Pokemon AlteRed

Several FireRed ROM hacks have been made where they change the Pokemon in one way or another. Pokemon AlteRed is one of the notable examples, and it definitely brought something new to the table.

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The Pokemon are the same but altered to become something different by having different names and types. This provided a unique and exciting game mechanic that rom hack lovers will surely enjoy.

Due to the modifications made to the Pokemon, they could be classified as Fakemon like the ones on this list.

Altered Pokemon in this game include a Water-type Charmander, a Grass-type Squirtle, and a Fire-type Bulbasaur.

Discover more changes in these peculiar Pokemon by playing Pokemon AltRed Version. Use this guide to help you patch the ROM files below and there are two of them which we will divulge as you read this article.

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Pokemon AlteRed Details and More


The story is the same as FireRed, but there are some minor alterations. None of these are too significant, so if you’ve played the game, you already know what to do and where to go.

However, pay attention to some dialogue changes that might have taken place as well.


A lot of the basic features for Gen 3 (or original FireRed ROM) are still intact. The Pokemon roster has been modified with new stats, moves, types, and evolutions.

The difficulty has been slightly increased. The locations are also modified but the map is still the same.

You might notice some differences with the path but everything is where they are, just like its vanilla version.

Pokemon AlteRed Information

Pokemon altered

Pokemon AlteRed
Creator: kingfin128
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link
Discord: Link

Other Features

  • Around 411 Altered Pokemon to use.
  • Physical and Special split.
  • Pokemon Center has the Poke Mart and move NPCs.
  • Moves have been updated to Gen 8.
  • Map is the same with small changes to the settings.


Pokemon altered screenshots

Download Pokemon AlteRed


There are two ROM files to download which both use a FireRed ROM: the regular one and the WITH GUN ROM. The WITH GUN ROM is the same game but with a harder difficulty setting.

Regular ROM


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