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There’s no denying that Pokemon is a popular franchise. However, another franchise that is also popular is the Yu-Gi-Oh series. This series is a collective card game, one where people play with cards in real life. It has its own set of rules, and of course, there are numerous video games about it. That’s where Yu-Gi-Oh PokeDuel comes into play.

Yu-Gi-Oh PokeDuel is a ROM hack that is based on FireRed. The appeal here is that instead of using Pokemon, you use the characters and monsters from the different Yu-Gi-Oh cards. If you’re familiar with the series, then you’ll find a lot of familiar ones. This is an interesting ROM hack that we will dive into.

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Yu-Gi-Oh PokeDuel Details and More


The story of Yu-Gi-Oh PokeDuel is the same as FireRed. Unfortunately, the story hasn’t been altered, so you’re technically playing FireRed with Yu-Gi-Oh monster and character cards instead of Pokemon. That, in a way, is good because you probably know where to go.


The game has altered graphics in some parts. This mostly goes to the Yu-Gi-Oh cards that are being used since they have their own sprites. This goes the same for some characters that were not in FireRed. There’s also some music playing that came from the Yu-Gi-Oh animated series. Speaking of the cards, there are a couple of them added and edited types and added moves up to recent Generations. It is still the same concept with any Pokemon game, but the cool thing is that Trainer battles are like Yu-Gi-Oh card duels

Yu-Gi-Oh PokeDuel Information

Yu-gi-oh pokeduel

Yu-Gi-Oh PokeDuel
Creator: ortz3
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Pokemon are changed into Yu-Gi-Oh cards
  • Added 41 Custom Moves
  • Moves have been updated until Gen 7
  • There are more trainers in the game
  • Several Legendary Cards roam like Legendary Pokemon
  • Can run indoors
  • Shiny odds have been increased


Yu-gi-oh pokeduel screenshots

Yu-Gi-Oh PokeDuel Download


– Sprites from V3 Onwards: elementalheroshadow, MetamorphOfChaos, TheGentlemanDM, Gol Acheron, Lukirioh!

– Input, bugs, modifications: Michyrr, cypherpulse

– Music: Patrick Lee, Duckleduckle

– Tools used: AdvanceMap, AdvanceSeries, AdvanceStarter, AdvanceTrainer, CryEditor, FreeSpaceFinder, Gen3Suite, Irfanview, MSPaint, NSE2.0, OWM, PokemonGameEditor, Sappy, YAPE

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