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There are a couple of fanmade Pokemon games out there using different programs. What makes some of these games a bit more interesting is that there are those that utilize Fakemon instead of regular Pokemon. That’s where Pokemon Terra Nova comes into play, where it has fanmade and has Fakemon.

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Speaking of the Fakemon, the game has over 800 of it, so that’s something to look forward to. When you have a game like this that is pleasing to the eyes, has an interesting story, and a large number of Fakemon, you’ll be good to go with all the content you can get.

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Pokemon Terra Nova Details and More


The story has you as one of a group of people exploring the Deep Blue Region. This little adventure is funded by a woman named Sylvia and like any Pokemon game, you are out to set out on your own adventure. There’s a mystery that has to be uncovered and an enemy Team that you have to beat.


There are a lot of interesting features about the game, and we already stated that there are over 800 Fakemon (880 to be exact) for you to use. You also get to choose from four different characters as your player.

You can progress the story however you want with the different locations you can visit. There are 16 Gym Leaders for you to battle against and deal with a group of villains.

Aside from the main story, there are also optional quests for you to do. Costume hunting is also something that you can do.

Pokemon Terra Nova Information

Pokemon terra nova

Pokemon Terra Nova
Creator: MC50
Language: English
Created: RPG Maker XP
Source: Link

Feature List

  • 880 Fakemon to use
  • 4 characters to choose from
  • Costumes that you can get
  • 40+ optional quests for you to complete
  • Some NPC and characters may appear in random areas offering some dialogue
  • There might somebody fighting the Gym Leader so wait for your turn
  • Find Furniture Token by inspecting different locations



Download Pokemon Terra Nova



  • MC50 (Story, Writing, Mapping, Events, Gameplay, and more)
  • Zeph2K4 (Fakemon Sprites, Character Sprites, Mapping, and more)


  • Flameguru
  • Poccil (Peter O.)
  • Maruno

– AvatarMonkeyKirby
– Marin
– Boushy
– MiDas Mike
– Brother1440
– Near Fantastica
– FL.
– PinkMan
– Genzai Kawakami
– Popper
– help-14
– Rataime
– IceGod64
– SoundSpawn
– Jacob O. Wobbrock
– the__end
– Kitsune Kouta
– Venom12
– Lisa Anthony
– Wachunga
– Luka S.J.
– And everyone else who helped out.


  • NettoHikari
  • Ulithium_Dragon
  • Zeak6464
  • Tapu Fini
  • SpartaLazor
  • leparagon
  • BlackOutG5
  • Rune
  • M3rein
  • Rigbycwts
  • Rot8er_ConeX
  • James Davy
  • Kaduki/Usui634
  • Heisenman (Fogs)
  • Luka S.J.
  • Maruno
  • Aveontrainer
  • Young-Dante
  • Mezmerkaiser
  • Kalarie
  • Avatar
  • SphericalIce
  • Etique
  • Droid779
  • Similation

– Darkshadow574
– Muff
– Olivia7
– Prono
– Swood
– Sassin9
– All of our friends who helped with their input as to the final games design!

The Following programs were used to help create this:
– RPG Maker XP
– Pokemon Essentials
– Usenti
– Paint.Net
– Audacity

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