Pokemon Giratina’s Legend


There have been several Pokemon ROM hacks based on Giratina. We have hacks like Giratina Strikes Back and Pokemon Dark Cry: Legend of Giratina. We have another one which is Pokemon Giratina’s Legend. All these games have nothing to do with each other. Basically, they aren’t sequels or spin-offs to each other but standalone games on their own.

This game is still in the Beta phase, so numerous bugs may pop out. There isn’t even that high of a list of features, but that’s not a bad thing. This game is also in Italian, so if you don’t understand the language, you may have difficulty playing it. Then again, the Pokemon language is still in English, such as Pokemon moves, locations, and others which is probably worth your while anyway.

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Pokemon Giratina’s Legend Details and More


The game and story take place in the Shinzo Region. Five years before the game’s start, the ECO Project was conducted by several scientists where they tried to commune with the space distortion that the Legendary Pokemon Giratina guards. The experiment goes terrible, and five years later, the Region of Shinzo is experiencing many strange phenomena, and you have to do your part as well.


The game functions like any other Pokemon game, with you going to do your thing becoming a Pokemon master. The other thing is that you have to save the world and everything you have to deal with. The game doesn’t have a clear list of features like how many Pokemon there are and from which Generation they come from.

The important thing is that the game functions well enough, but there could be bugs. The aesthetic part isn’t that bad since the game looks good and has numerous musical tracks.

Pokemon Giratina’s Legend Information

Pokemon giratina's legend

Pokemon Giratina’s Legend
Creator: ~Andrea
Game Base: Ruby
Language: Italian
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Updated Graphics
  • New Tiles
  • New Music Added


Pokemon giratina's legend screenshots

Pokemon Giratina’s Legend Download


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