Pokemon Saiph 2: The VytroVerse Part 3


The next ROM hack we will be discussing is Pokemon Saiph 2 The VytroVerse Part 3. Let’s just call it Saiph 2, but there’s a reason why it’s titled that way. The creator of this ROM hack #Vytron has this as his third ROM hack.

The first one is Pokemon Saiph and the second one is Pokemon SORS. All three of these games take place in the same timeline, which is the VytroVerse.

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The timeline is Saiph 1, then Saiph 2, and then SORS. The good thing is that you don’t need to play any of the games before playing this one. While these games have a connected story, it doesn’t have much bearing because the hacks are just good. Regardless, we’ll tackle Saiph 2 and all of its glory.

Note: This ROM hack isn’t available for download yet, but we’ll update it when there’s a playable version.

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Pokemon Saiph 2 The VytroVerse Part 3 Details and More


The story in Saiph 2 takes place three years after Saiph 1 and just several weeks before SORS. The characters Micah and Darlo make a return in Saiph 2. They board a plane that crash-lands in the Regris Region. Much of this Region is a mystery and that’s what you’ll have to do throughout the game which is to figure out what’s going on.


The graphics have the same aesthetic as Saiph 2 and SORS. This game also has some production value when it has some original music playing. The features are still vague, but we have interesting locations and probably a wide Pokemon roster based on the screenshots since the creator noted that it would go up to Gen 8 but may not have all of them. Numerous side quests are also included in this game.

Pokemon Saiph 2 The VytroVerse Part 3 Information

Pokemon saioh 2 the vytroverse part 3

Pokemon Saiph 2 The VytroVerse Part 3
Creator: #Vytron
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Lin k

Feature List

  • Explore the new Regris Region
  • Pokemon roster goes up to Gen 8
  • Updated Types, Moves, Items, and Stats
  • DexNav is available
  • Custom music added
  • Side quests will be included
  • Day and Night cycle


Pokemon saioh 2 the vytroverse part 3 screenshots

  • Skeli -and everyone who contributed to it- (CFRU Game Engine & DPE)
  • Hyo (Some parts of Micah’s sprites)
  • hbdfreitas (BW Styled HP Bars)
  • Againsts (BW Summary Screen)
  • GoGoJJTech -and everyone who contributed to it- (For the DS Music Base giving me the soundfont I’m using)

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Correction: 3 weeks after Sors, not before.
And there’s also a tech demo available already.

Last edited 1 year ago by Vytron

For people asking the cheat to this, Use Unbound’s cheats as this rom hack is made with CFRU, also note that not all cheats work

Thanks for that information JohnPlayz1123, I appreciate it.