Pokemon Theta Emerald EX Cheats

Gear up for another cheat of your Pokemon game. In this post, you will find our latest collection of the best and most useful Pokemon Theta Emerald EX Cheats.

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Some of you might be familiar with the listed cheat names such as the walk through walls, rare candy, master ball, and shiny pokemon cheats; these are the common Pokemon game cheats that will surely an enormous help in your journey.

Pokemon Theta Emerald EX is the improved and latest version of the previous game Pokemon Theta Emerald, but despite the improvements and changes of Theta Emerald EX, the cheat codes listed may still work whichever version you are playing.

Simply put, if you are playing Pokemon Theta Emerald you can even take advantage of these cheats, however, you will notice some slight differences.

Tips and Recommendations

Please be aware that not all GBA emulators support cheating. Upon thorough testing and research, we’ve found out that OpenEmu for Mac doesn’t work with Action Replay cheats.

If you are using OpenEmu to play Pokemon Theta Emerald EX and other Pokemon games you will find some cheats not working.

It’s strongly suggested using My Boy for Android or Visual Boy Advance for Windows OS if you prefer to use cheats for every Pokemon GBA games you play.

For Mac OS users, although OpenEmu is an excellent multi-system game emulator app, you can alternatively install Bluestacks for Mac and download My Boy to play any GBA games on your machine.

Pokemon theta emerald ex

Working Cheat Codes for Pokemon Theta Emerald EX

Walk Through Walls
Walk through walls cheat for pokemon theta emerald

WATCH VIDEO: Click here

Cheat code:
7881A409 E2026E0C
8E883EFF 92E9660D

Unlimited Rare Candies in PC
Unlimited rare candy cheat pokemon theta emerald ex

WATCH VIDEO: Click here

Cheat code:

$0 Master ball in Pokemart
Master ball cheat for pokemon theta emerald ex

WATCH VIDEO: Click here

Cheat code:
958D8046 A7151D70
8BB602F7 8CEB681A

Master ball in PC
Pokemon theta emerald ex master ball in pc cheat

Cheat code:
128898B6 EDA43037

Code shared by: King

Pokemon Nature Modifier

How to use: Enter 6658C989 89518A0F + Pokemon nature code identifier.
Example: (Adamant)
6658C989 89518A0F
C8CE1977 779F1AA5

Note: Enter and activate the code before entering a battle.

217A1A8B E666BC3F = Hardy
CD72C719 F2831689 = Lonely
EB200815 63938154 = Brave
C8CE1977 779F1AA5 = Adamant
2AC59EBF 40C4F367 = Naughty
5E7363AA 5D262877 = Bold
2C707820 9C67A3F0 = Docile
471AA96A 79ECA891 = Relaxed
4F71D6E0 699827D5 = Impish
2717EE59 7564BC55 = Lax
71296D0B D469AD70 = Timid
A79D2EF2 F82F5AF7 = Hasty
A8510C52 65C50481 = Serious
5769723D 1DA05C56 = Jolly
ED5B105D B88A30D8 = Naive
CA12F7A9 56873493 = Modest
31D9195E 5DF03DCE = Mild
E7EC9FF0 70029AE9 = Quiet
5C43DDAA 02D3FC98 = Bashful
24775C3B A15419C7 = Rash
D090BDDA 1968867D = Calm
7B499E06 77185F5C = Gentle
EBA4E60F F5F19690 = Sassy
5BFE17AB A5DC524C = Careful
ADF48A64 04D2988F = Quirky

Infinite Cash
Pokemon theta emerald ex unlimited cash cheat

Cheat code:
D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3
1C7B3231 B494738C
C051CCF6 975E8DA1

Catch/Steal Trainer’s Pokemon

Cheat code:
B6C5368A 08BE8FF4
E151C402 8A229A83
8E883EFF 92E9660D

IMPORTANT: Press L+R before throwing a Pokeball to avoid getting bad egg.

Shiny Pokemon
Pokemon theta emerald ex shiny pokemon cheat

WATCH VIDEO: Click here

Cheat code:
F3A9A86D 4E2629B4
18452A7D DDE55BCC

Community Shared Cheats

We need your help in collecting and testing cheat codes for Pokemon Theta Emerald EX. As a community of Pokemon enthusiasts, we aim to provide the most comprehensive list of cheat codes for the game.

With your help, we can make this happen. If you have any working cheat codes, please share them with us by leaving a comment below. Let’s work together to make our Pokemon journey more enjoyable and exciting. Thank you for your support!

Infinite EXP (Shared by: Dasher Gaming)


Wild Pokemon Modifier (Gen 1-6, Mega Evolution and Other Pokemon Forms, Shared by: Jhoms)

Mastercode for Wild Pokemon Modifier : Must be on

B749822B CE9BFAC1
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3
1006AF88 0007 (Code Breaker)

Pokemon Level Modifier Code :
33007CF0 00XX

Replace XX with : Hexadecimal Counting System
Level 1 – 01
Level 50 – 32
Level 100 – 64

Pokemon Modifier Code :

Replace YYYY with Pokemon Code below : One code at a time


Bulbasaur 0001
Ivysaur 0002
Venusaur 0003
Charmander 0004
Charmeleon 0005
Charizard 0006
Squirtle 0007
Wartortle 0008
Blastoise 0009
Caterpie 000A
Metapod 000B
Butterfree 000C
Weedle 000D
Kakuna 000E
Beedrill 000F
Pidgey 0100
Pidgeotto 0011
Pidgeot 0012
Rattata 0013
Raticate 0014
Spearow 0015
Fearow 0016
Ekans 0017
Arbok 0018
Pikachu 0019
Raichu 001A
Sandshrew 001B
Sandslash 001C
Nidoran 001D
Nidorina 001E
Nidoqueen 001F
Nidoran 0020
Nidorino 0021
Nidoking 0022
Clefairy 0023
Clefable 0024
Vulpix 0025
Ninetails 0026
Jigglypuff 0027
Wigglytuff 0028
Zubat 0029
Golbat 002A
Oddish 002B
Gloom 002C
Vileplume 002D
Paras 002E
Parasect 002F
Venonat 0030
Venomoth 0031
Diglett 0032
Dugtrio 0033
Meowth 0034
Persian 0035
Psyduck 0036
Golduck 0037
Mankey 0038
Primeape 0039
Growlithe 003A
Arcanine 003B
Poliwag 003C
Poliwhirl 003D
Poliwrath 003E
Abra 003F
Kadabra 0040
Alakazam 0041
Machop 0042
Machoke 0043
Machamp 0044
Bellsprout 0045
Weepinbell 0046
Victreebel 0047
Tentacool 0048
Tentacruel 0049
Geodude 004A
Graveler 004B
Golem 004C
Ponyta 004D
Rapidash 004E
Slowpoke 004F
Slowbro 0050
Magnemite 0051
Magneton 0052
Farfetch’d 0053
Doduo 0054
Dudrio 0055
Seel 0056
Dewgong 0057
Grimer 0058
Muk 0059
Shellder 005A
Cloyster 005B
Gastly 005C
Haunter 005D
Gengar 005E
Onix 005F
Drowzee 0060
Hypno 0061
Krabby 0062
Kingler 0063
Voltorb 0064
Electrode 0065
Exeggecute 0066
Exeggutor 0067
Cubone 0068
Marowak 0069
Hitmonlee 006A
Hitmonchan 006B
Lickitung 006C
Koffing 006D
Weezing 006E
Rhyhorn 006F
Rhydon 0070
Chansey 0071
Tangela 0072
Kangaskhan 0073
Horsea 0074
Seadra 0075
Goldeen 0076
Seaking 0077
Staryu 0078
Starmie 0079
Mr. Mime 007A
Scyther 007B
Jynx 007C
Electrabuzz 007D
Magmar 007E
Pinsir 007F
Tauros 0080
Magikarp 0081
Lapras 0083
Gyarados 0082
Ditto 0084
Eevee 0085
Vaporeon 0086
Jolteon 0087
Flareon 0088
Porygon 0089
Omanyte 008A
Omastar 008B
Kabuto 008C
Kabutops 008D
Snorlax 008F
Articuno 0090
Zapdos 0091
Moltres 0092
Dratini 0093
Dragonair 0094
Dragonite 0095
Mewtwo 0096
Mew 0097


Chikorita 0098
Bayleef 0099
Meganium 009A
Cyndaquil 009B
Quilava 009C
Typhlosion 009D
Feraligatr 009E
Croconaw 009F
Feraligatr 00A0
Sentret 00A1
Furret 00A2
Hoothoot 00A3
Noctowl 00A4
Ledyba 00A5
Ledian 00A6
Spinarak 00A7
Ariados 00A8
Crobat 00A9
Chinchou 00AA
Lanturn 00AB
Pichu 00AC
Cleffa 00AD
Igglybuff 00AE
Togepi 00AF
Togetic 00B0
Natu 00B1
Xatu 00B2
Mareep 00B3
Flaaffy 00B4
Ampharos 00B5
Bellossom 00B6
Marill 00B7
Azumarill 00B8
Sudowoodo 00B9
Politoed 00BA
Hoppip 00BB
Skiploom 00BC
Jumpluff 00BD
Aipom 00BE
Sunkern 00BF
Sunflora 00C0
Yanma 00C1
Wooper 00C2
Quagsire 00C3
Espeon 00C4
Umbreon 00C5
Murkrow 00C6
Slowking 00C7
Misdreavus 00C8
Unown 00C9
Wobbuffet 00CA
Girafarig 00CB
Pineco 00CC
Forretress 00CD
Dunsparce 00CE
Gligar 00CF
Steelix 00D0
Snubbull 00D1
Granbull 00D2
Qwilfish 00D3
Scizor 00D4
Shuckle 00D5
Heracross 00D6
Sneasel 00D7
Teddiursa 00D8
Ursaring 00D9
Slugma 00DA
Magcargo 00DB
Swinub 00DC
Piloswine 00DD
Corsola 00DE
Remoraid 00DF
Octillery 00E0
Delibird 00E1
Mantine 00E2
Skarmory 00E3
Houndour 00E4
Houndoom 00E5
Kingdra 00E6
Phanpy 00E7
Donphan 00E8
Porygon2 00E9
Stantler 00EA
Smeargle 00EB
Tyrogue 00EC
Hitmontop 00ED
Smoochum 00EE
Elekid 00EF
Magby 00F0
Miltank 00F1
Blissey 00F2
Raikou 00F3
Entai 00F4
Suicune 00F5
Larvitar 00F6
Pupitar 00F7
Tyranitar 00F8
Lugia 00F9
Ho-oh 00FA
Celebi 00FB


Treecko 0115
Grovyle 0116
Sceptile 0117
Torchic 0118
Combusken 0119
Blaziken 011A
Mudkip 011B
Marshtomp 011C
Swampert 011D
Poochyena 011E
Mightyena 011F
Zigzagoon 0120
Linoone 0121
Wurmple 0122
Silcoon 0123
Beautifly 0124
Cascoon 0125
Dustox 0126
Lotad 0127
Lombre 0128
Ludicolo 0129
Seedot 012A
Nuzleaf 012B
Shiftry 012C
Nincada 012D
Ninjask 012E
Shedinja 012F
Taillow 0130
Swellow 0131
Shroomish 0132
Breloom 0133
Spinda 0134
Wingull 0135
Pelipper 0136
Surskit 0137
Masquerain 0138
Wailmer 0139
Wailord 013A
Skitty 013B
Delcatty 013C
Kecleon 013D
Baltoy 013E
Claydol 013F
Nosepass 0140
Torkoal 0141
Sableye 0142
Barboach 0143
Whiscash 0144
Luvdisc 0145
Corphish 0146
Crawdaunt 0147
Feebas 0148
Milotic 0149
Carvanha 014A
Sharpedo 014B
Trapinch 014C
Vibrava 014D
Flygon 014E
Makuhita 014F
Hariyama 0150
Electrike 0151
Manectric 0152
Numel 0153
Camerupt 0154
Spheal 0155
Sealeo 0156
Walrein 0157
Cacnea 0158
Cacturne 0159
Snorunt 015A
Glalie 015B
Lunatone 015C
Solrock 015D
Azurill 015E
Spoink 015F
Grumpig 0160
Plusle 0161
Minun 0162
Mawile 0163
Meditite 0164
Medicham 0165
Swablu 0166
Altaria 0167
Wynaut 0168
Duskull 0169
Dusclops 016A
Roselia 016B
Slakoth 016C
Vigoroth 016D
Slaking 016E
Gulpin 016F
Swalot 0170
Tropius 0171
Whismur 0172
Loudred 0173
Exploud 0174
Clamperl 0175
Huntail 0176
Gorebyss 0177
Absol 0178
Shuppet 0179
Banette 017A
Seviper 017B
Zangoose 017C
Relicanth 017D
Aron 017E
Lairon 017F
Aggron 0180
Castform 0181
Volbeat 0182
Illumise 0183
Lileep 0184
Cradily 0185
Anorith 0186
Armaldo 0187
Ralts 0188
Kirlia 0189
Gardevoir 018A
Bagon 018B
Shelgon 018C
Salamence 018D
Beldum 018E
Metang 018F
Metagross 0190
Regirock 0191
Regice 0192
Registeel 0193
Kyogre 0194
Groudon 0195
Rayquaza 0196
Latias 0197
Latios 0198
Jirachi 0199
Deoxys 019A
Chimecho 019B
Unown (Symbol Letter B to Z including ! ? ) 019D – 01B7


Turtwig 01B8
Grotle 01B9
Torterra 01BA
Chimchar 01BB
Monferno 01BC
Infernape 01BD
Piplup 01BE
Prinplup 01BF
Empoleon 01C0
Starly 01C1
Staravia 01C2
Staraptor 01C3
Bidoof 01C4
Bibarel 01C5
Kricketot 01C6
Kricketune 01C7
Shinx 01C8
Luxio 1C9
Luxray 01CA
Budew 01CB
Roserade 01CC
Cranidos 01C
Rampardos 01CE
Shieldon 01CF
Bastiodon 01D0
Burmy 01D1
Wormadam 01D2
Mothim 01D3
Combee 01D4
Vespiquen 01D5
Pachirisu 01D6
Buizel 01D7
Floatzel 01D8
Cherubi 01D9
Cherrim 01DA
Shellos 01DB
Gastrodon 01DC
Ambipom 01DD
Drifloon 01DE
Drifblim 01DF
Buneary 01E0
Lopunny 01E1
Mismagius 01E2

Honckrow 01E3
Glameow 01E4
Purugly 01E5
Chingling 01E6
Stunky 01E7
Skuntank 01E8
Bronzor 01E9
Bronzong 01EA
Bonsly 01EB
Mime Jr. 01EC
Happiny 01ED
Chatot 01EE
Spiritomb 01EF
Gible 01F0
Gabite 01F1
Garchomp 01F2
Munchlax 01F3
Riolu 01F4
Lucario 01F5
Hippopotas 01F6
Hippowdon 01F7
Skorupi 01F8
Drapion 01F9
Croagunk 01FA
Toxicroak 01FB
Carnivine 01FC
Finneon 01FD
Lumineon 01FE
Mantyke 01FF
Snover 0200
Abomasnow 0201
Weavile 0202
Magnezone 0203
Lickilicky 0204
Rhyperior 0205
Tangrowth 0206
Electivire 0207
Magmortar 0208
Togekiss 0209
Yanmega 020A
Leafeon 020B
Glaceon 020C
Gliscor 020D
Mamoswine 020E
Porygon-Z 020F
Gallade 0210
Probopass 0211
Dusknoir 0212
Froslass 0213
Rotom 0214
Uxie 0215
Mesprit 0216
Azelf 0217
Dialga 0218
Palkia 0219
Heatran 021A
Regigigas 021B
Giratina 021C
Cresselia 021D
Phione 021E
Manaphy 021F
Darkrai 0220
Shaymin 0221
Arceus 0222


Victini 0223
Snivy 0224
Servine 0225
Serperior 0226
Tepig 0227
Pignite 0228
Emboar 0229
Oshawott 022A
Dewott 022B
Samurott 022C
Patrat 022D
Watchog 022E
Lillipup 022F
Herdier 0230
Stoutland 0231
Purrloin 0232
Liepard 0233
Pansage 0234
Simisage 0235
Pansear 0236
Simisear 0237
Panpour 0238
Simipour 0239
Munna 023A
Musharna 023B
Pidove 023C
Tranquill 023D
Unfezant 023E
Blitzle 023F
Zebstrika 0240
Roggenrola 0241
Boldore 0242
Gigalith 0243
Woobat 0244
Swoobat 0245
Drilbur 0246
Excadrill 0247
Audino 0248
Timburr 0249
Gurdurr 024A
Conkeldurr 024B
Tympole 024C
Palpitoad 024D
Seismitoad 024E
Throh 024F
Sawk 0250
Sewaddle 0251
Swadloon 0252
Leavanny 0253
Venipede 0254
Whirlipede 0255
Scolipede 0256
Cottonee 0257
Whimsicott 0258
Petilil 0259
Lilligant 025A
Basculin 025B
Sandile 025C
Krokorok 025D
Krookodile 025E
Darumaka 025F
Darmanitan 0260
Maractus 0261
Dwebble 0262
Crustle 0263
Scraggy 0264
Scrafty 0265
Sigilyph 0266
Yamask 0267
Cofagrigus 0268
Tirtouga 0269
Carracosta 026A
Archen 026B
Archeops 026C
Trubbish 026D
Garbodor 026E
Zorua 026F
Zoroark 0270
Minccino 0271
Cinccino 0272
Gothita 0273
Gothorita 0274
Gothitelle 0275
Solosis 0276
Duosion 0277
Reuniclus 0278
Ducklett 0279
Swanna 027A
Vanillite 027B
Vanillish 027C
Vanilluxe 027D
Deerling 027E
Sawsbuck 027F
Emolga 0280
Karrablast 0281
Escavalier 0282
Foongus 0283
Amoonguss 0284
Frillish 0285
Jellicent 0286
Alomomola 0287
Joltik 0288
Galvantula 0289
Ferroseed 028A
Ferrothorn 028B
Klink 028C
Klang 028D
Klinklang 028E
Tynamo 028F
Eelektrik 0290
Eelektross 0291
Elgyem 0292
Beheeyem 0293
Litwick 0294
Lampent 0295
Chandelure 0296
Axew 0297
Fraxure 0298
Haxorus 0299
Cubchoo 029A
Beartic 029B
Cryogonal 029C
Shelmet 029D
Accelgor 029E
Stunfisk 029F
Mienfoo 02A0
Mienshao 02A1
Druddigon 02A2
Golett 02A3
Golurk 02A4
Pawniard 02A5
Bisharp 02A6
Bouffalant 02A7
Rufflet A8
Braviary 02A9
Vullaby 02AA
Mandibuzz 02AB
Heatmor 02AC
Durant 02AD
Deino 02AE
Zweilous 02AF
Hydreigon 02B0
Larvesta 02B1
Volcarona 02B2
Cobalion 02B3
Terrakion 02B4
Virizion 02B5
Tornadus 02B6
Thundurus 02B7
Reshiram 02B8
Zekrom 02B9
Landorus 02BA
Kyurem 02BB
Keldeo 02BC
Meloetta 02BD
Genesect 02BE


Chespin 02BF
Quiladin 02C0
Chesnaught 02C1
Fenbekin 02C2
Braixen 02C3
Delphox 02C4
Froakie 02C5
Frogadier 02C6
Greninja 02C7
Bunnelby 02C8
Diggersby 02C9
Fletchling 02CA
Fletchinder 02CB
Talonflame 02CC
Scatterbug 02CD
Spewpa 02CE
Vivillon 02CF
Litleo 02D0
Pyroar 02D1
Flabebe 02D2
Floette 02D3
Florges 02D4
Skiddo 02D5
Gogoat 02D6
Pancham 02D7
Pangoro 02D8
Furfrou 02D9
Espurr 02DA
Meowstic 02DB
Honedge 02DC
Doublade 02DD
Aegislash 02DE
Spritzee 02DF
Aromatisse 02E0
Swrilix 02E1
Slurpuff 02E2
Inkay 02E3
Malamar 02E4
Binacle 02E5
Barbaracle 02E6
Skrelp 02E7
Dragalge 02E8
Clauncher 02E9
Clawitzer 02EA
Helioptile 02EB
Heliolisk 02EC
Tyrunt 02ED
Tyrantrum 02EE
Amaura 02EF
Aurorus 02F0
Sylveon 02F1
Hawlucha 02F2
Dedenne 02F3
Carbink 02F4
Goomy 02F5
Sliggoo 02F6
Goodra 02F7
Klefki 02F8
Phantump 02F9
Trevenant 02FA
Pumpkaboo 02FB
Gourgeist 02FC
Bergmite 02FD
Avalugg 02FE
Noibat 02FF
Noivern 0300
Xerneas 0301
Yveltal 0302
Zygarde 0303
Diancie 0304
Hoopa 0305
Volcanion 0306


0307 – Pikachu Female
0308 – Red Dressed Pikachu
0309 – Blue Dressed Pikachu
030A – Pink Dressed Pikachu
030B – Professor Pikachu
030C – Black Dressed Pikachu
030D – Attack Deoxys
030E – Defense Deoxys
030F – Speed Deoxys
0310 – Burmy Sandy Cloak
0311 – Burmy Trash Cloak
0312 – Wormadam Sandy Cloak
0313 – Wormadam Trash Cloak
0314 – Cherrim Sunshine Form
0315 – Shellos blue form
0316 – Gastrodon blue form
0317 – Hippowdon Black form
0318 – Rotom heat form
0319 – Rotom wash form
031A – Rotom frost form
031B – Rotom fan form
031C – Rotom mow form
031D – Giratina origin form
031E – Shaymin sky form
031F – Arceus Fight Form
0320 – Arceus Fly Form
0321 – Arceus Poison Form
0322 – Arceus Ground Form
0323 – Arceus Rock Form
0324 – Arceus Bug Form
0325 – Arceus Ghost Form
0326 – Arceus Steel Form
0327 – Arceus Fire Form
0328 – Arceus Water Form
0329 – Arceus Grass Form
032A – Arceus Thunder Form
032B – Arceus Psychic Form
032C – Arceus Ice Form
032D – Arceus Dragon Form
032E – Arceus Dark Form
032F – Arceus Fairy Form
0330 – Unfezant Female
0331 – Basculin blue form
0332 – Darmanitan Zen Mode
0333 – Frillish Pink
0334 – Jellicient Pink
0335 – Tornadus therian forme
0336 – Thundurus therian forme
0337 – Landorus therian forme
0338 – Kyurem white
0339 – Kyurem black
033A – Keldeo resolute form
033B – Meloetta pirouette forme
033C – Genesect Electric Type
033D – Genesect Fire Type
033E – Genesect Ice Type
033F – Genesect Water Type
0340 – Pyroar Other Form
0341 – Meowstic Other Form
0342 – Aegislash Blade Form
0343 – Hoppa Unbound

Mega Evolved Pokemon

0344 – Mega Venausaur
0345 – Charizard X
0346 – Charizard Y
0347 – Mega Blastoise
0348 – Mega Beedrill
0349 – Mega Pidgeot
034A – Mega Alakazam
034B – Mega Slowbro
034C – Mega Gengar
034D – Mega Kangaskhan
034E – Mega Pinsir
034F – Mega Gyarados
0350 – Mega Aerodactyl
0351 – Mewtwo X
0352 – Mewtwo Y
0353 – Mega Ampharos
0354 – Mega Steelix
0355 – Mega Scizor
0356 – Mega Heracross
0357 – Mega Houndoom
0358 – Mega Tyranitar
0359 – Mega Sceptile
035A – Mega Blaziken
035B – Mega Swampert
035C – Mega Gardevoir
035D – Mega Sableye
035E – Mega Mawile
035F – Mega Aggron
0360 – Mega Medicham
0361 – Mega Manectric
0362 – Mega Sharpedo
0363 – Mega Camerupt
0364 – Mega Altaria
0365 – Mega Banette
0366 – Mega Absol
0367 – Mega Glalie
0368 – Mega Salamence
0369 – Mega Metagross
036A – Mega Latias
036B – Mega Latios
036C – Primal Kyogre
036D – Primal Groudon
036E – Mega Rayquaza
036F – Mega Lopunny
0370 – Mega Garchomp
0371 – Mega Lucario
0372 – Mega Abomasnow
0373 – Mega Gallade
0374 – Mega Audino
0375 – Mega Diance

More Wild Pokemon Modifier, Shared by: Dynamus Prime

How to use: Enter mastercode first (as separate cheat) followed by the modifier code, replace YYYY with the equivalent Pokemon ID.
Master code:
B749822B CE9BFAC1
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

Pokemon Modifier Code :

Pikachu Female 0307
Red Dressed Pikachu 0308
Blue Dressed Pikachu 0309
Pink Dressed Pikachu 030A
Professor Pikachu 030B
Black Dressed Pikachu 030C
Attack Deoxys 030D
Defense Deoxys 030E
Speed Deoxys 030F
Burmy Sandy Cloak 0310
Burmy Trash Cloak 0311
Wormadom Sandy Cloak 0312
Wormadom Trash Cloak 0313
Cherrim Sunshine Form 0314
Shellos Blue Form 0315
Gastrodon Blue Form 0316
Hippowdon Black Form 0317
Rotom Heat Form 0318
Rotom Wash Form 0319
Rotom Frost Form 031A
Rotom Fan Form 031B
Rotom Mow Form 031C
Giratina Orgin Form 031D
Shaymin Sky Form 031E
Arceus Fight Form 031F
Arceus Fly Form 0320
Arceus Poison Form 0321
Arceus Ground Form 0322
Arceus Rock Form 0323
Arceus Bug Form 0324
Arceus Ghost Form 0325
Arceus Steel Form 0326
Arceus Fire Form 0327
Arceus Water Form 0328
Arceus Grass Form 0329
Arceus Thunder Form 032A
Arceus Psychic Form 032B
Arceus Ice Form 032C
Arceus Dragon Form 032D
Arceus Dark Form 032E
Arceus Fairy Form 032F
Unfezant Female 0330
Basulin Blue Form 0331
Darmanitan Zen Mode 0332
Frillish Pink 0333
Jellicient Pink 0334
Thornadus Therian Form 0335
Thundurus Therian Form 0336
Landorus Therian Form 0337
Kyurem White 0338
Kyurem Black 0339
Keldeo Resolute Form 033A
Meloetta Pirouette Form 033B
Genesect Electric Type 033C
Genesect Fire Type 033D
Genesect Ice Type 033E
Genesect Water Type 033F
Pyroar Other Form 0340
Meowstic Other Form 0341
Aegislash Blade Form 0342
Hoppa Unbound 0343

Many thanks to Dynamus Prime for sharing these codes. You can follow and support Dynamus Prime by visiting his YouTube channel

TM Modifiers (Shared by: Sparkypokemon14)
Pokemon theta emerald ex tm cheats

Source: Eric

TM Master Code (Must be activated)
D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

Tm Modifiers
5F64C2FC F93FF70F Pound
E2BC1763 648CC639 Karate Chop
B8D96B39 0C28AA2E Doubleslap
EB4762C1 887567C2 Comet Punch
2A774274 EB02B9A8 Mega Punch
1EB46328 4DC6416B Pay Day
9D5AF334 76BC943B Fire Punch
5DE45BF2 ACA6FE50 Ice Punch
8F3E875F 8C14BC62 Thunderpunch
68B1E26D 2557D200 Scratch
D8ACA69D 65FB12BA ViceGrip
2BF1BA61 8AA2DEBD Guillotine
AA14CB14 AFFBB3CC Razor Wind
E0055F60 4E2BCAD0 Swords Dance
FDC0B14B 6ACA538D Cut
5DF7CC0E 4B4F7A09 Gust
3B28F3E6 BC56D67C Wing Attack
77F824D8 64E6663E Whirlwind
88DC338F 5E3660DB Fly
0F9F8B1A E81CCA8D Bind
21619235 8FDF644D Slam
B9235CF7 202FDD5A Vine Whip
809F9D49 FE0A0152 Stomp
65BD8856 C2D50B67 Double Kick
F9E7D893 8BD405C1 Mega Kick
A10B0C34 B7A5B362 Jump Kick
8DF6B5D8 D10B1E3D Rolling Kick
A686DDB1 2DFE9ED8 Sand-Attack
83130885 003B7B09 Headbutt
5C599878 30CCB105 Horn Attack
1DA6A312 3B284D5F Fury Attack
C9B90D4C C13E39F7 Horn Drill
DB62EA41 9BA7DBDA Tackle
5993D767 E329A7AB Body Slam
5FD8BB3A 9ED41BBE Wrap
704DA159 39D7528D Take Down
CC13E112 0B52DA77 Thrash
8B20ECBF 13AD953D Double-Edge
4848A40B 1D30877B Tail Whip
1C5A8FEA 6F5624C0 Poison Sting
74627454 9EFBBBF4 Twineedle
23E3B81C 99DBCE09 Pin Missile
C19F1E20 9784F1EA Leer
28F42546 10E9A73A Bite
BBFB93DC 0BD998C0 Growl
8FDF8127 2DC213E6 Roar
B7FE9AA3 1CC06C59 Sing
08BD1D9B 5A31A0A2 Supersonic
BB7F5726 CDA80309 Sonicboom
F1854AC6 BC4804D4 Disable
EA45F61F 2EC751CE Acid
67554D68 7CA139EC Ember
F05B8B15 3F01B487 Flamethrower
1F2CE7B4 42C16F35 Mist
AAAA7BA5 1EAF713E Water Gun
0A1C95E6 C12AF0EC Hydro Pump
C2A1D7AF 0A81337B Surf
4EC5D6E1 07E39C06 Ice Beam
FAEBA6E6 B5AA79DD Blizzard
609C0F0E 51C4B281 Psybeam
AAFE5BC8 3CBBD947 Bubblebeam
07C5A823 728113C5 Aurora Beam
0373E193 B8655356 Hyper Beam
7FB1C675 19BAE41D Peck
6F58BE03 804630C4 Drill Peck
3E77B867 6C9F130D Submission
7E130A74 119F6B68 Low Kick
3B06D81A 945F72DA Counter
97432470 C8F4C433 Seismic Toss
8FE6FE85 B7FDB677 Strength
927CE584 D483DAE1 Absorb
A82B72C8 6859E851 Mega Drain
045D9321 EB8BD66A Leech Seed
18DAD274 3716058F Growth
669DA897 4D3D25F5 Razor Leaf
A336383C 998276B4 Solarbeam
A8CC4981 44F861A7 Poisonpowder
1D3C13CA C28E478C Stun Spore
7EFE3D12 4426F25F Sleep Powder
FEF67195 3C3494E5 Petal Dance
26E0CACE 108BD780 String Shot
37C02937 868217D2 Dragon Rage
C7E5C404 910CDB43 Fire Spin
9B798944 E11DE03E Thundershock
DCA74ACE 747456EA Thunderbolt
D379C6C1 32EDFA1A Thunder Wave
47E4C497 1D976868 Thunder
94B88EE5 CADFBA47 Rock Throw
A5CEC545 003099D2 Earthquake
DD8E12A3 78CEA773 Fissure
8D5CBF07 8D5A1382 Dig
56E12107 CCF74348 Toxic
C6C1F2E1 ED18AA95 Confusion
E1BBEB00 856CA740 Psychic
121629B5 8F496CD1 Hypnosis
14989500 1CF49078 Meditate
971AD97C 79893EEA Agility
2885E227 70CDD10E Quick Attack
BD0FAD2D D1204A3A Rage
02569D98 EF6A49B1 Teleport
83E63AEC BED18F03 Night Shade
D4E555DA F19FBF39 Mimic
F69779E2 183E1C03 Screech
591D9074 54BF1390 Double Team
5DF9DCCB F86375FA Recover
1A2B7A42 16A8E1CF Harden
86329388 F7B76842 Minimize
098A28AD E23D90E5 Smokescreen
9A521E08 0E2EB66B Confuse Ray
98179C80 A24A8D3A Withdraw
7BCF927D B4C116A1 Defense Curl
AA01C67B A995E270 Barrier
E0719910 B031D511 Light Screen
E1A86697 4B340BDB Haze
0CE82688 8DA8B656 Reflect
E82927DD 3BD10FEF Focus Energy
07F42838 8DE9A392 Bide
788A0625 BBC98EAB Metronome
99ACCB3C BC30585A Mirror Move
F2933D49 21C910A8 Selfdestruct
C7A91003 2C186312 Egg Bomb
BA1905B8 185BADC6 Lick
F92FA348 0241EF63 Smog
AAC4AC11 243C73BC Sludge
A4A84D9C D2C46896 Bone Club
FA493970 528BC4CF Fire Blast
95CDE7E7 CC525D1C Waterfall
11DAF9EA D81D425C Clamp
9482997E ACF94B36 Swift
34C1118E 0228FD61 Skull Bash
0BB391B8 D4B6E56D Spike Cannon
C1AF637C 0E626C25 Constrict
E39A638D 3E54A113 Amnesia
96176CF0 14A57B24 Kinesis
81356143 2D4BCFA2 Softboiled
330379D9 D1FF202F Hi Jump Kick
D40CCA32 100D83EF Glare
09ED2522 83B62106 Dream Eater
7DF9794B A1E48326 Poison Gas
79176A2A E8B8E066 Barrage
C9462FB1 5E11A39B Leech Life
921FB442 EA7192C6 Lovely Kiss
E4F7FDBC 863A068F Sky Attack
0AF02143 643E7628 Transform
71AC461C 7CF7C712 Bubble
9B419D87 D69A16D1 Dizzy Punch
C3C167A5 C6E4240D Spore
977C3FF7 A1C89193 Flash
8E6809CE 4B43933F Psywave
BF3A19CA 6F8E2933 Splash
8A1C552F 748E1B3D Acid Armor
3B4CC401 2A4E9F69 Crabhammer
484A742A C3B63031 Explosion
7536901D C4DDF1DC Fury Swipes
7077A8FA D497DA94 Bonemerang
BA394E35 44958A70 Rest
C94D545E 22EFF550 Rock Slide
F7663EEA 71DDA8B5 Hyper Fang
36F80475 3029FDD8 Sharpen
035C0071 CB852CFC Conversion
AEB58409 FDBF8D86 Tri Attack
2CC20595 64338EB9 Super Fang
774F5D08 A4D47EAD Slash
60E23B3F 8A074318 Substitute
2272FDE4 B02F5F7A Struggle
4A8BFF3A F1CD78A4 Sketch
814E5BD2 DC313FC0 Triple Kick
6AF5FD59 E9BFA2A7 Thief
0D0ADCC7 BD818B3E Spider Web
EBBF26CC 5C05A281 Mind Reader
6F6706EE 80895673 Nightmare
814A13DC 59EDCCDC Flame Wheel
2CDB002C 0930121E Snore
BC6103B0 E353547B Curse
090849EC 337F1769 Flail
DA1B6337 C1041147 Conversion 2
D10FD861 DC8BB5FE Aeroblast
04FEAA1C 34FD786E Cotton Spore
4689BD59 ED0A532B Reversal
6F225E98 4E21490C Spite
2C9D361C 47D1CC0B Powder Snow
FE769429 1723AAFC Protect
AEE36D72 F2DDB019 Mach Punch
C3B63133 764C5DBF Scary Face
5EB73DB1 C28D98B8 Faint Attack
688D96DD 54FD77FE Sweet Kiss
E0AE472A 4B484AB2 Belly Drum
6FF2B3E9 C9CD435B Sludge Bomb
4D999C54 ED991569 Mud-Slap
09BBE08B 41E5F97C Octazooka
A0E82E9A 1BCADEE6 Spikes
080103CD 7791896F Zap Cannon
0ACBD440 A3F8CD5E Foresight
AC8A209E 013BC921 Destiny Bond
4CA28EB8 35F2D3CA Perish Song
6213B05F CA6D4FFC Icy Wind
4B214118 C060E920 Detect
1AEF8D7F FE4E8A2A Bone Rush
6A948ABC 0FEF2C4D Lock-On
97928543 29268E06 Outrage
82834486 FAFF0138 Sandstorm
1D84217F D9F86A5D Giga Drain
2C2A0511 2444F68B Endure
12156D10 D80B1363 Charm
8BBE3A24 AFF13690 Rollout
69FA5E3E FEC1AC5D False Swipe
F44D6C1E 9DBAD5FB Swagger
5FF3CDC0 DCE1B8C5 Milk Drink
5C06FF9D 31B27B5B Spark
CB700BB1 E73E6F74 Fury Cutter
2D1AE694 32AEB4A2 Steel Wing
4A21CB0D EADB7BD6 Mean Look
A7DC797E F583E692 Attract
69149332 1433701F Sleep Talk
44A7E0CE D09B5A9E Heal Bell
51698D72 9E67BAE9 Return
9E0EACEA E3A4078D Present
713A08D1 F3B86655 Frustration
F2A3BCBD 965A09D0 Safeguard
0F421DC5 6FF16410 Pain Split
5B8A3B4A 24B5A392 Sacred Fire
791F2EAA D2B54AC3 Magnitude
9240B521 27D09393 Dynamicpunch
DE965B18 F4F9C83D Megahorn
3E6A174E 24A1DD38 Dragonbreath
895664B2 B32A6A17 Baton Pass
DDDBF0D5 51E141F8 Encore
7367280C B5754F65 Pursuit
4DF88D9C 5F60BD16 Rapid Spin
A8AD6A19 A2B7F41A Sweet Scent
97EC6629 ABEE27F5 Iron Tail
E9B13003 FD1EE8DE Metal Claw
85CB688E 7509ADE6 Vital Throw
8DB54D5F 1A3B269E Morning Sun
CBBC8351 0D422AE5 Synthesis
CB947F6F 1F857F73 Moonlight
7E92A69F B6657098 Hidden Power
5A684DF1 9C062928 Cross Chop
9FDD30C9 479CB465 Twister
CB4108A3 2586EB32 Rain Dance
B216A404 CD096B4C Sunny Day
6BDA01A8 CDCBFD12 Crunch
63F07DAA 6279E6DC Mirror Coat
7F0D4BBE 5C4A83A9 Psych Up
BA838670 FDA1C5E2 Extremespeed
5EFEE716 9E8BF626 Ancientpower
A37CDD9A 7F3FCA96 Shadow Ball
92ED68B4 36F85C38 Future Sight
F60EAB7A 3183327A Rock Smash
172E2AFE 7A0C6A39 Whirlpool
AE744003 FE547635 Beat Up
A19E74DE E469AF89 Fake Out
54826198 AF0BD828 Uproar
CF72D18C CEB1D001 Stockpile
044E57DE D0BDDCC8 Spit Up
C95F8987 AB52AB0C Swallow
44D4946F 7104A996 Heat Wave
89695EB7 0C08C1BB Hail
D1004CE5 1616BE29 Torment
93063E25 374752EF Flatters
94860925 6035894A Will-O-Wisp
59F76DA1 8EAF40AE Memento
C20E0ACE 9CA697DA Facade
3DC5031F 705F339F Focus Punch
EA363F12 7E2914E0 Smellingsalt
43E25BF5 1E6E3788 Follow Me
F5574866 74DE6C50 Nature Power
2A9EA758 86986974 Charge
D050F42B 3359C589 Taunt
73AC39BE 976A46B7 Helping Hand
B84CB4C8 8EDE1566 Trick
1592454B 7E5A12E3 Role Play
3C41F9BA B6E5C8F0 Wish
73F1024C 2D642EEF Assist
421EBAF1 4E404CF6 Ingrain
0819B3E2 45E0231D Superpower
29ED0790 AF6BCD3D Magic Coat
61BA4BC0 27197BBC Recycle
E4050F11 4A1B1B68 Revenge
9F74BAAC 742D1D26 Brick Break
56AAE9A1 A6C1FE6D Yawn
AAA5E202 12DB57B9 Knowk Off
10ECCD43 B70D645A Endeavor
58A56C9E 6E7F4B48 Eruption
B2297BF6 6C5D1F3C Skill Swap
272DCBB4 61B50C7F Imprison
13A7F831 8A14B288 Refresh
6A89F33F AF3B49FB Grudge
CA77CFE4 5CFE7C09 Snatch
DA5107FA 1E94926E Secret Power
3AA0A631 6496EB20 Dive
76F29F32 DA97736E Arm Thrust
F99AECB9 2DF9184C Camouflage
A0F0B4EF 038C6887 Tail Glow
3862B360 D175A6E7 Luster Purge
B5E2B0DD 8CD620B6 Mist Ball
9BBFB1E5 27D21306 Featherdance
72F6A51E 27264646 Teeter Dance
29D29AB5 443E2D05 Blaze Kick
B550D33D 2AB331A0 Mud Sport
B310FA72 42584E42 Ice Ball
CA7070C1 52C5BF6D Needle Arm
30CF8593 AEFA12AB Slack Off
1865E0ED 89C601D2 Hyper Voice
953E95D2 30CB8EF4 Poison Fang
EF1B87EC 93768FC2 Crush Claw
59A00D1A 4F34EAD2 Blast Burn
814F725D 224C35EB Hydro Cannon
68E58F3B B7209271 Meteor Mash
1BB6F485 0D41D65E Astonish
929ABCB9 581308E6 Weather Ball
C6C239A8 BAD193B4 Aromatherapy
E27D5743 8C269A76 Fake Tears
07ECEEFC BBA38BAB Air Cutter
93AA9E8B D8AB21FF Overheat
4C7E5969 C6655912 Odor Sleuth
384240B6 9E3C194A Rock Tomb
47D1DAF6 2978FDA5 Silver Wind
34EB0422 E6829DAD Metal Sound
34AD09A1 EFA0017E Grasswhistle
402EC737 700A0E70 Tickle
BA72D984 19FF3D63 Cosmic Power
CD1C3D0A 589C161A Water Spout
FCD49BAD F3B24B86 Signal Beam
CFCF6FDB B62FD1A4 Shadow Punch
3447014D CB5553F4 Extrasensory
43568537 CE93CBA3 Sky Uppercut
EFF2C3B3 C694E4C1 Sand Tomb
3A21258C 2DFB30E0 Sheer Cold
19C24E48 80DA6265 Muddy Water
540661D7 0F2E8A00 Bullet Seed
05DE4441 618E22FA Aerial Ace
F07D3A9D 968E2A05 Icicle Spear
0E248CCA 92C65637 Iron Defense
D9334FA8 A52B2E58 Block
EDFE64D9 98802D16 Howl
64C6018C 2FC18F68 Dragon Claw
294867E9 5B76BEDB Frenzy Plant
982BCB79 50CC83B3 Bulk Up
86F5F70C 96BB401D Bounce
6AB80868 4983B2D8 Mud Shot
1067F784 8F88C49E Poison Tail
2151A220 678F0744 Covet
9AEB6EDC 3985D716 Volt Tackle
6CAEA608 A1302261 Magical Leaf
4BF1FF12 B93E2AB2 Water Sport
FDCF0D92 E69FA810 Calm Mind
81489265 C1DC8B3F Leaf Blade
BBFBCDC6 BF6F03C4 Dragon Dance
C36C6999 2CE252E4 Rock Blast
2A968CA9 92F14E6A Shock Wave
F84774D2 D71A1AA5 Water Pulse
9F033E8E 79D8024C Doom Desire
F0EF6ADB 63585C5C Psycho Boost
71AB3873 5B0A3E64 Shadow Rush

Mega Stones (Credit: RIZWAN HUSSAIN)

820051B4 02XX

Replace XX with numbers for stone

21= Gengarite
22= Gardevorite
23= Amphros
24= Venausarite
25= Charizard X
26= Blastoieite
27= Mewtownite X
28= Mewtownite Y
30= Pinsirite
31= Aerodactylte
32= Lucarionite
33= Abomasite
34= Kangaskhante
35= Gyaradosyte
36= Absolite
37= Charizard Y
38= Alakazite
39= Heracronite
40= Sceptilite
41= Sablenite
42= Altarianite
43= Galladite
44= Audinite
45= Metagrossite
46= Sharpedonite
47= Slowbronite
48= Steelixite
49= Piggonite

Thanks to MEGASTONES for sharing these codes.

More Mega Stones (Credit: DisregardThisName)

For more information and instructions, click here.

Venausaurite = 820051B4 0224
Charizardite X = 820051B4 0225
Charizardite Y = 820051B4 0237
Blastoisinite = 820051B4 0226
Beedrillite = 820051B4 024F
Pidgeotite = 820051B4 0249
Alakazite = 820051B4 0238
Slowbronite = 820051B4 0247
Gengarite = 820051B4 0221
Kangaskhanite = 820051B4 0234
Pinsirite = 820051B4 0230
Gyaradosite = 820051B4 0235
Aerodactylite = 820051B4 0231
Mewtwonite X = 820051B4 0227
Mewtwonite Y = 820051B4 0228
Ampharosite = 820051B4 0223
Steelixite = 820051B4 0248
Scizorite = 820051B4 022F
Heracronite = 820051B4 0239
Houndoominite = 820051B4 022B
Tyranitarite = 820051B4 022E
Sceptilite = 820051B4 0240
Blazikenite = 820051B4 0229
Swampertite = 820051B4 023F
Gardevoirite = 820051B4 0222
Sablenite = 820051B4 0241
Mawilite = 820051B4 023A
Aggronite = 820051B4 022C
Medichamite = 820051B4 022A
Manecite = 820051B4 023B
Sharpedonite = 820051B4 0246
Cameruptite = 820051B4 024C
Altarianite = 820051B4 0242
Banettite = 820051B4 022D
Absolite = 820051B4 0236
Glalitite = 820051B4 024A
Salamencite = 820051B4 024E
Metagrossite = 820051B4 0245
Latiasite = 820051B4 023D
Latiosite = 820051B4 023E
Lopunnite = 820051B4 024D
Garchompite = 820051B4 023C
Lucarionite = 820051B4 0232
Abomasite = 820051B4 0233
Galladite = 820051B4 0243
Audinite = 820051B4 0244
Diancite = 820051B4 024B

Item Modifier (Shared by: Mega Ray)

Master Code:
D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

How To Use: Replace The YYY With The Item Modifier ID 820051B4 0YYY
Example: Use 820051B4 0047 To Get PP Max
Where To Get The Item: Go To The Mart And Buy The First Item In The List.

Hold Items:

0B3 = Brightpowder
0B4 = White Herb
0B5 = Macho Brace
0B6 = Exp Share
0B7 = Quick Claw
0B8 = Soothe Bell
0B9 = Mental Herb
0BA = Choice Band
0BB = Kings Rock
0BC = Silverpowder
0BD = Amulet Coin
0BE = Cleanse Tag
0BF = Soul Dew
0C0 = Deep Sea Tooth
0C1 = Deep Sea Scale
0C2 = Smoke Ball
0C3 = Everstone
0C4 = Focus Band
0C5 = Lucky Egg
0C6 = Scope Lens
0C7 = Metal Coat
0C8 = Leftovers
0C9 = Dragon Scale
0CA = Light Ball
0CB = Soft Sand
0CC = Hard Stone
0CD = Miracle Seed
0CE = Black Glasses
0CF = Black Belt
0D0 = Magnet
0D1 = Mystic Water
0D2 = Sharp Beak
0D3 = Poison Barb
0D4 = Nevermeltice
0D5 = Spell Tag
0D6 = Twistedspoon
0D7 = Charcoal
0D8 = Dragon Fang
0D9 = Silk Scarf
0DA = Up=Grade
0DB = Shell Bell
0DC = Sea Incense
0DD = Lax Incense
0DE = Lucky Punch
0DF = Metal Powder
0E0 = Thick Club
0E1 = Stick
0FE = Red Scarf
0FF = Blue Scarf
100 = Pink Scarf
101 = Green Scarf
102 = Yellow Scarf


00D = Potion
00E = Antidote
00F = Burn Heal
010 = Ice Heal
011 = Awakening
012 = Paralyz heal
013 = Full Restore
014 = Max Potion
015 = Hyper Potion
016 = Super Potion

Misc Items:

017 = Full Heal
018 = Revive
019 = Max Revive
01A = Fresh Water
01B = Soda Pop
01C = Lemonade
01D = MooMoo Milk
01E = Energy Powder
01F = Energy Root
020 = Heal Powder
021 = Revival Herb
022 = Ether
023 = Max Ether
024 = Elixir
025 = Max Elixir
026 = Lava Cookie
027 = Blue Flute
028 = Yellow Flute
029 = Red Flute
02A = Black Flute
02B = White Flute
02C = Berry Juice
02D = Sacred Ash
02E = Shoal Salt
02F = Shoal Shell
030 = Red Shard
031 = Blue Shard
032 = Yellow Shard
033 = Green Shard
03F = HR Up
040 = Protein
041 = Iron
042 = Carbos
043 = Calcium
044 = Rare Candy
045 = PP Up
046 = Zinc
047 = PP Max
049 = Guard Spec
04A = Dire Hit
04B = X Attack
04C = X Defend
04D = X Speed
04E = X Accuracy
04F = X Special
050 = Poke Doll
051 = Fluffy Tail
053 = Fire Stone
054 = Max Repel
055 = Escape Rope
056 = Repel
05D = Sun Stone
05E = Moon Stone
05F = Fire Stone
060 = Thunder Stone
061 = Water Stone
062 = Leaf Stone
067 = Tiny Mushroom
068 = Big Mushroom
06A = Pearl
06B = Big Pearl
06C = Stardust
06D = Star Piece
06E = Nugget
06F = Heart Scale


085 – Cheri Berry
086 – Chesto Berry
087 – Pecha Berry
088 – Rawst Berry
089 – Aspear Berry
08A – Leppa Berry
08B – Oran Berry
08C – Persim Berry
08D – Lum Berry
08E – Sitrus Berry
08F – Figy Berry
090 – Wiki Berry
091 – Mago Berry
092 – Aguav Berry
093 – Iapapa Berry
094 – Razz Berry
095 – Bluk Berry
096 – Nanab Berry
097 – Wepear Berry
098 – Pinap Berry
099 – Pomeg Berry
09A – Kelpsy Berry
09B – Qualot Berry
09C – Hondew Berry
09D – Grepa Berry
09E – Tamato Berry
09F – Cornn Berry
0A0 – Magost Berry
0A1 – Rabuta Berry
0A2 – Nomel Berry
0A3 – Spelon Berry
0A4 – Pamtre Berry
0A5 – Watmel Berry
0A6 – Durin Berry
0A7 – Belue Berry
0A8 – Liechi Berry
0A9 – Ganlon Berry
0AA – Salac Berry
0AB – Petaya Berry
0AC – Apicot Berry
0AD – Lansat Berry
0AE – Starf Berry
0AF – Enigma Berry


17A – TM01 = Hone Claws
17B – TM02 = Dragon Claw
17C – TM03 = Psyshock
17D – TM04 = Calm Mind
17E – TM05 = Roar
17F – TM06 = Toxic
180 – TM07 = Hail
181 – TM08 = Bulk Up
182 – TM09 = Bullet Seed
183 – TM10 = Hidden Power
184 – TM11 = Sunny Day
185 – TM12 = Taunt
186 – TM13 = Ice Beam
187 – TM14 = Blizzard
188 – TM15 = Hyper Beam
189 – TM16 = Light Screen
18A – TM17 = Protect
18B – TM18 = Rain Dance
18C – TM19 = Giga Drain
18D – TM20 = Safeguard
18E– TM21 = Frustration
18F – TM22 = SolarBeam
190 – TM23 = Smack Down
191 – TM24 = Thunderbolt
192 – TM25 = Thunder
193 – TM26 = Earthquake
194 – TM27 = Return
195 – TM28 = Dig
196 – TM29 = Psychic
197 – TM30 = Shadow Ball
198 – TM31 = Brick Break
199 – TM32 = Double Team
19A – TM33 = Reflect
19B – TM34 = Sludge Wave
19C – TM35 = Flamethrower
19D – TM36 = Sludge Bomb
19E – TM37 = Sandstorm
19F – TM38 = Fire Blast
1A0 – TM39 = Rock Tomb
1A1 – TM40 = Aerial Ace
1A2 – TM41 = Torment
1A3 – TM42 = Facade
1A4 – TM43 = Flame Charge
1A5 – TM44 = Rest
1A6 – TM45 = Attract
1A7 – TM46 = Thief
1A8 – TM47 = Low Sweep
1A9 – TM48 = Round
1AA – TM49 = Echoed Voice
1AB – TM50 = Overheat
1AC – TM51 = Steel Wing
1AD – TM52 = Focus Blast
1AE – TM53 = Energy Ball
1AF – TM54 = False Swipe

153 – HM01 = Cut
154 – HM02 = Fly
155 – HM03 = Surf
156 – HM04 = Strength
157 – HM05 = Flash
158 – HM06 = Rock Smash
159 – HM07 = Waterfall
15A – HM08 = Dive

Additional Mega Stones (Shared by: Mega Ray)

How To Use: Replace The YYY With The Item ID 820051B4 0YYY
Example: Use 820051B4 0227 To Get Mewtwonite X
Where To Get The Item: Go To The Mart And Buy The First Item In The List.

221 = Gengarite
222 = Gardevoirite
223 = Ampharosite
224 = Venusaurite
225 = CharizardteX
226 = Blastoisnite
227 = Mewtwonite X
228 = Mewtwonite Y
229 = Blazikenite
22A = Medichamite
22B = Houndoomnite
22C = Aggronite
22D = Banettite
22E = Tyranitarite
22F = Scizorite
230 = Pinsirite
231 = Aerodactylite
232 = Lucarionite
233 = Abomasite
234 = Kangaskhante
235 = Gyaradosite
236 = Absolite
237 = CharizardteY
238 = Alakazite
239 = Heracronite
23A = Mawilite
23B = Manectite
23C = Garchompite
23D = Latiasite
23E = Latiosite
23F = Swampertite
240 = Sceptilite
241 = Sablenite
242 = Altarianite
243 = Galladite
244 = Audinite
245 = Metagrossite
246 = Sharpedonite
247 = Slowbronite
248 = Steelixite
249 = Pidgeotite
24A = Glalitite
24B = Diancite
24C = Cameruptite
24D = Lopunnite
24E = Salamencite
24F = Beedrillite

Mega Armlet (Shared by: average pokemon player)

Where To Get The Item: Head over to Mart And buy the first item in the list. The purchased item will turn into Mega Armlet

820051B4 026A

Hold Items and TMs/HMs (Shared by: LuNaTHiCc)

Master Code:
D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

How To Use: Replace The YYY With The Item Modifier ID 820051B4 0YYY
Example: Use 820051B4 01FB To get Flame Orb
Where To Get The Item: Go To The Mart And Buy The First Item In The List.

Other Item Codes:

Hold Items:
1FA = Toxic Orb
1FB = Flame Orb
1FC = Focus Sash
1FD = Zoom Lens
1FE = Metronome
1FF = Iron Ball

1B0 — TM55 = Scald
1B1 — TM56 = Fling
1B2 — TM57 = Charge Beam
1B3 — TM58 = Sky Drop
1B4 — TM59 = Incinerate
1B5 — TM60 = Quash
1B6 — TM61 = Will-O-Wisp
1B7 — TM62 = Acrobatics
1B8 — TM63 = Embargo
1B9 — TM64 = Explosion
1BA — TM65 = Shadow Claw
1BB — TM66 = Payback
1BC — TM67 = Retaliate
1BD — TM68 = Giga Impact
1BE — TM69 = Rock Polish
1BF — TM70 = Flash
1C0 — TM71 = Stone Edge
1C1 — TM72 = Volt Switch
1C2 — TM73 = Thunder Wave
1C3 — TM74 = Gyro Ball
1C4 — TM75 = Swords Dance
1C5 — TM76 = Struggle Bug
1C6 — TM77 = Psych Up
1C7 — TM78 = Bulldoze
1C8 — TM79 = Frost Breath
1C9 — TM80 = Rock Slide
1CA — TM81 = X-Scissor
1CB — TM82 = Dragon Tail
1CC — TM83 = Infestation
1CD — TM84 = Poison Jab
1CE — TM85 = Dream Eater
1CF — TM86 = Grass Knot
1D0 — TM87 = Swagger
1D1 — TM88 = Sleep Talk
1D2 — TM89 = U-Turn
1D3 — TM90 = Substitute
1D4 — TM91 = Flash Cannon
1D5 — TM92 = Trick Room
1D6 — TM93 = Wild Charge
1D7 — TM94 = Secret Power
1D8 — TM95 = Snarl
1D9 — TM96 = Nature Power
1DA — TM97 = Dark Pulse
1DB — TM98 = Grow Punch
1DC — TM99 = Dazzle
1DD — TM100 = Confide
1DE — TM101 = Focus Punch
1DF — TM102 = Water Pulse
1E0 — TM103 = Giga Drain
1E1 — TM104 = Iron Tail
1E2 — TM105 = Shock Wave
1E3 — TM106 = Skill Swap
1E4 — TM107 = Snatch
1E5 — TM108 = Dragon Pulse
1E6 — TM109 = Drain Punch
1E7 — TM110 = Stealth Rock
1E8 — TM111 = Knock Off
1E9 — TM112 = Drill Run
1EA — TM113 = Iron Head
1EB — TM114 = Zen Headbutt
1EC — TM115 = Aqua Tail
1ED — TM116 = Seed Bomb
1EE — TM117 = Heat Wave
1EF — TM118 = Earth Power
1F0 — TM119 = Gunk Shot
1F1 — TM120 = Superpower

1F2 – HM01 = Cut
1F3 – HM02 = Fly
1F4 – HM03 = Surf
1F5 – HM04 = Strength
1F6 – HM05 = Flash
1F7 – HM06 = Rock Smash
1F8 – HM07 = Waterfall
1F9 – HM08 = Dive

A big thank you to all the contributors who have shared and tested the Pokemon Theta Emerald EX cheats listed above. Your effort and contribution are highly appreciated by the entire Pokemon community.

Together, we can make our Pokemon journey more enjoyable and exciting. Keep sharing your working cheat codes, and let’s make this the most comprehensive list of Pokemon Theta Emerald EX cheats.

More Information

The cheat codes listed above can also work on Pokemon Theta Emerald. Additionally, some regular Pokemon Emerald cheats can also work in this game, try them.

Last Thought

Pokemon Theta Emerald EX is an excellent rom hack, and with its latest update the game turns out more enjoyable to play. It’s so exciting to capture stronger Pokemon and evolve them to its Mega Evolution/Primal Reversion.

However, the modification of the game losses the capability for some of the regular cheats to work and that’s what happens to Theta Emerald EX game. You’ll notice the absence of the popular cheats in the list such as Wild Pokemon Modifier, Legendary Pokemon, and cheat codes for TM/HM.

When you find a working Wild Pokemon Modifier, Legendary and TM/HM cheats for Pokemon Theta Emerald EX let us know by posting your comments below, and we’ll gladly post it here with your credits on this page when proved working.

Got a problem activating any of the listed cheats? Drop your concerns and questions in the form below. 

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  1. Hey pokecoders?I kinda have a bug at the pc.just notice to all the player who use rare candy and master ball at the same time, better use master all cheat first, because when you use rare candy cheat first your pc will crash.my pc is all rare candy even though I already turn all the cheat

    And at the master ball at the pokemart,
    Just use this code

    820051B4 0001

    • U can get it after u defeat Norman, after defeating Norman go to u r mom and she will give an amulet coin and a mega bracelet

    • Thanks for sharing Techno, we’ll wait for feedback on your cheat code first before adding them in the list above.

      – Anyone here had a chance to test these cheats? Your feedback is much appreciated.

  2. Dear pokemoncoders i just realized that whenever u use the shiny pokemon cheat the nature is always timid on all pokemon. I wanted an adamant metagross and i wanted it in shiny as well so i turned on the nature cheat and then the shiny cheat and the wild metagross is still timid so i turned off the shiny cheat and then picked up a normal metagross and its adamant i hipe theres a way to fix this if not then thats sad

    • Hey RayNn, thanks for coming here and leaving your message. Unfortunately that happens normally when using shiny cheat. This is problem that we’ve been trying to find a workaround but no luck so far. This happens not only for this game but also to all Pokemon gba games. Even coming the cheat with nature modifier will never work, so sad actually.

    • The Mega Stone cheats do work, but not the first cheat folder for them. You need to use the Other Mega Stones folder then head to the pokemart to buy it there. The codes, if used for Renev, crashes your game so be careful.

  3. So like alot of us I’m a cheat user and I have been using these cheats but some don’t work and I found out why. Either some are wrong and do not belong but belong to something else or it’s in the wrong place or something like that. But back to what I’ve found is 82005274 YYYY is for both mega Stones and items for instance 82005274 0019 is max revives and it would help alot not kidding. Ik this works cause I’ve used it myself on my boy paid version. Side note-if you’d like me to point out others for different games I’d be happy to. I cheat every game but I also play raw (without cheats)

    • 820051B4 YYYY This is the one I meant sorry
      Items modifier is the code above I’m serious this time cause I had to double check.

  4. Pokemoncoders! I noticed you can used the same cheats for Pokemon Emerald and can you put it in this page the Wild Pokemon Encounter like in Emerald and put more pokemon in it thanks!

    • Hi there, yes that’s true. You can use Emerald cheats to every emerald based rom hacks. Though some doesn’t work but feel free to test.

    • I use it all the time. Make sure to turn the other cheats off, especially the Master code for the wild encounter cheat, otherwise it won’t work.

      Step 1: Enter the code.
      Step 2: Find a TM you own that your PKMN can learn.
      Step 3: Replace one of the four moves with the modified move. Note: If, in the screen where you replace your move, the modified move doesn’t appear, something went wrong.

    • The only way currently for newer moves to be taught via this cheat is to teach your PKMN Sketch and use it on a wild/trainer PKMN who used that move.

    • Disable them directly from your emulator’s cheating menu. However, some emulators do not respect new changes and if that happens you need a restart.

        • I can post them in code codebreaker format once I have figured out the code patterns for each of the moves respective id. They will work with the gameshark master code for pokemon theta emerald ex. I have tested flare blitz and aura sphere already and they worked with vba version 1.8.0-beta 3 for me.

  5. is there a cheat code for mega armlet in pokemon emerald theta ex?
    and if you have can you comment it it would help a lot and if you dont have any its fine.

  6. The wild Pokemon isn’t working for me. I have the master code active. When I put the other code with the Pokemon I want it says invalid code

    • Hi there Shaheem, Invalid code means there’s something wrong with the code you added. Switch to another cheat type or check to see if there’s any empty space before or after the code.

    • To be clear, they are two seperate codes. It worked for me. Master code has to be on though. If it’s not, the game soft resets by itself upon a wild encounter with the wild cheat on.

      Also, be sure to check your PC boxes after using a cheat. You may have a bad egg in there. If you do, do not save with any bad eggs.

  7. Thanks for the tm cheat code they are enough but I want some more like flash cannon and flare blitz. if you have then plz give me I want.

  8. Hello
    I believe I have finally found the codes needed to spawn megastones in store.
    I would like to credit RIZWAN HUSSAIN because I got the beginning of the code from him.
    820051B4 02XX

    Replace x with numbers for stone

    21= Gengarite
    22= Gardevorite
    23= Amphros
    24= Venausarite
    25= Charizard X
    26= Blastoieite
    27= Mewtownite X
    28= Mewtownite Y
    30= Pinsirite
    31= Aerodactylte
    32= Lucarionite
    33= Abomasite
    34= Kangaskhante
    35= Gyaradosyte
    36= Absolite
    37= Charizard Y
    38= Alakazite
    39= Heracronite
    40= Sceptilite
    41= Sablenite
    42= Altarianite
    43= Galladite
    44= Audinite
    45= Metagrossite
    46= Sharpedonite
    47= Slowbronite
    48= Steelixite
    49= Piggonite

    You may have to turn off other cheats though, and I don’t know if all of the stones are listed. I would appreciate feedback.


  9. Hey dude can you just find a cheat for all the TM there are many TM in this game you gave one cheat namefor TM modifier I dont know to use it so please find

    • Simple, imagine you want ice punch on metagross. Just have enable the code with the move and select a move that metagross can learn (ex. Toxic) I will say it wants to learn themore regular move, but then it appeares the new move

  10. I tried the emerald cheats with Rare candies and Masterballs. I went to Withdrawal items and the Rare candies weren’t in the pc.