Oricorio Weakness Guide – Mastering All 4 Dancing Styles

Throughout the Pokemon series, several Pokemon species are known to have multiple forms.

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Mega Evolution does count but we’re talking about Oricorio, a Pokemon that can change from one style to another and keep it indefinitely until it is changed again.

The peculiar behavior of this Pokemon is probably one of the reasons why many are asking: “What are Oricorio’s weaknesses?”

For this Oricorio weakness guide, keep in mind that we’ll be tackling the different styles of Oricorio. Meaning, we’re going to discuss all of its weaknesses in accordance to what dancing type or form it takes.

Oricorio weakness

Everything to Know About Oricorio 

What is Oricorio?

Oricorio first appeared in the Generation VII games (Pokemon Sun and Moon). It is a Pokemon capable of doing elegant and attractive dance performances.

According to Bulbapedia, Pokemon is may be based from the Hawaiian honeycreeper, a type of bird that feeds on flower nectars. It is always posing as if it is ready to dance.

The base style that you can catch it is the Baile style which it has a red color.

In the Generation IX games (Pokemon Scarlet and Violet), players can catch it in the Baile style as well as the Pom-Pom style.

If you want to change the style of an Oricorio, you just have to give it a specific nectar item. Sadly It isn’t available in the previous generations and even in Gen 8.

Oricorio Weakness: All Counters for Every Style

Apart from their colors, Oricorio styles also vary in terms of typing. In this case, we’ll give you an in-depth look for each of them.

Considering that all Oricorio styles have Flying as their secondary type, it is only logical that all of them will be weak to certain types like Electric and Rock-type attacks.

What separates all Oricorio styles, on the other hand, are their primary typing, and this is where things become a bit complicated when figuring out their individual weaknesses.

One thing to take note is that regardless of style, all of them are immune to Ground-type attacks.

Now, let’s dive right in to each of Oricorio’s weakness:

Baile Style Oricorio

Baile style oricorio

The Baile Style’s Fire and Flying-type is the one you get in the game first. To change an Oricorio back into its Baile Style, just give it a Red Nectar.

The Baile Style’s two regular weaknesses are Water and Electric. The Water-type goes against Baile Oricorio’s Fire-type and Electric against the Flying-type.

The Fire-type aspect cancels out the Flying-type’s weakness to Ice type moves.

Rock-type is the greatest weakness of Baile Style since both Fire and Flying are weak to it.

Pom-Pom Style Oricorio

Pom-pom style oricorio

The Pom-Pom Style Oricorio is color yellow and is an Electric/Flying type. Give an Oricorio a Yellow Nectar to turn it into a Pom-Pom Style Oricorio.

There are only two Oricorio weaknesses to the Pom-Pom Style, which are Ice and Rock. 

Oricorio’s Electric weaknesses are covered by its Flying-typing. That’s because Electric-types are weak to Ground but Flying-type Pokemon are immune to it.

Pa’u Style Oricorio

Pa’u style oricorio

The Pa’u Style is a Psychic/Flying-type Oricorio, which can be obtained by giving it a Pink Nectar.

This style has more weaknesses compared to the Baile and Pom-Pom styles.

It’s Flying-typing takes weaknesses to Ice, Electric, and Rock, and its Psychic-typing makes it weak against Ghost and Dark.

Sensu Style Oricorio

Sensu style oricorio

The last one is the Sensu Style, which takes the color of Purple by giving an Oricorio the Purple Nectar. This one is a Flying/Ghost-type Pokemon.

It pretty much has the same weaknesses as the Pa’u Style. These weaknesses are Dark, Ghost, Electric, Ice, and Rock-types.

Coincidentally, the Sensu Style’s Ghost-typing has the same set of Oricorio weaknesses from the Pa’u Style’s Psychic-typing.

Are the Different Styles Good?

The thing about the different forms or styles of Oricorio is that they have the same stat growth and moves. The Atk stat or even the Sp stats will grow the same regardless of the style.

Everything it learns by leveling up or being taught through Technical Machines can be the same. It all just boils down to what type you need.

The good thing is that as long as you have the nectars, you can change your Oricorio anytime you want outside of battle.

Where Can You Get Nectars?

Nectars are easy to get in any game where Oricorio is available. They are available in regular Poke Marts or areas where they sell items.

It doesn’t matter if you want a Purple Nectar or a Pink Nectar, as they can be bought easily. They are also available in certain areas but purchasing them is easier and most players stock up on these nectars in case they need them.

In Closing

That closes our Oricorio weakness guide. Make sure to apply everything you learned and use it to your advantage.

Different styles have different weaknesses so you can adjust to what you need against the enemy team. They have the same moves and base stats anyway, so just change the style to suit the situation.

Some players prefer having one Oricorio, but there are others who want to capture more than one to complete all the available styles.

If you’re planning to get all the Oricorio styles in the game, make sure to collect each type of nectar. You can even build a 4-Pokemon team of Oricorio with varying types and movesets.

We hope enjoyed our Oricorio weakness guide! To learn more about Pokemon and the latest Pokemon games, feel free to check out our other articles here at Pokemoncoders:

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