Pokemon Fire Gold

There have been a ton of ROM hacks where are remakes or adaptations of Gen 2 games. Crystal is particularly the most popular one, and we’ve already covered a lot of them. So, why not add another hack called Pokemon Fire Gold, the game slowly gaining popularity due to its quality which is outstanding.

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It uses FireRed as the base, and the story, as well as the content, are all based on Gen 2. It is your usual hack with some nice gimmicks and features that we will tackle in a moment. This hack also uses elements from the Gen 4 remake Heart Gold so that’s also something good to look forward to.

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Pokemon Fire Gold Details and More


The story is the same from Gen 2 and even in the remakes. You start off with Johto and travel all the way to Kanto after going through the story. It is the same with some slight modifications to the dialogue, but overall, it’s the same story.


If you notice, a majority of the sprites are based on Heart Gold, but overall it still looks like FireRed, which isn’t a bad thing. The Pokemon roster is a bit all over the place because you get them from Gen 4 until Gen 8 but not all of them are available.

A lot of the original features are still around like being able to get Acorns daily. The Legendary Pokemon are still roaming for random encounters and some items like the VS Seeker, which you can get early on in the game.

Pokemon Fire Gold Information

Pokemon fire gold

Pokemon Fire Gold
Creator: Black_Fragrant
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Roster goes up to Gen 8
  • Fairy-type included
  • Rematch Trainers, Gym Leaders, and Elite Four
  • Alolan Forms available
  • Physical and Special split
  • Day and Night cycle
  • Daily events
  • New Items and Abilities added



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Base: Prof. Leon Dias
Tutorials for changing cover: Aspiring Pokemon Trainer
Music: Black Fragrant
Sprite works: Chaos Rush, Black Fragrant,
GBA Intro Manager by Diegoisawesome
DNS system: PrimalDialga
HMA: Haven
Nameless TileMap Editor by D-Trogh
Gen 3 hacking suite
Gen 3 tools for hacking
Advance Map
OverWorld Manager by Kimonas
Advance Tile Animation Editor by LU-HO
Battle Script Pro by Jambo51
Cry Editor 1.4 by Esperance
pokemon encryption and decryption: Mystery Man
unown report, SphericalIce, Blurose
intimidate, agsmgmaster64
ruins of alph puzzle, sierraaffinity, Blurose
special shout out to BSBob, gave me emotional support when I was in an all-time-low. checkout his pokemon vanadium.
spud for the documentation for the ROM!!
shout out to Gintas who is making top tier tiles!!
shout out to hlf_dzn, who made the title screen!!!
huge huge huge huge shout out to Blurose!!!!!!, the hack will not be here if it were not to him

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