Pokemon Hoenn White

If you like the Gen 3 games like Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Pokemon White, you might want to try out Pokemon Hoenn White. The concept of this DS ROM hack is that it hacks Pokemon White, but instead of having the regular lineup, it uses all Gen 3 Pokemon.

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You’re basically playing Pokemon White (or Black) with none of the Gen 5 Pokemon. That’s not a bad thing because several of the characters as well are from Gen 3. Dive into this interesting hack for your DS emulators and more.

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Pokemon Hoenn White Details and More


Just as we mentioned, the story utilizes Pokemon White and Black. There might be some minor alterations, but the hack is generally White and Black’s story. You might already know where to go and what to do if you’ve played White or Black.


The Pokemon in this hack are all from Hoenn or Gen 3. This means that the Pokedex has been updated to only Gen 3 and none of the other Generations. You get the three Hoenn starters, and your characters are from the Gen 3 games. Also, the trainers’ Pokemon lineup has been changed. This hack is slightly harder than the original White. Despite utilizing Hoenn or Gen 3 themes, the game still takes place in Unova, which isn’t a bad thing. The music and other things also contain Gen 3 themes. The game hasn’t had any update in years, but it is somewhat complete and playable.

Pokemon Hoenn White Information

Pokemon hoenn white

Pokemon Hoenn White
Creator: KingDrapion
Game Base: White
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • All Gen 3 Pokemon
  • Updated Types and Stats
  • Trade Pokemon will evolve without trading
  • Slightly harder
  • Hoenn Music
  • Changed some of the characters and trainers
  • Altered Pokedex










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Pedro250- Evolution editor

NeltaZero- Wild Pokemon Editor, Starter Editor

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