Guide to Pokemon Infinite Fusion Nuzlocke: A Complete Ruleset

The Nuzlocke is a challenge that allows players to play Pokemon games a bit differently, which is perfect for those who want to experience a higher difficulty for fan-made games like Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

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Are you looking for a guide on how to play Pokemon Infinite Fusion Nuzlocke mode? Read on for all the rules that you need to remember while playing the game

This is a compilation of suggestions from other players on how the Infinite Fusion Nuzlocke can be played. Keep in mind that there is no official or exact set of Nuzlocke rules.

This is just a way to challenge you because Infinite Fusion as well does not have a Nuzlocke mode. If you want to know more about the Nuzlocke challenge, just click here for the overall rules.

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Pokemon infinite fusion nuzlocke

Playing Pokemon Infinite Fusion Nuzlocke Mode

There are many ways for us to play Pokemon Infinite Fusion Nuzlocke, so here are a couple of suggestions that might keep you entertained:

  • The Classic Nuzlocke
  • Only Fusion Rule
  • Fusion and Separation Rule

The Classic Nuzlocke

In this set of Nuzlocke rules, we’ll use the established basic rules that people have been using:

Pokemon infinite fusion nuzlocke classic rules
  • Players should always give a nickname to the Pokemon that they have. (The name doesn’t have to be serious)
  • No cheating is also a given one, and since you can somewhat cheat in Infinite Fusion, don’t do it.
  • No resetting is allowed. If the player feels that they will fail, no reset and load are allowed.
  • Trading with other players is not allowed. Even though Infinite Fusion doesn’t have trading with other players, we just had to mention this basic rule.
  • Trading in the game with in-game characters is allowed. This is provided that the Pokemon required for trading is already in the player’s possession and not caught.
  • Catching the first Pokemon encountered in a new area is a must-rule. If the player fails to catch the Pokemon (i.e. the Pokemon escaped or fainted) then players are not allowed to catch a Pokemon (fused or not) in that area is not allowed.
  • Duplicate Pokemon are allowed. If the player encounters the same Pokemon in a new area, they are allowed to catch it. They don’t have much of a choice anyway since the first encounter is the setting stone. Encounters after that will not allow players to catch any more Pokemon.
  • In the event of Pokemon in the party fainting, here are the things that must be followed. A Pokemon in the party that fainted is considered dead. Players are not allowed to use that Pokemon again.
  • Players can choose to release the Pokemon or just put it on the PC. Fainting applies to any battle from wild Pokemon, Scripted Battles, Trainer Battles, to City Gym Battles, and more.
  • If all the Pokemon in the party faints (all are considered dead) resulting in a blackout/whiteout, then the run is a failure.
    It is a complete game over, even if the player has still qualified Pokemon in the PC.
  • Saving is allowed as long as all conditions above are met. Not all players can play long hours a day so saving and resuming on a later date is allowed.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Nuzlocke: Other Challenging Rules to Try

Those are the basic rules above, for these suggestions, we’ve decided on a couple of suggestions of rules that you can add to your Nuzlocke run.

Think of these are ways for you to make your runs a bit more interesting. These aren’t official, so feel free to use them if you want.

All the BASIC RULES will be applied here unless we specify tweaking some of the rule suggestions:

Only Fusion Rule

Pokemon infinite fusion nuzlocke only fusion rule

For this set of rules, players should only use fused exotic Pokemon. The rules may be wonky but here are the suggestions:

  • Players catch the first Pokemon in the first area and fuse it with their Starter Pokemon of Choice.
  • If the player fails to catch the first Pokemon, they are allowed to do it until they catch one. They are not allowed to run from the encounter (because they want to choose a Pokemon they want).
  • In the next areas, players are allowed to catch two Pokemon to fuse. The same rules apply where they can keep catching until two Pokemon are caught and should be fused.
  • If the player encounters a fused Pokemon, then that settles it. There is no need to catch a secondary one. The first one caught (which isn’t fused) must be put to the Pokemon PC or released.
  • Duplicates are allowed and should be used. Similar Pokemon can be fused, so if you encounter the same Pokemon twice in the area, then it will still be fused to be a different Pokemon (despite having the same name and properties).

Fusion and Separation Rule

Pokemon infinite fusion nuzlocke separation rule

The Fusion and Separation Rule allows players to fuse the Pokemon that they want. They are also free to separate the Pokemon anytime:

  • Basic catching rules apply when encountering the first Pokemon. Failure to catch means they cannot catch a Pokemon in that area.
  • Players can fuse their Pokemon with any of their qualified Pokemon.
  • Players are also free to separate their fused Pokemon at any given time.
  • Separated Pokemon can be fused with other qualified Pokemon or just fuse them again.
  • If a fused Pokemon faints, both the Pokemon used for the fusion are considered dead. They cannot be used again and cannot be separated.

*Note: While not in line with the theme, you can also have a rule for this where fused Pokemon cannot be separated.

Tips for Playing Pokemon Infinite Fusion Nuzlocke Mode

Here are some ways for you to play and make your life better when doing a Pokemon Infinite Fusion Nuzlocke run:

Pokemon infinite fusion nuzlocke infinite fusion calculator
  • Only buy the DNA Splicers when you plan on fusing. You don’t need to stock them based on the rules we suggested.
  • Try and use the Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator. It is a website that gives you an idea of what the outcome of the fusion is.
    It doesn’t break any of the rules and with regular Nuzlocke, players can look up information that they need. They can even use another fusion tool calculator or fusion generator available.
  • Grinding is also not a bad idea as long as your Pokemon won’t faint. It is risky but grinding before moving to the next area isn’t such a bad idea.

In Closing

These are just a couple of our rule suggestions that you can use when you’re attempting to do a Pokemon Infinite Fusion Nuzlocke challenge.

The hard thing about these types of challenges is that some people may have difficulty committing. These rules also don’t include any kind of randomized mode or random feature.

Some players may break some rules like using fainted Pokemon but after all, everyone is free to modify their way to play the game.

If you have your own suggestions of rules for an Infinite Fusion Nuzlocke run, feel free to hit the comments.

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