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Brace yourself and prepare for a unique Pokemon gaming experience brought to you by our fellow Pokemon fans. Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a special fan-made Pokemon game that features the fusing of Pokemons to create a new and distinct Pokemon species through DNA Splicers.

The game is based on pokemon.alexonsager.net Pokemon fusion generator. There are overall 22 801 and counting unique Pokemon sprites you can explore for fusion; the game also features fairy type, and choosing a name for your new Pokemon is easy, just by accessing the menu.

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In the latest version of the game, players can now use the Randomized mode and Wondertrade. There are still more surprising features waiting for you to uncover, grab yourself a copy of Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

What’s the difference between the two versions (Red/Blue)?
Both versions are the same, but in the Blue version, trainers use inverse fusions, while the Red version is recommended for players who have the earlier version of Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

See the source link for the complete details of this game.

Game Information

Pokemon infinite fusion

Pokemon Infinite Fusion
Author: Schrroms
Game base: Fan made
Language: English
Source: Link
Full credits: Link
Changelog: Link
Subreddit: /r/PokemonInfiniteFusion


  • Story up to the 8th gym
  • Unfusing Pokémon
  • HM items
  • Over 400 custom sprites made by the community
  • Over 20 sidequests
  • New UI
  • Speed up button (Ctrl key)
  • Wondertrade
  • Randomized mode
  • Several revamped areas
  • Pokemon Fusion
  • Full Gen 5 style graphics
  • 22 801 Pokemon
  • New areas
  • Trainer House
  • Fairy type
  • Over 20 Sidequests
  • Wild double battles
  • Faster Day/Night system


Pokemon infinite fusion screenshots

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Download

Note from the creator: The game takes a little bit to load the sprites when you launch it. Leave it for a minute or so until you see the title screen appear. More details here.

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I perform all the steps correctly, but the error 35 always appears on joiplay, can anyone help me?

I keep getting an error that says “missing Game.ini”, any idea what might be causing the error and how to fix it?

same here

how do I open it

Im using android device with joiplay emulator,but when i enter my name,it can’t confirm and stuck in there,anyone help?

so for this, what emulator do I get on PC? a GBA emulator or does it boot up by itself?

Which apps/emulators are compatible with this game? I’ve unzipped it and I can’t access it with the ones I tried. (I’m using an android)

I tried but it cant find the zip file, what do i do

i cant open it when i try to it sais it couldent find ruby-dll

Mee too

so basically my game wont load. I open the file and it just has a black screen

Hey so uh is this safe?

hey so is this safe? When i try to run it, it says it could harm my pc and it just shows a black screen pls help

it is safe you simply have to wait a bit for the sprites to load and then the title screen will apear and all will be fine

Could someone help me fix this problem
My laptop accidentally got shut down after saving and then when I tried booting it up there was a save data error and it exited the game
I tried everything I can think of to fix it yet nothing is working
I even redownload it and the error still occurs

Does anybody know how to fix that screen freeze problem?
When going through my pokemon it freezes for a few seconds and it also happens in the overworld when I’m running around

When extracting the files both full game and patch they crash and error on files on PC

I had to use winzip to unzip it and it didnt take too long but that has a trial period on is i need to find one free but it works for now

I got it downloaded no problem but when i try to extract it crashes my library…

I can’t download the file both on MEGA and GDrive, anyone got an idea?

when i get to the new games and options part of the game it just freezes help

I followed all the steps for android, when i go to start the game I get a script main line 35 errorr and cannot work out how to solve the issue. Anyone have any ideas?

Hello. I have some trouble with the Polygon sprite in cyberspace. It does not move, even though I talked to it a few times. At best, it just looks right and left, but that is all.

Pls let me join


I have no clue what to do

Hey has anyone gotten this to work on Android? The closest I’ve gotten is trying to unzip the file for joiplay and being told I “can’t open Archive”. Help?!

When you go to set up the game with joiplay go to where you unzipped it to and look for game.exe

Did you get it to work?

Excuse me, I’m sorry to be a bother but it says that the file is invalid for me and when I downloaded the patch, it didn’t fix it. Please explain??

Please share the PBS File

cannot extract on PC

Last edited 2 months ago by tommy

I’ve downloaded and unzipped the file, but it’s just a black screen. What should I do?

Wait a few minutes (approx. 5-7). It takes time for the game to start. Otherwise, download the full version if you did not do so at the start.

no i think he is talking about when you try to open the zip file of the full version its blank and never stops loading

how do you unzip file?

I’m want to join

Help me please I downloaded but when I launched it I decided not to play but when I delete it it keeps adding more please I deleted all the files I know I’m using miui android please reply fast

Trying to extract the file on Android, but it’s not working, any tips

Is there a way i can play this on a hacked ps vita?

Hi, enjoying the game for the most part, but is there a way to have the game work with a bigger window, or in fullscreen?

Check the options section on the main menu. It should be there.

can I please have a Mediafire of the full version? mega doesn’t let me download the game

hi. everytime i try to extract the files from the zip it crashes the program or freezes it. i got it to extract everything after leaving it to sit for 8+ hours but when i tried to run the program it said something was missing and to download it again and now i’m just permanently stuck at trying to extract it again and just getting crashes.

Did you get it to work?

Anyone having trouble opening the game application. My install worked and was completed with no interruptions. However, when I go to open the game application it remains a black screen and then goes unresponsive. Help?

Will this work on the steam deck?

I downloaded it how do I Play now

Am I able to do this on iOS iPhones ???

how do you get this to run on android

trying to download, but it says this doesnt exist anymore?

I manually saved the game I can’t accesses it now every time I do I get that it says failed to load I have been trying everything

Is there any chance this can be played on a chromebook?

Joiplay doesnt work for andriod

How do I extract the file for the game

Hey, does this work on mobile so fa I’ve downloaded the files onto that mega app and I opened it and then clicked preview content, and it just doesn’t load

I’m want really do have it but how

I downloaded it and it doesn’t work

will this work on the gpemu emulator

would love to try this game but my computer is having trouble extracting the files. every time i go to extract the files the program freezes

Same here also

Does this game work for android?

My game was running fine but when I talked to blue in the lab before I interacted with Professor Oak my game slowed down and I can’t find a way to fix it

So i played up until the starter and now the game is moving at what looks like 10% speed, things like menus and the opening screen are normal but everything else is like molases

how do i play it after installing

can this be played on a Mac book