Pokemon Fusion Origins

We’ve already covered FireRed-based ROM hacks again and again. So, we’re going to add one more, which is called Pokemon Fusion Origins. It uses some elements from FireRed like the story, but the outline is somewhat different.

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One main gimmick of this hack is that it fuses Pokemon from different Generations. You could even say that they’re Fakemon, but nevertheless, they are still Pokemon in appearance but a little bit mangled together.

Unfortunately, as of now, we have no available ROM for download, but we’ll give you all the details. We have more Fakemon ROM hacks that you can check out that have other Fused motifs.

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Pokemon Fusion Origins Details and More


The story is the same as FireRed, so you already know where to go and what to do if you’ve played it. The good thing is that there are some changes in some minor fields. It keeps the story fresh and interesting rather than playing FireRed as it is.


We already mentioned this, but the biggest feature is that the Pokemon are fused versions of two Pokemon. You have a starter Charew which is a combination of Gen 1 Charmander and Gen 5 Axew.

A lot of these Pokemon are like that, and their evolution is the same evolved form but are still fused. Due to that, it’s unclear what the actual roster is unless you see a guide.

There are also some changes when it comes to some Moves and Abilities. Several Moves have been edited to have different Types.

Pokemon Fusion Origins Information

Pokemon fusion origins

Pokemon Fusion Origins
Creator: Lil Ralph
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English

Feature List

  • Pokemon are a mixture of two Pokemon from different Generations
  • Physical and Special split
  • Map has been altered
  • EV and IV Checker available
  • Fairy-type has been included
  • TMs are reusable
  • New or Edited Moves and Abilities


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