Kingambit Weaknesses and Counters Guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Despite the bug issues (which are mostly fixed by now), Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are two games that added a new flavor of gaming experience to the franchise.

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Apart from the fresh mechanics like Tera-typing, auto-battling, and non-linear gameplay, the recent generation of ‘mons is also filled with never-before-seen creatures.

One notable example is Kingambit, also known as the Big Blade Pokemon.

In case you’re wondering how to defeat the Kingambit owned by Team Star’s Giacomo or Champion Geeta, here is a complete guide about Kingambit’s weaknesses for you.

Editor’s Note (March 4, 2024): Exploit the weaknesses of Kingambit with this definitive guide! This article has been re-checked and updated to ensure it abides to our editorial standards.

Kingambit weakness

What is a Kingambit?

Kingambit is a Pokemon introduced in Generation 9. It is a Dark and Steel-type Pokemon from the evolution line of Pawniard, a Pokemon from the well-revered Generation 5.


Once a Pawniard reaches level 52, which is an awfully long time for a basic Pokemon to evolve, it becomes a Bisharp.

Before the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in 2022, Bisharp already established a reputation of being an excellent late-game sweeper capable of disrupting enemy combos with powerful STAB moves like Iron Head, Knock Off, and Sucker Punch.

Now, as more players explore the Paldea region, it becomes possible that Bisharp can further augment its powers through an evolution form.

If a Bisharp holding the item Leader’s Crest manages to knock out three other Bisharp that hold the same item, it will evolve into a Kingambit.

Tip: You can find Bisharps with Leader’s Crest in the North Province (Area Three), specifically inside the area filled with bamboo trees.

How to evolve bisharp pokemon scarlet and violet
To evolve Bisharp, it needs to hold the Leader’s Crest and defeat three wild Bisharps that lead a pack of Pawniards. These Bisharp are the likeliest holders of the Leader’s Crest.

According to its Pokedex entries, only the best and strongest Bisharp can undergo evolution and become a Kingambit.

Kingambit pokemon scarlet and violet

This Pokemon is also capable of commanding a massive army in battle and prefers using its brute strength to devise complex strategies.

Is Kingambit a Strong Pokemon?

Is kingambit a strong pokemon?

Kingambit is indeed, one of the strongest Pokemon of Generation 9. The type combination of Kingambit is arguably its most significant advantage.

The Dark type makes Kingambit immune from Psychic-type moves, while the Steel type covers its supposed weakness to Fairy-type moves, along with the immunity from Poison-type moves and a bunch of other type resistances.

Kingambit Weaknesses and Counters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Kingambit type effectiveness

To give you a better understanding of its typing power, here are the effectiveness of every type on Kingambit:

  • Water, Electric, Bug, and Fairy-type moves deal normal damage to Kingambit.
  • Normal, Grass, Ice, Flying, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, and Steel-type moves deal ½ damage to Kingambit.
  • Poison and Psychic-type moves have no effect on Kingambit.
  • Fire and Ground-type moves deal 2x damage to Kingambit,
  • Fighting-type moves deal 4x damage to Kingambit.

Using the information above, we can conclude that Kingambit is weak against three move types: Ground, Fire, and Fighting-type moves.

To have the highest chance of getting rid of Kingambit, you will need to send your best Fighting-type Pokemon against it.

Feel free to also utilize Fire and Ground-type sweepers, but make sure that they are faster than Kingambit.

While Kingambit lacks some speed, it can hit back harder with its 135 base stats on Attack.

We also recommend using special moves against Kingambit, as this Pokemon has a staggering 120 base stats on Defense, giving it the durability to physical moves.

Kingambit’s Other Secret Weapons

Kingambit abilities

Knowing the type of weaknesses of Kingambit won’t exactly give you an easy ticket to victory.

You also have to be aware of its abilities that can help take out most of your Pokemon in no time.

Kingambit has two abilities:

  • First is Defiant, which raises Kingambit’s attack every time it receives a stat-lowering move. This means that if your team is based on a stat-lowering strategy, you’re actually giving the enemy team a favor when facing a Kingambit.
  • Second is the Supreme Overlord, a unique ability that increases the Attack and Special Attack of Kingambit for every defeated Pokemon in its party. This ability can be maximized during rubber matches where Kingambit is the last active Pokemon to be sent in battle.

Additionally, a Kingambit may have the hidden ability Pressure, which raises the usage of its enemy’s PP. 

Take the Upper Hand Against Kingambit!

Considering its type combination, Attack and Defense stats, and abilities, it is no doubt that Kingambit is a tough nut to crack.

As we already mentioned, Geeta, the champion of Paldea, owns a Kingambit. It is a level 61 powerhouse that you need to prepare to battle against if you are aiming to become the region’s top trainer.

The key to defeating Kingambit is to analyze its defensive parameters and capitalize on its weaknesses.

With a vast number of new Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, it’s not that complicated to catch and train one that can overpower even the mightiest Kingambit around.

Go and get that win on Kingambit!

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