Pokemon New Generations

This hack Pokemon New Generations makes an attempt to progress through the ages of FireRed. However, it ends up being a good FireRed-based ROM hack regardless. While a lot of things remain the same, it is still a good and interesting Pokemon ROM hack for you to play.

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This hack uses FireRed as its base, although it’s not specified which version is needed. Just Patch the New Generations IPS file attached below. If you’re not sure how to do it, we’ll provide this guide for you to follow and do the patch.

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Pokemon New Generations Details and More


The story of New Generations is the same as FireRed. However, there are some minor alterations but the overall progression is the same. You might see some characters that shouldn’t be there but are present anyway.


You have three Normal-type starters being Rattatta, Sentret, and Zigzagoon. Those are very interesting ones to choose from and there’s no type strength or weakness against your rival.

All Pokemon up to Gen 3 are available to catch and train. Several of the maps have also been altered to keep them a bit updated. Despite the aesthetic changes to the map, the locations are still the same as in FireRed.

Typing, Abilities, and Stats have been altered a bit. While all Gyms are present, several new Gym Leaders outside of Kanto have been added as well. Rare Candies can also be available to be bought.

Pokemon New Generations Information

Pokemon new generations

Pokemon New Generations
Creator: Naglu
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Docs: Link
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Pokemon Roster goes up to Gen 3
  • Gym Leaders from Kanto and Hoenn will appear
  • Game is slightly challenging
  • Pokemon evolution requirements have been adjusted
  • Learn Set and Pokemon Stats have also been altered
  • Changes to the environment layout and aesthetics
  • National Dex available from the start


Pokemon new generations

Download Pokemon New Generations


A Huge thanks to all the Beta Testers:
Alex N
E Man
and all the others that wanted to remain anonimous

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