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Pokemon Crystal is one of those games in the series where it is loved but gets shafted to the side. The third game in the Gen 2 series of games brought a lot of features. That’s where Pokemon Fool’s Gold comes into play because it uses Crystal as the base ROM hack.

Technically, the game looks like the GBC games but that’s not a bad thing. You get to try and feel the same Pokemon Crystal but with a lot of changes. When it comes to this project, the creator is still trying to make it better but it is already playable in its current state.

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Pokemon Fool’s Gold Game Details and More


The story is the same as Pokemon Crystal’s so if you know where to go, then you already know what to do. There are some minor changes that you may notice but it still flows the same.


While the game’s graphics are similar to Crystal’s, one of the many changes in the game is the typing and designs of the Pokemon. You’ll notice that the design of the Pokemon has been changed while maintaining their name and some appearances. Their types have been changed to make it more interesting. Such as the three starters where Chikorita is now Fighting, Cyndaquil is now Ice, and Totodile is now Flying-type. You can also get all 251 Pokemon available in the game without the need for trades and more.

Pokemon Fool’s Gold Information

Pokemon fool's gold

Pokemon Fool’s Gold
Creator: celadonk
Game Base: Crystal
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • All 251 Pokemon in the game can be obtained
  • Changes when it comes to the Pokemon Trainer’s, Gym Leader’s, and other’s Pokemon lineup
  • Slight changes when it comes to the aesthetics
  • Secret areas to explore (optional)
  • New moves have been added
  • Shiny rate has been increased


Pokemon fool's gold

Pokemon Fool’s Gold Download


Fool’s Gold Team:

  • Max / kingbigb0y
  • Revé/ froqpond
  • Gaby/ g.eeb
  • Amanda/ hamandswiss
  • Joe / celadonk
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