Pokemon FireRed Extended Version

There have been many FireRed-based ROM hacks where that utilized FireRed’s elements and story. This one called Pokemon FireRed Extended Version, takes it to a whole new level. It adds a lot of things to the Gen 1 or Kanto storyline and more.

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There have been a lot of things added, such as more story content and the Pokemon roster going up to Gen 8. This hack really requires a lot of time, effort, and investment.

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Pokemon FireRed Extended Version Details and More


The story is the same as the Gen 1 games, but there might be some noticeable differences.

Plus, once you beat the game, that’s where the rich and abundant post-game content comes into play.


The Pokemon roster in this hack goes all the way up to Gen 8. When picking your starter, you can choose from all the available Starters.

The Pokemon encounters are also from multiple Generations making your playthrough a bit more interesting.

There’s also an interesting feature called the DM or Dynamic Machine that teaches Pokemon different Moves. The map layout has also been altered, so you might explore more.

Pokemon FireRed Extended Version Information

Pokemon firered extended version

Pokemon FireRed Extended Version
Creator: DjTarma
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Pokemon roster goes up to Gen 8
  • Altered graphics, sprites, fonts, and other visual aesthetics
  • Dynamic Machines teach Pokemon Moves
  • NPC can change a Pokemon’s Nature
  • Choose from three difficulties at the start
  • Map layout has been changed
  • Fossil Resurrection System
  • IV can be visibly seen


Pokemon firered extended version screenshot

Download Pokemon FireRed Extended Version (v3.4.9)


MrDollSteak and Leon for creating this base.
– Darkside(⌐■-■)#5304 for creating the logo of my game!
– Lu-Ho (A-map tool v1.92).
– Haven1433 (Hex Maniac Tool).
– Kurapika (G3T).
– XSE tool.
– BluRose for threads and helping me to solve things.
– Esperance’s Cry editor.
– Other tools used: (NSE, PGE, Thumb Assembler & Disassembler, UPS Patcher, etc…)
– Spherical Ice’s Dive ASM Routine, and other contributions to the pokécommunity.
– Aveontrainer’s battle backgrounds and tilesets.
– kWharever, WesleyFG, and princess phoenix for the most perfect battle backgrounds!!!
– Kalarie for amazing Overworld Sprites.
– Chaos Rush & MrDollSteak for pokemon sprite thread (DS Style)
– KDS and kearnseyboy6 for some custom evolution methods.
– Zeak6464 1st to 6th gen icon’s pack.
– Anthroyd’s discord server and XSE tutorials.
– thedarkdragon11 for 7th and 8th Pokemon sprites’ resource.
– DoesntKnowHowToPlay for P/S/S Routine.
– Zeturic for Hall of Fame, Evolution move learn routines/C-Injections and other contributions to the pokécommunity.
– Darthatron’s BW repel system.
– daniilS for poison survival routine.
– Blackuser to the HP Bar vanishes from move animation and Anger Point.
– Some discord friends played the pre-release version before posting here.
– To you, for playing my project.😉
PS: If I forgot to give credits to someone, please, reply to me here or inbox.

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4 thoughts on “Pokemon FireRed Extended Version”

  1. Okay, it’s incredibly cool to see the map redesigned like this, but BY GOD, giving EVERY trainer 4-5 ‘mons, and 2 super potions does NOT improve difficulty, ot just makes the game almost unbearable to play. Every battle, and therefore every route, now drags ON AND ON AND ON. And then the major battles, rivals, giovanni, etc, have a ridiculous level jump, so if you grind to match it you pretty much get overleveled and cause the rest of the game to be even more boring.

    Once again, great job redesigning the map, but I do not think Im going to sit here (at celedon) knowing how many more trainers are left to to avoid at half my level and grind to the finish.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  2. Thanks its look a good game with stunning graphics. But lets correct and clarify, i checked the original thread in poke community, the description here is misleading, there is no mega evo and gigantanax in this game. This is what the author said about those features:

    7March 1st, 2022 at 2:31 AM
    Originally Posted by Sean Ezekiel Ang [ Original Post ]
    will you include mega evolution or gigantamax?

    I don’t like the mega evolution and gigantamax systems. They exclude a list of several pokémon and in my opinion, this is bad. 😉

    • Hi Lourd, welcome here, and thank you for bringing this up to us. I already fixed the information in the site. I appreciate your help.