PokeMMO Legendary Hunting: A Step-by-Step Strategy Guide

If it’s Legendary Pokemon hunting that you want, then look no further than our PokeMMO Legendary hunting tips.

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The available Legendary Pokemon in PokeMMO is very limited since you will only be allowed to capture a few ones.

The developers made this decision to prevent players from running around with a team full of legendaries. It can be a boon for you but a burden for some new players.

It could be worse if the situation is reversed, and you’re on the receiving end of someone who uses multiple legendaries.

Don’t worry, because with these PokeMMO legendary hunting tips, you’ll be rolling in style in no time.

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Pokemmo legendary hunting

3 Categories of Legendary Pokemon in PokeMMO

Before we begin with the PokeMMO Legendary hunting tips, we have to give a brief preview of the basics of Legendaries in PokeMMO.

The system isn’t the same as the regular games where you just catch them with a Master Ball or any type of Poke Ball.

There are three categories of Legendary Pokemon in the game: the Obtainable, Temporary, and Event.

Under each category are specific Pokemon available for some players to obtain.

We’ll give specific tips for catching these Pokemon since the conditions to get them may vary.

1. Event Legendary Pokemon

As of now, the only Legendary Pokemon under Event is Shaymin. The unfortunate thing as well is that Shaymin is not available all the time.

The nature of the event means that Shaymin will only appear during the Lunar New Year.

Pokemmo legendary hunting event pokemon

Tips: The only way you can get Shaymin before or after the event is by purchasing it at the Global Trade Link.

It can be a bit expensive but if you really want one and can afford it, by all means, go for it.

If someone is also willing to trade a Shaymin to you, then you’re in luck.

It’s a bit hard to obtain one, but with the Lunar New Year coming up, be sure to check the PokeMMO main site because they will put the steps to get one.

Just a heads up, it’s gonna be a grind to get one but it’s not impossible.

2. Temporary Legendary Pokemon

Pokemmo legendary hunting temporary

Take a look at the available Temporary Legendary Pokemon (image above). These Pokemon can be caught in their respective locations.

However, certain key points will be dictated below about what makes these guys Temporary:

How to Catch Them

Each Legendary is located in specific locations (locations are listed below).

To catch them, one must progress the story up to the point where they are available to be encountered.

For example, encountering a Mewtwo can be done in the Cerulean Cave which will take a while.

The encounter rate is unfortunately very low. It is somewhere around 1/1001 to 1/7009.

Catching them is very basic where you just have to get their HP down low enough for you to catch them with a type of Poke Ball.

Temporary Legendary Pokemon Locations

  • Mewtwo – Cerulean Cave (Kanto)
  • Rayquaza – Sky Pillar (Hoenn)
  • Arceus – Mt. Coronet (Sinnoh)
  • Keldeo – Moor of Icirrus (Unova)

Why Are They Called Temporary?

The gimmick of these Pokemon is that there can only be one at a time.

The exceptions are those that you use during the story like Zekrom. Zekrom will leave and never be available for catching.

The other four are the only ones applicable to these rules. When you catch a Legendary, they will be temporarily under your possession.

There are different conditions when the Legendary will leave you as stated below:

  • Other Player Battles – When you catch one of the Temporary Legendaries, you will be open for trainer battles. This means that other players can challenge you to a battle.
    If you lose the battle, they will take the Legendary from you. There is also no break between battles, so a line of trainers can challenge you over and over again.
    Your Pokemon will be healed so you don’t have to worry about it being unfair on your end.
  • Logging Out – When you have a Temporary Pokemon in your team, putting it on the PC or logging out will take the Legendary away from you.
    Basically, it will return to the wild, available for other players to capture.
  • It Will Just Leave – If you’ve gone on for too long without being challenged or logging out, the Legendary will just leave.
    It will abandon your party making it available again for others.
    This is just an unfortunate thing but it sets a certain balance in the world. You can always catch it again.

3. Obtainable Legendary Pokemon

Pokemmo legendary hunting obtainable

Now that we have Shaymin and Temporary Legendaries out of the way, let’s take a look at the Legendaries that you can catch, own, trade, and sell.

It is important to note that these Legendaries (image above) have only been added in recent months, so there are not a lot of them at the moment.


  • There are two sets of Legendaries that you can obtain, the bird trio of Gen 1 and the dog trio of Gen 2.
  • At the time of this posting, Zapdos has not been added to the game just yet.
  • Their gimmick is that they roam in their respective regions (i.e. the birds in Kanto/dogs in Johto)
  • They also rotate per month. This means that one legendary bird and dog will be available per month.
    They will cycle and change the next month.
    In the image below you will see that for now, Articuno and Raikou are available until March 1st. Those are the only two Legendaries you can own for the time being until they update the list After March (we assume Zapdos and Entei will be available for March 1st and onwards).
Pokemmo legendary hunting schedule

How to Catch These Legendaries

First of all, certain story conditions must be met for you to start the encounters.

For the birds, it is unclear if story progression is needed but you will need a couple of Gym Badges and higher-level Pokemon.

For the dogs, you need to beat Ho-oh first and then they will start appearing in the wild.

To encounter them, you have to be outside in the tall grass.

Just like in the old games, they will spawn randomly. They will not spawn in locations that have wild encounters indoors (i.e. caves, dungeons, etc).

The birds will only spawn in the Kanto Region and the dogs in the Johto Region.

Simply get their HP low enough and you can catch them with your Poke Ball of choice.

What to Do With Them After

Once you’ve caught one or two of them at the very least, you can do whatever you want with them. They are in your possession forever.

Some players sell their captured Legendary while most prefer using them in battles. People may also improve their stats and anything else.

The only thing you can’t do is breed them.

PokeMMO Legendary Hunting Tips

We’re finally at the part where we give out our PokeMMO Legendary hunting tips.

These tips are only applicable for the TEMPORARY and OBTAINABLE Pokemon.

Shaymin has its own method which is more tedious but it is a guaranteed encounter.

Buy from the GTL

Pokemmo legendary hunting gtl

This isn’t really the best tip but it is a method of getting Legendaries by buying them at the GTL.

You can’t buy the Temporary Pokemon, but the legendary birds and dogs are. You can even buy Shaymin if you can afford any of these Pokemon.

It’s quick and easy as long as you have the money. Plus, there are a lot of sellers, so prices may compete and some may drop theirs.

Using Max Repels

Pokemmo legendary hunting max repel

The old Max Repel trick never fails. It’s been that way since the original games and it is also applicable here.

Buy a healthy amount of Max Repels and head to the tall grasses.

The only unfortunate thing here is that you can save and load like in the old games. Every Max Repel you use will be spent up.

Have Pokemon With Specific Abilities

There is a mechanic in PokeMMO where Pokemon abilities have an effect outside of battle. The following abilities will increase the Pokemon encounter rate by 10%.

These abilities are Illuminate, Swarm, and Arena Trap.

It doesn’t matter which Pokemon it is, if you have one that has any of these abilities, put them at the front of your team to boost the encounter rate.

It’s also ideal that the Pokemon should be level 100.

Using Legendary Lures

Pokemmo legendary hunting legendary lure

There are items in the game called Legendary Lures. Using them will boost the encounter rate that you can have with the Legendaries.

You can buy these Legendary Lures at the GTL for a price. Some say it isn’t advisable to buy them since they are expensive and with little to no return.

It’s up to you to buy and use these Legendary Lures.

Find a Good Spot

A lot of players believe that there are certain spots where the Obtainable Legendaries spawn faster. 

While such a hunch has never been proved, you can consider sticking to a spot or area to find encounter battles.

Simply find a tall grass patch where you can move back and forth with ease. Feel free to look up what these locations are for faster spawns but again, none of these are confirmed.

In Closing

That concludes our list of PokeMMO Legendary hunting tips.

We hope that these tips help you get the Legendary that you want.

Sadly, the pressure of owning one of the temporary ones can give you a headache.

Think about getting duels left and right but it’s all part of the fun. We’ll be sure to update any future PokeMMO Legendaries that will be added.

For now, there aren’t any plans for adding more Legendary Pokemon in PokeMMO other than Zapdos.

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