Pokemon Azure Horizons

As far as ROM hacks go, Pokemon Azure Horizons is a classic. It is one of the oldest ROM hacks around that uses FireRed as its base.

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This hack came around 2009 and it still has its charm today. Armed with an original story and added content, this one is enough to garner your attention.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to secure an unpatched file of this hack. It’s a bit old so it’s a bit tricky to find one.

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If you do manage to get your own, this guide will help you patch the IPS or UPS file you have. Don’t forget to find the right FireRed ROM that will serve as its base as well.

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Pokemon Azure Horizons Details and More


Your character is an up-and-coming trainer who follows in the footsteps of your older brother. Your journey starts innocently enough.

The usual stuff happens like catching Pokemon, getting those Gym Badges, and the other common things. That is until a mysterious phenomenon is happening where Trainers are being very aggressive.

The other thing is the villainous Team Tundra is up to no good. You have to attain your dream and deal with these issues as well.


This is a bit of an old hack as we already stated so the features added are very common. The Pokemon roster goes to nearly 400 with all Gen 3 available.

Graphical updates have also been added to a certain degree. There is also the new Region of Zephyr and added characters to the hack.

New music has also been added as well as those playing for unique encounters. Events and side quests are also added to the game.

Pokemon Azure Horizons Information

Pokemon azure horizons

Pokemon Azure Horizons
Creator: Frosbite
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link

Features List

  • Nearly 400 Pokemon
  • Zephyr region
  • Side quests and events
  • Altered graphics
  • New music added
  • Decapitalization
  • Run indoors


Pokemon azure horizons screenshots

Pokemon Azure Horizons Download


– Frostbite: Scripting, Mapper, Music Editor, Image Editor, Palette Editor
– Drayano: Beta Tester, Quality Checker, Suggestions

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