PokeMMO Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Start

The Pokemon series has been going on for almost 30 years now. Numerous main games and side games have been released, and don’t even forget about the animated series, manga, movies, and so much more.

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Fans have also made various ROM hacks and fan-made games because of their love for the franchise. Pokemon doesn’t have an MMO before, so for a start, here’s a PokeMMO beginner’s guide to give you a better understanding of the game.

It’s basically Pokemon with MMO elements. When we say MMO elements, you can play your favorite Pokemon game alongside other people at the same time.

You can interact with other players through chat and social features. Trading and PVP can also be done when you play PokeMMO, but you need to know what you’re getting into because this isn’t just your average fan game.

Just remember that this isn’t an official Nintendo game.

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Pokemmo beginner’s guide

PokeMMO Beginner’s Guide: How to Register

To start off our PokeMMO beginner’s guide, we’ll show you how to get the game. Head on to PokeMMO’s main website and register for the game first.

Check the images below to get an initial view of their main website.

The image on the LEFT, you’ll see the REGISTER NOW! Click on that and you’ll be sent to the image on the RIGHT where you just fill in the required details.

Once you’re registered, wait for the email verification to be sent to your email. Verify your account and you can start playing the game after you’ve downloaded and installed it of course.

Downloading and Installing PokeMMO

Downloading and installing PokeMMO is easy. These are the steps that you have to do to download and install PokeMMO:

  1. Head to their main website and click on the DOWNLOADS section.
  2. You can see the options you have for the system (image above) that you want to play on.
  3. Click on any of the systems that you want, and you’ll be able to download the installer.
  4. Install it easily on your device of choice.
  5. Launch the game when it is done installing on your device.
  6. When you’re in the game, simply put your login details (username and password) that you used during registration.
Pokemmo downloads

Getting Some Roms Required For PokeMMO

Here’s an interesting thing, PokeMMO functions as an MMO, but it requires some ROMs. These are the same ROMs that are used when you want to play Pokemon games on emulators.

We’re not going to go in-depth with the mechanics on why the ROMs are needed to work but we’ll discuss some of the important details.

The image below shows that you need to upload a ROM or all of them if you want to start playing the game.

Pokemmo beginner’s guide - roms

What Do the Roms Do for PokeMMO?

It seems that the game requires the ROMs as the source for the data and content of the game. PokeMMO on its own isn’t a large game.

That’s because the ROMs act as the files where PokeMMO will get a lot of the data. We’re talking about Pokemon, story, items, and everything else in between.

What if You Don’t Have a ROM?

These ROMs can be easily downloaded but you don’t need to have all of them right away. If you only have one ROM, you can use that as your starting Generation.

That’s because you can’t go to other Generations as well until you upload the required ROMs. Let’s say you only have FireRed, you can play Gen 1 (also up to Gen 3 since FR has data on that).

You cannot move to other Regions until you get the necessary ROMs uploaded. Also, do not delete the ROMs on your device, since the game needs them to be there.

Where Do You Get ROMs?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide the ROMs for you due to legal purposes. You just have to find them on your own and they are available online.

Search them on other websites that have ROMs available for download.

Just remember, never pay for these ROMs, and be cautious of questionable sites. You might end up with problems and a virus.

What Are the ROMs Needed?

For now, these are the only ROMs acceptable that PokeMMO will take. It seems that no other ROMS will be accepted for now.

Also, the versions may vary but as long as the ROM is accepted, that’s all that matters.

  • Gen 1 – FireRed
  • Gen 2 – HeartGold or SoulSilver (only 1 is needed)
  • Gen 3 – Emerald
  • Gen 4 – Platinum
  • Gen 5 – Black or White (only 1 is needed)

PokeMMO Beginner’s Guide: Character Creation

Once you’re done with the registration, download, installation, and putting the ROMs, it’s time to get into the game.

After logging in, you can create a character. At the moment, players can make up to 3 characters in one account. That’s not a bad thing to do if you want to have different Generations.

If you look at the image below, that’s how the new character creation interface works. The numbers will describe what they do.

  1. This is where you can edit the details and appearance of your character, such as the looks, hair color, and the clothes.
  2. Where you can add your character’s name and starting Region.
  3. How your character will look. Press on the arrows to see your character’s sprite design, animation, and portraits.
Pokemmo character creation

How PokeMMO Works

In this portion of our PokeMMO’s beginner’s guide, we’ll give you a simple yet informative look on what are the things that you can do in the game.

For this example, we have made a character in PokeMMO starting in Gen 1, the Kanto Region.

The World and Interface

To give you an idea of how the world works in PokeMMO as well as the interface, use the image below as the basis and the descriptions of what they do are written in the following numbered section:

*The other characters on the screen are actual players and people in real life.

Pokemmo interface
  1. That’s our character with the Charmander (our starter Pokemon) following us.
  2. This part tells you where you are on the world map, the money that you have, and the current time and day. (Time is important to 3. some since they have things like growing Acorns, Berries, and events)
  3. The quick bars allow you to put items that can be used instantaneously by pressing 1 to 9. The item equipped is the map item so by pressing 1, the map will pop up. Not all items can be put there so just try which ones work for your convenience.
  4. That is the chat menu, which allows you to chat with other players. As long as they are on the same channel as you are, you can chat with anyone. You don’t even have to be in the same area. Just be mindful of things that you chat since you may get in trouble for using offensive language.
  5. Those are the menu icons which are also accessible via buttons that you can configure. (A more detailed look at those buttons below)
  6. That’s the quick bar menu for your Pokemon in your party. By clicking on them, you can open up and check your Pokemon.
  7. This player has the Poke Ball icon spinning on his head indicating that he is in a battle.
  8. This player has the disconnected icon meaning that his internet is slow, he’s lagging, and on the verge of getting disconnected.

The Menu Icons

Pokemmo menu icons

1. BAG

The Bag can be opened up by the B button. Like the Bags in the games, this is where you can access all of your items.

Pokemmo bag


The Trainer menu can be opened by the C button. Check your character’s stats, money, badges, and more.

Pokemmo trainer


Community allows you to change channels (server channels) and make a Team which is like a guild in other MMOs.

Change the Pokemon following you and check on your friends.

Pokemmo community

4. PVP

PvP allows you to sign up for Tournaments or just play a friendly match with other people.

Pokemmo pvp


Pokedex can be opened by pressing N and it is very much like any Pokedex in the games.

They contain information on Pokemon you’ve seen and those you owned.

Pokemmo pokedex


The Global Trade Link is where part of the MMO factor comes in. You can trade and sell items and Pokemon on the GTL.

Buy Pokemon that you want and maybe sell some of your own. Prices and every important information are seen on the menu.

Pokemmo beginner’s guide - global trade link


Mail is pretty straightforward which allows you to check on the mail that you get.

Pokemmo mail


The Gift Shop is also known as the Cash Shop. For free games like PokeMMO, they set up a shop where players can choose to use real money to buy Rewards Points (RP).

These RP can be used to buy cosmetics and other things. You’re not required to do so but some players want to support the game or just want to buy something cool.

Pokemmo gift shop


This is the menu, which just gives you choices to adjust some game options.

Pokemmo menu

Storyline Progression

Now that you’re familiar with the world, the next thing to cover is how do you progress in PokeMMO?

The answer is through story progression.

In a lot of MMOs, you have to proceed with the story to unlock certain content.

In PokeMMO it is the same, you start in your first town and proceed from there to beat the Gym Leaders, leading to the Elite Four, then beat the Champion, and you’re done at least if it was in the single-player aspect.

Remember, we used FireRed (Kanto) as our base, so the story will be the same in FireRed. If we want to get some of the juicy Pokemon, you have to continue the story.

In the image below is our starting house in Pallet Town, so you start from there and go meet Professor Oak to get your Starter Pokemon. Storyline progression can be advantageous for some depending on which Generation they want to play.

Plus, you don’t necessarily have to finish the story right away.

Play how you want and if certain conditions are met, you can move to different Generations even if you haven’t finished the main story yet.

Pokemmo story

Pokemon Growth in PokeMMO

Catching Pokemon is still the same. You weaken them and throw a Poke Ball at them. The catch rates and Ball will still play a factor. That also depends on the type of Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon will also appear with the standard encounter rate of 1/30,000. Growing your Pokemon is as easy as leveling them up through combat. Using Rare Candies is also available as long as you have them.

Not much has been changed and don’t forget about teaching your Pokemon moves through TM and HM.

Level Caps

We have to briefly talk about Level Caps in PokeMMO. In the game, while you can progress the story to the next gym, the Pokemon will be capped in certain levels.

In FireRed. Your Pokemon will be capped at level 20 before the first Gym (Brock). You cannot level up your Pokemon beyond 20 until you beat Brock and get the first Badge.

Then, you cannot level up beyond 26 until you beat the second Gym (Misty) and get the second Badge. Level caps vary depending on the Generation you chose.

The concept is the same, your level is locked until you get a Badge, and the next Badge, and so on. Defeating the Elite Four and Champion (ending the game) will finally allow you to level your Pokemon up to 100.

PokeMMO Beginner’s Guide: How Battles Work

The battles work the same as all the traditional Pokemon games. You run around tall grasses or if it is in an area where wild Pokemon battles happen, then an encounter might happen.

The battle begins normally and it is turn-based. Whichever Pokemon has the fastest Speed or used a Priority Move will be able to deal the first attack.

On the image below you can see the typical Pokemon battle screen and the overworld map in the background. While you’re in battle, other players are doing their thing and the world continues to move.

Pokemmo battles

Trainer Battles

Much like traditional Pokemon games, the enemy Trainer will battle you if they see you.

The battle will also start if you talk to them. The combat itself is the same, in fact, not much has been changed when it comes to the usual Trainer Pokemon lineup.

Some of them may have a different Pokemon or more Pokemon but the battles are still the same. You can’t run away from the battle as well, so keep that in mind.

One good thing about regular Pokemon battles and Trainer battles is that you don’t lose money if your team is wiped out.

In the games, when your Pokemon team is wiped out, you lose half your money. That’s not the case here because you just get sent back to the nearest Pokemon Center.

Trainers can also be challenged again after a certain amount of time has passed. It’s a great way to earn money since they can be challenged again and again and you don’t lose money if you lose.

PokeMMO: The Social Aspect

We’ve already mentioned that players can interact with each other. The Global Trade Link opens up for people to buy and sell stuff, which is what the social aspect is all about.

If you can befriend people online or play with friends, it makes things easier for you. Aside from the open chat channels where you can chat with people, you can also send them private messages.

With more friends, you can plan trading for cheaper prices. Get that Pokemon that you want when your friends are willing to give it up for a deal.

PokeMMO: Player VS Player

To just summarize PVP, you can battle other players. There are certain conditions to this because Pokemon PVP is never easy.

There are rules to avoid overpowered enemies or just go freestyle since there are also rules where you can do anything. Losing PVP against another person isn’t such a big deal since you lose nothing.

There’s also no money involved but the big PVP battles like tournaments can help you get some nice rewards if you win it.

In Closing

That concludes our PokeMMO beginner’s guide. We’ve covered the basic information that you need when it comes to downloading the game and getting started.

We also told you how the game progresses, what the battles look like, and more.

It wouldn’t hurt to try it today since it is free to play. Plus, you can play it on your mobile device for convenience. You don’t need to play it hunched over a PC, and it is a game that respects your time.

The only challenge would be getting the different ROMs but you would know how to get them.

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