PokeMMO Shiny Hunting: A Complete Guide

Do you want to get some Shinies in PokeMMO? Much like in the regular Pokemon games, Shiny hunting takes time, perseverance, and a lot of effort.

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But with our PokeMMO Shiny hunting guide, you can get a Shiny in no time.

Everyone wants a Shiny, but always remember that Shinies tend to have randomized stats and nature, so using them in battles may not be the choice if you want to use them in PVPs.

Most people get a Shiny for collection purposes or just bragging rights. These tips will help you get your very own Shiny as well as other important information.

Pokemmo shiny hunting

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PokeMMO Shiny Hunting: Encounter Rate

Pokemmo shiny hunting main

To start off, you need to know the encounter rate for a Shiny Pokemon in PokeMMO.

The standard Shiny encounter rate in the regular games is 1 in 8,192. That has always been the number for all Pokemon games.

In PokeMMO, it is a bit harder to encounter a Shiny. The encounter rate is 1 in 30,000 which sounds insane.

They purposely did it so that not everyone can be walking around with a Shiny. Don’t let it discourage you when there are better ways to get your Shiny of choice.

PokeMMO Shiny Hunting Tips

Now that we have the encounter rate out of the way, let’s get down to the different PokeMMO Shiny hunting tips that you can use:

1. Buy from the GTL

Pokemmo shiny hunting gtl

If you want a Shiny Pokemon that is available in the GTL, don’t hesitate to buy it. 

This is assuming that you can afford one since Shiny Pokemon sell up to millions.

It’s expensive but easy. Plus, grinding to earn money may be faster than encountering a Shiny with a 1 in 30,000 chance.

2. Maybe Get Donator Status

The Donator Status is given to PokeMMO players who will purchase the Donator Status Tickets from the Gift Shop.

That’s right, you’ll need to pay real money to get some nice benefits. You can see (image below) the benefits when you buy the ticket:

Pokemmo shiny hunting gift shop

The tickets vary in terms of price and expiration date, but the benefits are the same. One of the benefits is it increases the Shiny encounter rate by 10%.

So the encounter rate of a Donator Status would be 1 in 27,000.

Whether the Donator Status is a worthwhile investment for the Shiny encounter boost is a matter of debate. However, the other benefits are still valuable.

3. The Shiny Charm

Pokemmo shiny hunting shiny charm

The Shiny Charm isn’t anything new and has appeared in several of the main games.

Having the Shiny Charm will allow you to encounter a Pokemon with a better rate.

It boosts up to a 10% encounter rate for Shiny Pokemon. That’s another good way to boost the encounter up to 1 in 27,000.

If you combine the Shiny Charm and Donator Status, then you can have a Shiny encounter rate of 1 in 24,300 as stated by the website, and not 1 in 24,000 as it would be.

The Shiny Charm is also different because it runs on a timer. After an hour, the effect of the Shiny Charm is gone.

You can buy these Charms at the GTL as well for a hefty price.

4. Shiny Hunting Pokemon with High Encounter Rates

Once you pick a Pokemon to Shiny hunt, take a look at the websites and check if they have a high encounter rate.

For example, let’s say we’re hunting a Shiny Pikachu. It has a VERY RARE encounter in Route 1 and UNCOMMON in Viridian Forest.

The best place to catch a Pikachu is at the Power Plant because it is labeled as a COMMON encounter.

When you have a higher chance of encountering that Pokemon in a specific spot, then go to that location.

The chances of encountering the Shiny that you want are higher, but it is never guaranteed.

Even if Pikachu or whatever Pokemon is labeled as a common encounter, it might be a different Pokemon that pops up as a Shiny.

5. Horde Battles for Shiny

Horde battles are encounters where you fight more than one Pokemon.

The Horde battles only happen in specific locations which are often updated. Just look up what Horde locations are available at the moment.

Examples of locations where you can do Horde battles are Mt. Pyre, Snowpoint Temple, Victory Road, and more.

Even if a Horde battle counts as 1, the fact that you can encounter more than one Pokemon can raise the chance for you to get a Shiny out of the enemies.

6. Using Pokemon Moves

Pokemmo shiny hunting moves

The following are moves that you can have on your Pokemon when you want to encounter and catch a Shiny Pokemon with little problems:


This move is ideal for horde battles because using Sweet Scent outside of battle will spawn horde battles much faster.


This is really ideal when you have the Shiny encounter.

This is a move that doesn’t knock out a Pokemon and the damage will always keep the enemy Pokemon’s HP at 1.


This move has 100% accuracy, so it’s ideal to put any Shiny to sleep. It’s the best way since poisoning or burning the Shiny will kill it.

In Closing

Well, there you have it, our PokeMMO Shiny hunting tips that are very easy to get into.

Shiny hunting in PokeMMO really does seem like a chore but if you’re determined, nothing should stop you from trying.

Consider paying for the Donator Status and stock up on the Shiny charms before you make any attempt. 

If there are other tips that you may add to the mix, feel free to hit the comments.

For now, these tips check out and they are effective enough for your Shiny hunts in PokeMMO.

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