do and where to go next, you won’t be lost. The game has altered some dialogue but it doesn’t change the overall story and what you need to do.


At the beginning of the game, after you’ve chosen your character, you can select your difficulty. The choice cannot be undone until you start a new game so think twice. The game also lets you choose from 7 Starter Pokemon which should be fun. Moves, stats, and types have been changed and updated depending on the Pokemon. One thing is that you also don’t need Badges to use HMs outside of battle.

Pokemon Emerald Enhance Game Information

Pokemon emerald enhanced

Pokemon Emerald Enhance
Creator: Ryuhouji
Game Base: Emerald
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Choose from 7 Starter Pokemon
  • Over 600+ Pokemon to catch
  • Choose from 6 Difficulty settings (Easy, Normal, Hard, Hardcore, Frontier, and Nuzlocke)
  • Trainers and Wild Encounters will scale with your average level
  • Follower system in place
  • Physical and Special split
  • New Game+ is available
  • Chance to encounter a Boss Pokemon (1 in 256 chance)
  • Movesets and stats have been updated
  • Can use HMs outside of battle without the need for Badges


Pokemon emerald enhanced screenshots

Pokemon Emerald Enhance Download

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I tested the following codes and they all work. These are the ones I’ve found so far.

All items available by purchasing in pokemart (none are free):

82005274 XXXX

0001 – Master Ball
0022 – Full Restore
0028 – Max Revive
0033 – Elixir
0035 – Lava Cookie
0047 – Protein
004A – Calcium
0049 – Carbos
004B – Rare Candy
004E – PP Max
005C – Max Repel
005D – Ability Capsule
0066 – Moon Stone
007D – Heart Scale
011A – Life Orb
0200 – Brick Break

Hopefully these are helpful and work for everyone…


What a great share Anon. This surely helps whoever wants to use cheats for this game. Keep those codes coming.


Thanks! Actually I forgot one.

00E2 – Luck Egg


Nice. Keep em’ coming. Just to confirm, which GBA emulator you are using to play the game?

Mr. Penguin

Rare Candy Cheat: 82005274 004B
Keep In Mind You Need To Buy It In Pokemart And It Cost A Lot, I Suggest Activate The Infinite Money Cheat


Interesting, thanks for sharing mate. We have just started collecting cheats for this game and we’ll test this, I very much appreciate your help.

Mr. Penguin

I finally know what’s the rare candy cheat (More or less): 82005274 004B
Keep it in mind its not free in pokemart (u can buy it in the pokemart). I suggest you activate the money Cheat (83006ba8 03e7) and then buy rare candies


Created a cheat.
83006ba8 03e7
Go to a mart sell something will always sell for the max amount.


Thanks for sharing. We’ve been working to collect cheats for this game and we need more input from our readers.

Anyone can confirm this code is working?


Just created a cheat kinda buggy still gives you lot of money if done properly.
83006bab8 03e7
Cheat will make your item count 999. This means go to a mart select something to sell and you would always sell 999. Will work even while depositing item in pc


the letter are capital or not?


The code scope lens is 82005274 00E3

Naughty Blaziken

Hi pokemoncoders i have working master ball codes for this game with proof
Ms ball- 82005274 0001


Thanks for that bro, let’s ask some feedback from our readers about this.

-Anyone here got a chance to test the cheat? Does it work for you?


I’ve used this code, it works at the pokemart. $0 purchases (because of base value of item)


Wow! thanks for that information Jasian.


Please give me cheat for inf money.i find cheat for rare candy but i cant buy it bcoz the price is so high.btw i found cheat for masterball too.


Sorry but we don’t have a working cheats for this game. Can you share to us that working masterball cheat and if possible a screenshot as proof? Thank you Onanimous.


What is the rare candy cheat code pls


I want Kirlia to evolve into a Gallade…please help me..


Hello, I’m playing the game on normal mode and any time I die I keep getting sent back to the main characters house in new bark, Even after going into a pokecentre and even after beating the first gym?


can anybody help please? is there a way to change natures in this game? i have a modest male ralts but i would love to have a gallade 🙁


emerald pokemon cheats work in this game


We’ve made a test for cheats in this game but unfortunately none of them worked. Hopefully we can work together to find working cheats for this game, or perhaps the author of this game disabled cheating in purpose which is not on our control.


I nEEd chEAtS pLiS


Unfortunately the cheats we tested for this game strangely didn’t worked. 😢


Is the Sneazel you get from Dawn always a female?


Los cheats? 🙁


where do you get the scope lens in this game my grovyle has the sniper ablility and focus energy all i need is scope lens

Rai Radiuju

i play this game i have problem
1. Can’t buy item in pokemart
2. Can’t using cheat
can you helping my problem sir?


the reason why you cannot buy anything in the pokemart because you haven’t beat dawn if you beat dawn then you can buy things.

Mr Radiuju