Pokemon Voyager Cheats

Pokemon Voyager is one of the most promising and interesting ROM hacks around. It uses Emerald as its base ROM, so if you’re looking for cheats, then you’re out of luck for now.

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There are no working Pokemon Voyager cheats as of now.

Feel free to check out what Pokemon Voyager is all about. 

That being said, we’re here to investigate why the cheats aren’t working for this hack. This isn’t the only hack to have that problem as well.

We’ll also talk about what we can do moving forward when it comes to these cheats.

Another hack that doesn’t have cheats is Sovereign of the Skies which you can check out here

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Pokemon voyager cheats

Why Pokemon Voyager Cheats Aren’t Working?

The Emerald Problem

We’ll start with the first reason why Pokemon Voyager cheats and that is the Emerald problem.

This happens mostly for Pokemon ROM hacks that use Emerald as its base. That is because a lot of programmers have been using different techniques and tools to create newer hacks using Emerald.

If you’re knowledgeable, you would have probably seen some Emerald hacks using the BPS file format.

The usual formats are IPS or UPS, but the BPS for now has only been appearing in Emerald hacks. This usually blocks cheats from being used.

The file format is one thing, there could also be a case where the process just changes the code.

We’re not experts with programming, but sometimes when hacks are made some codes could be altered or changed hence cheats are also affected making them unusable.

The Programmer’s Choice 

Emerald hacking aside, it could also be the programmer’s choice. That’s right, the creator of these hacks can simply choose to block cheats.

They can do that if they want to. That’s because the hack itself could have been made to be a challenge.

Have you heard of those Kaizo hacks? Using cheats may not be warranted because the hacker doesn’t want its players to do so.

The Gameplay of Pokemon Voyager

Pokemon voyager cheats

The hack still utilizes the basic GBA Pokemon systems. However, one reason why Pokemon Voyager cheats may not work is because of the gameplay mechanics.

There are some systems in place that the original Emerald did not have. An example of this is if you go to the Poke Center, there is no item PC.

Several cheats are used using the item PC, so its absence means that the cheats could have been intentionally removed. 

What to Do Moving Forward

Right now, the only thing we can do is wait for other skilled programmers to share their working cheats.

If you also have your own working cheats for Pokemon Voyager, feel free to hit them in the comments.

We’ll be sure to credit you and update the cheats on this page when we can gather more of them.

In Closing 

We will update this page if we find some working Pokemon Voyager cheats in the future. Right now, there really isn’t anything we can offer.

Plus, this page helps because others would just post Emerald cheats thinking that they work. There are a lot of them out there so just be careful

We will test the cheats if there are any so that we can put them on the page if they do work. It takes time but maybe in the future, we will be able to compile a lot of them that are working for Pokemon Voyager that players can use. 

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