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Here we are again with another Pokemon Emerald ROM hack. There are a lot of them out there, and this one can be a good addition to those hacks. This hack is pretty much the same in terms of story content because you already know what’s going to happen when you play Pokemon Inclement Emerald.

The thing that has going for this game is that it has a lot of quality of life changes. It is also slightly harder, so that’s something for those that like a challenge in the realm of Emerald hacks.

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We were able to collect the possible working cheats for this game. See our collection of Pokemon Inclement Emerald cheats and test them yourself.

The creator of this ROM hack also suggests playing it on mGBA and not on VBA emulators. However, if it works for you with minimal bugs, then that shouldn’t be a problem.

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Pokemon Inclement Emerald Details and More


We did say that this hack follows the story of Emerald, so that’s all you need to know. One interesting point is that some areas, like the Battle Frontier aren’t accessible yet, but the game will get some updates in the future.


The story may be the same, but the features are where this game excels. You can choose from three difficulties. Normal is where Trainers’ Pokemon have no EVs. In Hard Mode has EVs and is slightly harder than the regular game.

The third one is Challenge Mode which is the same as Hard but this time you can’t use items in battle. Speaking of items, that’s another feature where items can be held up to 999 in amount.

The Pokemon roster also goes up to Gen 7 with a collection of all of them.

Pokemon Inclement Emerald Information

Pokemon inclement emerald

Pokemon Inclement Emerald
Creator: Buffel Salt
Game Base: Emerald
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Link

Feature List

  • Three Difficulties (Normal, Hard, and Challenge)
  • Pokemon Roster goes up to Gen 7 (with several Legendaries)
  • Pokedex shows a Pokemon’s stats, moves, and more
  • A custom EXP share for all Pokemon in the party
  • Around 100 TMs and 8 HMs to use and 143 from Tutor Moves
  • TMs can be reused
  • Enemies will scale with your level
  • Bag can hold 999 quantity for each items
  • Mega Evolution
  • Moves, Abilities, and Items have been updated from Gen 4 to 7
  • Pokemon that evolve through trade may no longer need to be traded to evolve


Pokemon inclement emerald screenshots


We don’t share pre-patched rom hacks and roms – sharing these files is considered piracy, and it’s illegal! Before you can play this game, you need to patch the downloaded file to a clean base rom. To learn more on how to patch, check this guide.

Pokemon Inclement Emerald Download

  • PRET: pokeemerald
  • Dizzy Egg: Battle Engine, Pokémon Expansion, Item Expansion, nature-coloured stats
  • RHH: Battle Engine, Pokémon Expansion, Item Expansion
  • Contributors to the Simple Modifications thread: various small changes
  • Ghoulslash: fast surf, medicine reuse, expanded OW IDs, plural giveitem, toggleable auto-run
  • Camthesaxman: expanded OW IDs
  • AsparagusEduardo: single purchase TMs, more bag pockets, Pokedex+
  • TheXaman: Pokedex+
  • lightbox87: whiteout money
  • NobodySociety: Fire Red style fishing
  • Zeturic: wrapping summary screen, move items in summary screen
  • Lunos: OW poison changes, Gracidea form change
  • Furret: Music Expansion (HGSS and DPPt tracks)
  • SamuRH/Xhizy: RHH/PRET intro
  • Chaos Rush, Mr. Dollsteak, contributors to the DS-Style sprite resources: Pokémon sprites
  • Fans of EXWY and PSPM: This hack wouldn’t be the same without some of the fantastic suggestions you’ve all provided over the years, and I always appreciate hearing from you! I hope this one lives up to the hype even though it’s eight months late. Looking forward to seeing those Hall of Fame screenshots!

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I patched the hack to a trashman emerald rom, patch completed but when I try to open the game up, the basic emerald rom comes out instead of the inclement emerald rom hack. Did I do something wrong?

Hi Frank G. The download contains the instructions and recommended patcher to use for this game. Make sure to follow it.

Guys, during the double fight with team magma at the meteor place, I fainted and know I’m stuck in the first part of the map (littleroot etc.) without the boatsman, no surf no fly and i love my current team so i don’t wanna redo the whole thing, any tips?

I would like to report a bug that it’s so silly I cannot believe it’s there smh but it’s real haha. I don’t know if this happens with every Pokémon but I was leveling up my charmander until it started to evolve but I pressed “B” by mistake and it didn’t evolve (no big deal) but when I was trying to level him up again with battles I wouldn’t gain any experience, it’s literally stuck in the same level forever haha and I had to start over again.

I didn’t know that, haha. That’s funny. The thing is, I can do nothing about it, but hopefully this will get fixed soon. Lol.

That’s (probably) not a bug. This game has level caps. The first cap is level 16 until you beat the first gym, so your Charmander started evolving at lvl 16 but can’t reach lvl 17 until beating first gym so yeah you didn’t need to restart but just so you know for the future!

I am having problem on using certain battle items in battle such as the X items (X attack, X defence, etc). Is this intentional or a bug? if its intentional than how to use the items if we want to?

Hey ^^ as someone who’s played this ROM and had the same problem, you need to read the description more closely ! It’s actually because you have to use the item BEFORE the battle, not during it, which is completely intentional. Hope this helped ^^

Any update on when gen 8 Pokemon will be added?
My absolute favorite ROM hack so far, thanks for making it possible.

Ok, I can’t find anywhere to report a bug, so this will do.
I’m at Sootpolis, doing the double battle with Steven (and getting wrecked).

If Steven has M-Metagross on the field, the game softlocks when one of my Pokemon gets knocked out, my remaining Pokemon only gives the SUMMARY option. This doesn’t occur if M-Metagross is not on the field (for example, if it’s already been knocked out and replaced)

Hello i’m having ploblems downloading the hack rom,and i don’t know how to play It on gba even after Reading the tutorial

Does the game has any new update ?

I’m new to rom hacks, is there a base game i need to download or can i add thes files to an emerald gba rom I already have downloaded

Hi zspess, thanks for coming here. Yes, you need a base rom to play Pokemon rom hacks. After gathering the required files, you need to patch them see this guide How To Patch IPS and UPS Files to Play a ROM Hack.

does they add gen 8 in this game ?

Is it only me or does anyone experience lagging on this game?

Hi pokecoders can you give me the patch of minimal grinding patch

Hey pal. I understand how you need it, but I’m afraid I can’t help with that kind of request. We only post and promote rom hacks. We don’t do modification of rom hacks thing. Thank you for understanding.

How to download this game with gen 8 pokemon?

This is by far my favorite way to play Pokemon. It has every creature comfort I’ve ever imagined for making Pokemon a more playable experience, without compromising and in fact improving upon the games difficulty. My first run took me nearly 9 hours of play time to beat the first gym. Making it really feel like an obstacle for a trainer to overcome. A lot of that time was dedicated to exploring the newly added areas of course. But man do I feel like I’m 6 years old again. All I could hope to ask for now is a version… Read more »

Thanks for sharing your review; having a multiplayer function is indeed a cool and badass feature. Thanks for coming here.

Uhh.. I might be like a year late getting into this but uhm how to I use my mega evolution??

I’m using My Boy on a mobile device and i cant figure out how to activate it… If it’s even possible.

Trash a** game. Feel sorry for the dudes who dedicated actual time to make it

Damn mad cuz you can’t beat it 😂

Your username is what you are at the rom. Pure Trubbish.

I need the original emerald rom the patch
it’s not working.

you have to use trashman emerald

The daycare doesnt give any experience by traveling tiles. Cant find any explanation in the documentation. Is it intentionally disabled or bugged?

It intensional to make it so that pokemon dont forget eggmoves

Is there any pre patches version?

Sorry pal, we don’t share such files here, that’s considered piracy. And we discourage giving out information related to that. Thank you for understanding.

I’ve notice my starter no longer earns exp, how come ?

By this time, you may have already quit the game or figured it out already, but the level caps only grant you from gaining 1 exp if you are on the level.

I noticed my starter Pokémon isn’t gaining any exp, how come ?

Is it possible to get a shiny froakie? I’ve done the better part of 500 resets and I have yet to get one. I’ve seen 3 shiny zigzagoons though

I think this code should work for Rare candy:
82026E14 0040
82026E16 03E7
I’m on Version 1.13 of Inclement Emerald btw.

Pokemon modifier anyone? I really need a strong rock/ground type pokemon in this hack like larvitar.

You can find larvitar at rustbarro tunnel

Rare Candy cheat: 82005274 0044

Just curious, does anyone know if this would run smoothly on Anbernic RG351P or better yet, any particular way to find that out on my own for future ROMs like this? I’d like to pick one up for Pokemon ROMS like this but, I’m new and have too little experience atm to make that kind of assessment.

Can i have a .ups file of pokemon r.o.w.e

Give cheat

Just asking but how do you create/find cheats for rom hacks. Is there a specific app or hex editor that you can create cheats.

Umm.. I used the code mon myboy vut it doesn’t seem to be working…

The game is changed down the coding so the cheat code for base Emerald.is different and there isn’t set cheats for the game at the moment

Please anyone give me the rare Candy cheat

Hi i have a question why does it crashed when i don’t save it

Because they have bugs that need to be fixed but also they take long and I have played so much of this that am boring of that we stick

Hello,what is a pokemon inclement cheats rare candy?

Hi Savake, we tried to find cheats for this game but no luck. But we’ll try it again.

There’s a patch for rare candy’s


In the description there’s a link for other versions of the game until v1.13

You can sell the candy’s for money

How does one get a gallade in here PLEAAASSEEE!!!

You have to catch a male Ralts on route 104, evolve it into Kirlia, and then use a Dawn Stone on it.

Ugh where are the cheats for this game? 😬

No working cheats at the moment, but you can always help us find cheats for this game. 🙂

One of the best games I’ve ever played, highly recomend if you are competitive fan also.

Thank you for sharing your review Lilton.

Any chance you guys are going to be able to find any cheats for this? Would love to be able to get some infinite money cheat for EV training fast

Hi Nik, we tried it but unfortunately none of the codes we tested worked. 😔 As far as I know the game was being edited heavily and that could be the main reason. But we are still trying to find the codes and with the help of our readers.

Hi I actually found one of the cheats that’s working its infinite exp cheat

Nice one Azedarkdragon. Let’s try to ask for feedback from fellow players regarding your code.

– Anyone here has got a chance to test this cheat for Inclement Emerald? Your feedback is very much appreciated as we are trying our best to collect cheats for this game.

The cheat isn’t working for me for some reason

Which GBA emulator are you using?

I’ve been using mGBA and vba-m.

The code is actually from pokemon altered emerald.

Yup, and that could work in this game as well. Did it work for you?

Its works for normal pokemon for legendary it doesn’t work so it works good job finding the cheat you’re a hero

it crashes me when i use that. im using mgba, pl give me a rare candy / exp cheat which works in mgba

Does not seem to be working for me personally, I tried it in code breaker, action replay, and game shark. Is there a certain trigger for that code?

May I know the GBA emulator you are using? That could be the main reason why the cheat didn’t work for you.

I’m using M-GBA and I can’t get it to work for crap either I tried all the cheat options. Is it a matter of shi**** copy in paste? is the format incorrect I mean the placement?

82000060 270F
82022D48 270F
82022F7C 270F
8202309C 270F
820241F0 270F

should it be like this? that’s a code breaker. or at least I think it is

Yup, that’s the correct format. But in my experience, some cheats do not work on M-GBA for some reason. That’s why I always recommend using Visual Boy Advance as an alternative emulator.