How to PvP in PokeMMO: Mastering the Basics of Online Pokebattle

For as long as Pokemon games have been around, there has always been the aspect of PvP or player versus player features.

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In the Gameboy days, you needed to have a cable to connect two units so that you could PvP another person. Nowadays, it is easy to do it with online connectivity.

That’s where our guide on how to PvP in PokeMMO comes in.

PokeMMO is a game that allows players to load up their favorite classic games. Imagine loading up Pokemon Emerald and being able to play it online!

You see other players moving around and this leads up to the possibilities of PvP.

We’ll talk about all the important things needed when you want to PvP in PokeMMO.

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How to pvp in pokemmo

How to PvP in PokeMMO: Starting a PVP Match

How to pvp in pokemmo pvp icon

Let’s jump right away on how to PvP in PokeMMO, or at the very least how you can start a match.

Unfortunately, if you just started with the game, you will not be able to PvP immediately.

Before proceeding with the requirements, begin by clicking on the Master Ball icon located in the lower right corner. This icon is labeled PvP (as shown in the image above).

Upon clicking it, you will see 4 options which are;

  • Matchmaking Signup
  • Tournament Signup
  • Tournaments
  • and PvP Statistics.

We’ll dive more into these below, but only Matchmaking and Tournament Signup are the ones that will allow you to battle.

Once you join a Matchmaking or Tournament Signup match, you simply join a queue after selecting the options, do the battle, and hope that you win.

We did mention there are requirements before you can PvP. If you want to start the basic mode of PvP which is Casual, you need to have four Badges first.

To access Rank matchmaking, you need to finish the main story of your chosen Region. It makes sense since you can’t just let new players PvP when they may not even have a full team.

Options Under the PvP Section

We’ll discuss those 4 options we mentioned above in a much broader detail to give you a better understanding of what they do and how they work:

How to pvp in pokemmo settings

Matchmaking Signup

This is the basic form of PvP, you can join matches once you fulfill the requirements above such as the 4 Badges and completing the game.

There are two sections in this option that we will be discussing, so let’s discuss first the one on the right:

  1. PvP Categories
How to pvp in pokemmo categories

These are the categories that players can choose if they want to start with PvP. We’ll dive more into these later but think about divisions in boxing.

There are heavyweights, lightweights, and whatever weight. In PokeMMO’s case, they are OU, UU, NU Doubles, and Randoms.

Different categories will restrict players from using certain Pokemon.

That is the point of these categories to give players an option. To the right of the categories are the types of matches. Casual means that you’re battling for fun.

The Rank match is of course where your rank goes higher the more wins you have. Also, seasonal rewards will be given depending on what Rank you reach.

2. Matchmaking Details

How to pvp in pokemmo matchmaking details

On the left of the interface, you’ll see a list of other helpful options:

  • Signup is pretty much the categories and type of match (casual or rank).
  • Personal Stats are your stats in the current season. It tells you the rewards you can get and your win or loss record.
  • Leaderboards tell you the players that are ranking high in the season and one could say who are the best players per category.
  • Spectate allows you to watch other players who are currently in PvP.
  • Clauses are like rules that are in effect. For example, One Hit Kill moves (OHKO) will not work or have no effect. These clauses change from time to time so check them before you go do a PvP match.
  • Bans are where certain Pokemon, moves, Nature, and others will not be usable. Also, take a look at the bans since they also change from time to time.
  • Help is pretty much the description for all of those in-game in case you forget.

Tournament Signup

How to pvp in pokemmo tournament signup

This option lets you join a tournament. The rules or categories will depend on the tournament.

If you take a look at the image above, two tournaments have their categories placed on the title such as NU on the left and Double Battles on the right.

The time when the tournament will take place is also stated. The selections on the left are the same as the ones in the Matchmaking signup.

Finally, signing up for a tournament is first come, first served. That’s because slots are limited, and those with higher ranks are prioritized.


How to pvp in pokemmo tournaments

This part will tell you what tournaments are coming up, currently happening, and those that have already ended.

In the image above, simply click on any of those tournaments and see what the status is. You’ll know the rules, clauses, and even who are involved.

If the tournaments aren’t updated yet, then you may have to wait. Plus, you go to the Tournament Signup section to see which ones are still available to join.

PvP Statistics

How to pvp in pokemmo statistics

This is a good option since you will know which Pokemon are dominating in specific categories.

In the image above, you’ll see the different categories as well as how much these Pokemon are used and their win rate.

It’s sort of like a guide that will give you an idea of which Pokemon are good. It’s also important to note that the meta will change, so always take a look at it.

The Pokemon that are dominating this week may be different next week and so on to get an edge on competitive battling.

PokeMMO PvP Categories

In this section, we’ll cover the different categories for PvP. Different categories have different Pokemon available.

This means that some Pokemon will be banned in certain categories.

These categories have been around for years and are even present in other Pokemon entities like Pokemon Showdown.

Lastly, the Pokemon in these categories can be changed from time to time. 

Over Used (OU)

OU is the category that is the equivalent where everything and anything goes. The Pokemon available in OU can be pretty much anything.

Legendary and Mythical Pokemon can be available. Basically, this is a challenging category if you’re unprepared since players can have a broken team of Pokemon.

Under Used (UU)

UU for the most part can be considered as a somewhat balanced category. It’s not as sadistic as OU, since a lot of powerful Pokemon – Legendary, and Mythical, are banned in this category.

However, you can still build a potentially broken team with the right composition. In this case, you can have a fighting chance even if you’re still a new player.

Never Used (NU)

NU is the category that allows players to use Pokemon that no one would use in a regular battle.

While it says NEVER USED, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Pokemon here are unavailable for battle. It just means that Pokemon used in this category are those that don’t really pop up much often.

The Pokemon are also those that are average in terms of battle prowess. This category is fun to play if you don’t feel like using broken Pokemon.


This is basically a double-battle mode with rules where anything goes. This is the least-played category in the game as most players don’t really like having two on two Pokemon battles.


This one is fun and hard because you might get screwed by the random nature.

This means any Pokemon is available to use but the challenge is real on this one.

What Happens During a PvP Battle in PokeMMO?

How to pvp in pokemmo battle

It is pretty much the same as any of the original and traditional Pokemon games. It is one on one between two players.

They choose the category and Pokemon they have on their team. The signup won’t go through if you don’t have the right Pokemon for the category that you’ve chosen.

In terms of battles, it is still turn-based. The Pokemon with the highest speed or the one that uses a priority move will be able to attack first.

Once the player runs out of usable Pokemon, the match is done. Everything in the game has been synced such as stats, typing, moves, and others.

Despite different Generations, they all battle the same way.

What Are the Rewards of Doing PvP?

First of all, if you do lose, you don’t lose anything of value. Perhaps only your record for your win and loss will be affected but that’s not really an issue.

When you do win, those wins can stack up and you can get rewards based on the category that you chose.

Take a look at the image below, you’ll see that the category is OU. If you see the 0/80 part, this means that if you win 80 matches, you can get x3 Silk Scarf as a reward.

The other rewards you see are also obtained with more wins.

How to pvp in pokemmo rewards - silk scarf

By switching to the other categories, you can get more and different rewards.

In the image below we now have the UU category with a x3 Soft Sand as your initial reward along with a different array of rewards from OU.

It is important to note that if you win in a category, you do not get that win for other categories.

Winning in UU will get you 1 win in your UU category but not in the OU and other categories.

How to pvp in pokemmo rewards soft sand

On the right side, you will see the Seasonal Rewards. That reward is obtained once the season ends. These types of rewards are not allowed for trade.

The rewards will also change for the next season. If you’re also interested, a season will last for up to 3 months.

You may have also noticed the Battle Points (BP) rewards above. The BP is a type of currency that can be used in certain shops and NPCs in the game.

The tournament rewards will vary depending on the tournament. You can always check before you join the tournament by clicking on the Tournament option.

The rewards are there for those that place first, second, third, and fourth place. So if you got eliminated early on in the tournament, you won’t get a reward.

How to pvp in pokemmo tournament rewards

Tips to Get Better at PvP

Check the PvP Statistics

We already discussed this and you can check the PvP statistics where the most used and effective Pokemon are showcased.

Just check the Pokemon that are ahead of the pack and see if you have any of them, or maybe it’s time to start catching some of them.

Check the Meta

Like any other competitive game, the meta changes. This is where you may have to go outside and use third-party websites, or sites like YouTube to check the meta.

Find out what are the popular and strong strategies to do right now. The meta changes and that means you need to adapt to stay ahead.

Catch More Pokemon

The statistics and meta depend on the right Pokemon, so this means you really have to go out there and catch them all, or at least the ones you need.

Maybe just catch the Pokemon that are in top priority right now. This also means that you have access to all 5 Regions just in case.

Battle as Much as You Can

Try and experiment with your team compositions. You now have the information and maybe the right Pokemon, all it boils down to now is to test your teams.

Just do Casual battles because the game doesn’t restrict you. You can battle as much as you want and if you keep on losing, you can settle some changes for your team if you want to.

There’s no harm in giving it a go, and you might just achieve some delightful outcomes.

In Closing

That’s all you need to know about PvP in PokeMMO.

Don’t be pressured if you lose but to give you a heads up, if you want to be invested in PvP, it really does take a lot of your time and commitment.

Then again, if you finished all the stories in the different Regions, PvP is the way to go.

It is part of the whole MMO aspect and don’t worry since this is not a pay-to-win game. There is no aspect where you can use real money to get an advantage.

It’s all blood, sweat, and tears if you want to be good at it PvP. Granted, new players may have a hard time catching up to old-time players, but that’s always the case.

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