How to Use PKHex for Nuzlocke Challenge: The Information You Want to Know

You’ve probably heard of the Nuzlocke challenge. It’s a set of rules that players use when they want to play official Pokemon games and ROM hacks.

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Think of it as a means of challenging oneself to play Pokemon games in a different way. Then, there’s something called a PKHex program or app.

We’ll teach you how to use PKHex for Nuzlocke challenges.

First of all, all of this talk about Nuzlocke doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be hard or bad. Keep in mind that Nuzlocke challenges are executed by the players themselves.

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Even if you put some rules during your playthrough, you may deviate from them. We’ll teach you how your Nuzlocke runs can be more enjoyable when you use PKHex.

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How to use pkhex for nuzlocke challenges

What Is a Nuzlocke Challenge?

Before we get to the part on how to use PKHex for Nuzlocke, we have to tell you what a Nuzlocke challenge is.

We’ll do a brief summary but we’ll provide a link which you can CLICK HERE if you want to know more about the Nuzlocke challenge in full.

A Nuzlocke challenge is a set of rules that players put on themselves. The rules are meant to make the playthrough a bit more challenging.

The only issue is that nothing can stop players from breaking the rules. It all boils down to self-control and discipline if they want to continue.

There are ROM hacks like the image below from a game called Pokemon Polished Crystal.

There is a Nuzlocke option, meaning that the rules will be implemented, so the player has no choice but to comply unless they turn it off again.

Nuzlocke option

Nuzlocke Main Rules

1. Players can only catch the first Pokemon encountered in the area.

  • If the first Pokemon encountered is killed or runs away, players cannot catch a Pokemon in that area anymore.
  • In the case of Double Battles, players can choose which Pokemon to catch, even if the other one faints or runs. The other one can still be caught if it is still available.

2. If a Pokemon in your party dies (faints), then that Pokemon is considered dead. This means the Pokemon can no longer be used for the rest of the run.

Additional Nuzlocke Rules

These are some of the optional rules that can be applied to make the Nuzlocke run more challenging:

  • Players cannot reset the game. (in cases of failed catching or Pokemon in the party dies)
  • No use of cheats like Game Shark and codes.
  • If all Pokemon in the party die, regardless if there are still some in the Pokemon PC, the run is considered a GAME OVER. The playthrough is dead and cannot be continued.
  • No outside trading is allowed, or trading with other real-life players.
  • Trading with in-game characters is allowed.
  • Pokemon caught must have a nickname.
  • Catching a Pokemon in a dungeon or area with multiple floors is considered as one encounter. The first encounter is still the only one applicable even if the area has different floors.

There are other minor rules that you may want to implement, but these rules are so minute that they aren’t necessary.

Click here to see more of those rules and other things related to Nuzlocke’s challenges.

What Is the Pkhex Program?

The PKHex is a program that you can download from their official website if you CLICK HERE.

Simply download the program and unzip it with ease. Once the program is available, just click on the program to launch it and you can do all sorts of edits to your Pokemon save files.

The purpose of the PKHex is that you can edit a lot of things when it comes to your save file. Load up the right and compatible save files on the PKHex.

The ones that are compatible are a .SAV (GBA), .DSV (DS), .GCI(Game Cube), and so much more.

Things You Can Edit Using PKHex

1. Pokemon

  • Stats
  • Moves
  • Nickname
  • Nature
  • Level
  • Gender
  • Shiny or not
  • Ability
  • Held Item
  • Etc (some aren’t too important with Nuzlocke challenges)

2. Trainer Info

  • Trainer Name
  • Money
  • Badges
  • Items
  • Etc

These are the important things you can edit with the PKHex for your Nuzlocke needs.

If you also look at the image below, the Numbers will give you an idea of what are the things that you can do to navigate using the PKHex.

If you want to have a more in-depth look at the PKHex program, CLICK HERE for our expanded explanation. The information involved in our article goes beyond just the Nuzlocke needs.

Pkhex navigation
  1. This is where you can edit the particulars of your Pokemon.
  2. The Box represents the Pokemon in your Pokemon PC.
  3. Party represents the Pokemon in your Party.
  4. Other represents the Pokemon in the Day Care. (some other saves will have other info here)
  5. SAV allows you to edit the Trainer Info and others.

When you save your file again, it can be saved as a .PK which acts as a temporary file that you can load to PKHex again. Save it in the actual save file format for your emulator of choice.

Benefits of Using PKHex for Nuzlocke Challenges and Preparations

PKHex features are not bound by the rules of Nuzlocke. As you’re not using Game Shark codes, you’ll be fine.

Your Pokemon

  • It is beneficial that you edit the Pokemon that you get while still maintaining the Nuzlocke rules. A great scenario would be when you get your Starter Pokemon.
  • You don’t necessarily have to give it a high level but more or less something more capable. Try adjusting the Nature to fit well with your play style and the party of Pokemon you will have.
  • You can even do this for the Pokemon you get later on. Adjust the Nature and maybe even the moves that you initially want for them.
Pkhex pokemon editing

Your Inventory

  • There are no rules where you will be restricted from using items. The PKHex can pretty much allow you to edit the items you have on your Bag.
  • Put some Rare Candies and Master Balls in there for convenience. Even have some of those stat-boosting items that are used during battles.
  • Adjusting and changing the money that you have is also another benefit. Just have a lot of money and stockpile on some items like Repel, healing items, Escape Ropes, and more.
Pkhex profile editing

In-Game Editing Rules

This is the part where we suggest some editing rules when you use PKHex for Nuzlocke challenges. That’s because editing anytime you want will just make your runs boring.

These are just suggestions and we still encourage you to follow all rules related to CATCHING THE FIRST ENCOUNTER and FAINTED POKEMON ARE PERMANENTLY DEAD.

Suggestions for Rules You Can Apply

1. Pokemon Editing Rules

  • The Pokemon you get should be edited only once.
  • For the Starter Pokemon that you get or the first encounter Pokemon you find in each new area, they should only be edited once.
  • When you have successfully caught them, they should be edited right away. Adjust what level, Nature, and moves you want them to have.
  • Any other moves that your Pokemon will learn when they level up or evolve are fine. It gives you the advantage to have some moves you want early on but still learn the later ones.
  • It’s also fine if you keep those moves till the end or teach them through TM, HM, or Move Tutors.
  • No more editing the Pokemon once they have been edited the first time. That way, you’re not tempted to change stuff to gain more advantage.
  • No changing of the Pokemon you caught. If you caught a Starly on the first encounter, you cannot edit it into a different Pokemon. All the other things are allowed, but not the actual Pokemon.

2. Inventory and Money

  • If you choose to edit money, then it can be edited once, but players can raise it to a very high amount. Once money has been edited from the start, players should not edit the items, so that it doesn’t make the challenge easier.
  • The high amount of money can pretty much allow players to buy a plethora of items available.
  • When editing items, here’s an interesting rule. You can edit the items you have when you enter the Poke Mart of the city or town that has one.
  • You can only edit the items that are available in the Poke Mart. If the Mart does not have the item, then you cannot edit it into your Bag.
  • The money rule does kinda bypass this, but it’s a way to still give you a challenge.
  • Item editing should also only be done once during the first Poke Mart visit. That way, it doesn’t beat the purpose of the Nuzlocke challenge by making things too easy.

In Closing

Now that you know how to use PKHex for Nuzlocke, the question is, would you use it?

It does seem too much of a hassle, but it bypassed the rules of Nuzlocke. You’re not using codes and there are no rules when it comes to third-party programs other than external trading.

Just to summarize the editing rules, number 1, edit the Pokemon only once. Number 2 is to choose to edit your money one time or choose to edit the items you get every time you arrive in an area with a Poke Mart but just once.

Maybe you have your own set of rules to add to make the whole PKHex usage for Nuzlocke much more interesting. Feel free to hit the comments for them.

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