Pokemon Supreme Fire


If you love Pokemon FireRed and punishment at the same time, then why not try Pokemon Supreme Fire. The latest version is available for download below, but before that, Supreme Fire is known for being a very hard hack of FireRed.

The creator himself stated that this hack is his take on Pokemon games. Starters have been changed, and Typing strengths and weaknesses have been modified. It is best to try this game out for yourself because it is still FireRed but with a hard twist.

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Pokemon Supreme Fire Details and More


The game’s story is the same as FireRed. Despite being a bit of a hard game, it is still the same in terms of progression. If you know what to do, and know where to go, so you got that going for you to make things easy in some aspects. Then again, there are some minor changes in the story but nothing too big.


The increased difficulty is the thing that you need to watch out for. It is harder than regular FireRed but some people like it. Don’t forget about the changed Starter Pokemon, and the roster goes up to Gen 3 later on when you beat the game.

The Type chart has also been altered, so forget everything you know about the previous ones. It’s the programmer’s take on Type strengths and weaknesses.

The base stats of the different Pokemon have also been altered. You will also encounter some familiar faces from other games early and later on.

Pokemon Supreme Fire Game Information

Pokemon supreme fire

Pokemon Supreme Fire
Creator: Calistrotic22
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English

Feature List

  • Starters are Ekans, Machop, and Abra
  • Roster goes up Gen 3
  • Base stats are changed
  • Typing chart is altered
  • Difficulty is increased
  • TMs are reusable
  • HMs can be removed
  • Run indoors
  • Black and White Repel System
  • Status ailment updates



Pokemon Supreme Fire Download

  • Blue – Back then when I was a kid, I needed a rombase (I don’t even know that was a word before) that has all the Legendaries catchable, and his Pokemon RomHack, Pokemon FireRed: Generations, has it.
  • LykO – For making the ModExe tool, sleep update,
  • JPAN – Deleteable HM
  • Froosty – EXP ALL
  • HackMew – Running Indoors
  • Chacha Dinosaur – Critical hit Update
  • Delta231 – Burn, and paralysis update
  • Hex Helper – Text Speed fast
  • Sierra – Remove Flashback

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