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We already covered lots of Pokemon Emerald ROM hacks in the past, but we’ll continue adding with Pokemon Chroma Version.

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This game is a run-of-the-mill Pokemon hack by containing the elements of basic and traditional Pokemon games, which isn’t a bad thing. Much like these other ROM hacks on this list that are really good.

Just remember this is a BPS file which isn’t the usual UPS or IPS. Don’t worry because we have this guide that you can use if you want to patch the BPS file.

Using any Emerald ROM will do the trick. Finally, this hack is still in the beta phase, so some changes may occur somewhere down the line.

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Pokemon Chroma Version Details and More


The story begins like any of the traditional games. You’re a child at the right age who will be given a starter Pokemon.

Your neighbor Skip will be given a starter as well where he will serve as your rival. All seems good until Team Proto appears to do their usual dastardly thing and you have to take a detour to stop them.


You choose from three different starters, namely Chimchar, Rowlett, and Froakie — three different starters from three different generations.

The Pokemon roster also spans from various Generations up to 8 but not all of them are available just yet.

Explore the Region of Ryoko with the original story and villains to take care of. Updated abilities and moves are added up to future generations.

Pokemon Chroma Version Information

Pokemon chroma version

Pokemon Chroma Version
Creator: VXO
Game Base: Emerald
Language: English
Source: Link

Other Features

  • Pokemon Roster goes up to Gen 8.
  • Physical and Special split.
  • Hidden Grottos.
  • Updated moves.
  • Updated abilities.
  • More evolution stones.
  • TMs are reusable.

Note: More features will be added in the future.


Pokemon chroma version screenshots

Download Pokemon Chroma Version

  • vxo – Mapping, Scripting, Developing
  • French-Cyndaquil – Art
  • Acanthite Team – Tiles
  • LunaMaddalena – Tiles
  • AveonTrainer – Art
  • Spherical Ice – Tiles & Inspiration to start ROM Hacking again
  • pret – pokeemerald

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