Pokemon Factory Adventure

Dive into the world of Pokemon GBC ROM hacks with Pokemon Factory Adventure. A rare gem in the ROM hacking community, this game revitalizes the classic Gen 1 experience, intriguing Pokemon enthusiasts with its creative twist.

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Discover what makes it a unique addition to the Pokemon universe. Pokemon Factory Adventure uses Pokemon Red as its base, so it uses graphics from the Gameboy Color era.

In fact, this is also an unofficial follow-up to the original Pokemon Red with some returning characters.

The file attached is an IPS file that you need to patch using a copy of Pokemon Red. You’ll have to find your own copy of Red to patch this hack.

You can always check this guide to help you patch IPS files if you’re not sure how to do it.

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Pokemon Factory Adventure Details and More


The game takes place in the year 199X. It has only been months after Red becomes the new Champion of the Kanto Region.

A strange mist is mutating Pokemon, turning them into weird monstrosities. This event is so severe that the military needs to intervene.

You must use your Pokemon to uncover the mystery of this phenomenon.

A little interesting trivia is that this story was supposedly sent in a competition back in the 90s where fans submitted their Pokemon stories.


A lot of the key Gen 1 features are still present. One big addition is that there are Fakemon added to the game. That is due to the plot of the game, but Gen 1 Pokemon is still available.

You also have a plethora of starter Pokemon to choose from at the start and not just 3.

The game has options at the beginning of a new game if you want to randomize your playthrough or not.

Pokemon Factory Adventure Information

Pokemon factory adventure

Pokemon Factory Adventure
Creator: Cam
Game Base: Red
Language: English
Source: Link

Features List

  • 190 Pokemon available (Gen 1 and Fakemon combined)
  • New moves added
  • New locations to explore
  • Battle Tent included
  • Several gameplay elements from another ROM hack Roaming Red are added


Pokemon factory adventure screenshots

Download Pokemon Factory Adventure


External Developers:
*TShadowKnight & Co. – Creating the original Roaming Red that this is codebased on (https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=403522)
*TPP Devs – Battle Tent from Anniversary Red
*Luna – Some bugfix code used from Red++

Addtional Game & Art work:
*luckytyphlosion, Rangi, Pfero – ASM & decomp assistance
*Quent, TurboSpurdo, TC, PolandDev – additional writing & suggestions
*Rool, TC, and a fren 🙂 – additional art
*Ahab’s Art (https://twitter.com/ahabsartwork) – Box promo art

Source Images & Content:
*jdonald – the original PF archive (https://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~jdonald/pokemon/factory/)
*Kaiser233 on deviantart – additional 90s fakemon archival source images (https://www.deviantart.com/kaiser233/gallery)

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