Pokemon Emerald Final

Here we are again, discussing another Emerald-based ROM hack. The hack in question is called Pokemon Emerald Final.

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This one’s focus is to add a lot of new features and balance the base and original Emerald game.

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There are two versions of this hack which serve as the IPS files that you need to patch. We will explain which version does what, but both are the same game. It is that some features are different depending on what you want.

To patch these IPS files, take a look at our guide on how to do it.

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Pokemon Emerald Final Details and More 


The story is pretty much vanilla Emerald. Nothing has been changed in the main plot, so if you’ve played Emerald before, you know what to do.


Let’s start first with the simple features such as Pokemon spawns have been changed. While the story is the same, the Pokemon appearing in the Wild will be different.

TM connections have also been altered which means that some Pokemon may be able to learn TMs that they were not originally able to do so. Tons of Move Tutors have been added as well as the ability to bike indoors.

Pokemon Emerald Final Information

Pokemon emerald final

Pokemon Emerald Final
Creator: dearman4
Game Base: Emerald
Language: English
Source: Link


  • 386 Pokemon up to Gen 3
  • National Dex is available from the start
  • No need to trade evolution
  • EVs maxed out at 252
  • Black and White repel system
  • Day and night cycle
  • Money is maxed out at 9,999,999
  • 151 move tutors added


Pokemon emerald final screenshots

Download Pokemon Emerald Final

We mentioned that there are two versions of the files that you can use to patch. These are the Legacy and Deluxe versions.

Below is an image that directly explains the differences between the two versions.



Semper#3268 for his extensive bugtesting and proofreading
scrapisarat#1968 for the new item sprites

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