Pokemon Dark Energy

Pokemon Dark Energy is another interesting ROM hack that you might want to check out. It uses Silver as its base ROM, and that’s usually rare. The most ROM hacks for Gen 2 are Crystal and Gold, so Silver gets a win for this one, and it has interesting features to boot.

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If you want to know how to patch the IPS file attached for download below, then here’s the guide for it.

This hack has an original story as well as some interesting features that you may like. Just remember to use the right GBC emulator that you can use.

The ones that run GBA files can always run GBC ROMs, so that’s one good thing. Also, keep in mind that the game is still in the beta phase, so there might be some bugs.

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Pokemon Dark Energy Details and More


The game takes place in the world of Suden. A threat led by a person named Maxime is out to cause some turmoil. It’s the typical RPG story where the bad guy is out to look for some elemental artifacts. Your character gets jolted into this, trying to stop Maxime along the way.


The story is a traditional RPG and not so much about becoming the best Pokemon Trainer around. It still uses the basic Pokemon gameplay.

There’s not much listed about the features, but the basic elements from Silver and Gen 2 are present. It does have side quests and other things, which will be listed below.

Pokemon Dark Energy Information

Pokemon dark energy

Pokemon Dark Energy
Creator: miksy91
Game Base: Silver
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Original Story
  • Explore Suden
  • Gen 2 Pokemon roster available
  • Side Quests available
  • Traded Pokemon will always obey regardless
  • No Need to Trade Evolve


Download Pokemon Dark Energy


There are loads of people who have helped by various means over the years by testing, drawing graphics, giving advice, and so on. I can’t remember everyone who I should give credit for, but I tried to list some important names over the years.

  • BlueEmerald came up with loads of grammar and text improvements for early parts of the hack. He also drew some overworld sprites I have used.
  • Chamber implemented most of the current title screen in use.
  • Poketto, and Roareye designed some battle sprites.
  • Pum ported lots of midi music tracks to be playable on G/S/C music engine and has let me use the ones I have liked to.
  • bisball, jwibagi and plenty of others have helped with testing, and coming up with new ideas.
  • Tauwasser, and Luna gave lots of advice back in the day to get started.

Apart from everyone above, I’d like to thank all my other testers, and the following guys on the list. Getting help has been awesome!

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