Pokemon Gold and Silver 97: Reforged

If you didn’t know, there was a demo for Pokemon Gold and Silver back in 1997 back in Space World. They have gotten the title of the Space World demos.

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The official games Gold and Silver had a very different look and felt to them compared to the demo because several elements were changed or altered as well as completely removed. That’s where Pokemon Gold and Silver 97: Reforged comes in.

These GBC ROM hacks are a retelling or an alternate and not official versions of Pokemon Gold and Silver. Basically, they are like unofficial sequels to Pokemon Red and Blue.

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The funny thing is that the base ROM is Crystal for both of them. They are different games, but they pretty much have the same content except for the available Pokemon.

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Pokemon Gold and Silver 97: Reforged Details and More


The story is a bit different, and it isn’t even based on the demo. It is an unofficial continuation of Red and Blue. It is still the same in terms of the other games. You have your character try and become the Pokemon Master in the Region of Nihon.


The Pokemon roster goes up to Gen 2 with updated stats, moves, types, and sprites. The early sprites for these games were a bit weird, especially for some Pokemon, where they were just bad.

These ROM hacks make up for it with better-looking sprites for the Pokemon. You can even play as a female character which was not present in Gold and Silver but only in Crystal. Several bugs and balancing issues have been fixed.

Several elements from the Space World demo have also made their way into these ROM hacks. Finally, these two ROM hacks have the same features as everything else. Both download links for each ROM will be included below.

Pokemon Gold and Silver 97: Reforged Information


Pokemon Gold and Silver 97: Reforged
Creator: Rool
Game Base: Crystal
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Link

Feature List

  • A collection of Pokemon up to Gen 2
  • Depending on which version you play, Pokemon will vary in terms of encounter rates.
  • More enemy Trainers have been added
  • Several Trainers have altered the Pokemon lineup
  • Pokemon Moves have been altered, added, and updated
  • Several Space World maps have been added to the game (Especially in Kanto)
  • Can play as a Female



Pokemon Gold 97: Reforged Download

Pokemon Silver 97: Reforged Download


BlazingMagmar (SoupPotato/SourApple) – Programming, Scripting, Sprites
Pfero- Title screen and various help
Cam – Maps and Scripting
Myself(Rool)- Sprites
Smalls- Sprites
Pik- Sprites
Sam the Salmon- Sprites
Nuuk- Sprites
Bencc- Sprites
Scarlax- Sprites
Lvl3- Original Hack

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