Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux

Pokemon Volt White 2 is an interesting and challenging Pokemon DS ROM hack. The hack came out almost a decade ago, and now it has an updated version called Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux. It’s still the same game, have some of the original features and a whole lot of new things.

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It’s been years, so naturally, a lot of things have happened in the Pokemon space. A lot of those new things like types, moves, and others have been incorporated into this hack.

That being said, let’s get into it and know more about Volt White 2 Redux. It is still a DS ROM hack so use the right emulator.

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Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux Details and More


The story is the same as Pokemon White 2. This hack is a sequel to the other hack Volt White which uses White as its story. Not much has changed, but you may notice some dialogue tweaks but nothing major in the plot.


First of all, there are three difficulty settings for you to choose from which are Easy, Challenge, and Black. The Pokemon Roster is around Gen 5, with over 600 of them you can get. Stats, Moves, and Typings have been updated.

Speaking of those things, certain Pokemon have their move sets and learn sets altered when they level up. Evolving can also be done without the need to trade for some Pokemon at least.

Just click on the evolution Item, and the Pokemon will evolve once the requirements are met already.

Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux Information

Pokemon volt white 2 redux

Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux
Creator: AphexCubed and Drayano
Game Base: White 2
Language: English
Source: Link
FAQs: Link

Feature List

  • Experience Pokemon White 2’s story again
  • Updated Stats, Moves, Types, Learn Sets
  • Pokemon goes up to Gen 5
  • Over 600 Pokemon to catch
  • Legendary and Mythical Pokemon could be encountered again if they were failed to be caught
  • No need to trade evolve Pokemon
  • Three difficulty settings
  • Slight changes to item locations
  • Pokemon spawn rates and locations changed


Download Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux

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