Best Tyranitar Moveset In Pokemon GO

Tyranitar is definitely one of the best and most favorite Pokemon of Gen 2. It is strong, and you could get it late in the game sporting a Rock and Dark-type combination. That being said, it has made its way to Pokemon GO like the rest of Gen 2. A lot of people wonder what is the best Tyranitar moveset in Pokemon GO.

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While the Pokemon in GO are limited to having only two moves at a time, that doesn’t mean that Tyranitar doesn’t have devastating and cool move combinations.

It depends on what you get and what you can teach your Tyranitar. Keep in mind, most of the time, you’re stuck with the same moves until you teach them TMs.

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Best tyranitar moveset in pokemon go

What Is The Best Tyranitar Moveset In Pokemon GO

Understanding Tyranitar

If you’ve played only Pokemon GO and not so much the other Pokemon, this is just a little refresher. Tyranitar is a Rock and Dark-type Pokemon. If you look at the chart below, that shows its strengths and weaknesses.

FireFighting (Receives More Damage)

You also have to consider that Pokemon in GO have a Quick Move and the Main Move. The Quick Moves are those that you can use as much as you can since they require little Energy, but their damage output is average to small.

The Main Moves deal big damage but cost a lot of Energy. Balancing your Energy costs is ideal so that you can win the battle as quickly as possible.

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Good Moves for Tyranitar

Now that we’ve refreshed your mind, here are a couple of moves that can give the best Tyranitar moveset in Pokemon GO.

Quick Moves


This one is a good Quick Move to have, which is a Dark-type. This is perfect against Psychic and Ghost-types. There is a lot of strong Psychic-type Pokemon that you usually encounter in Gyms. The damage output of BTE may be small, which is around six but the fact that you can use this as rapidly as you can is a good thing for your arsenal.

Smack Down

A strong Rock-type move that you can use, which is perfect against Flying, Bug, Fire, and Ice-type. It has a very good damage output and is worth the Energy cost. It may not be as “spammable” as Bite, but if you have this, you can dish out good damage against those types. The only downside or hard part about this is that you can get this from an Elite TM, and they don’t drop all the time.

Iron Tail

In terms of damage, it is as good as Smack Down, and it has less Energy cost. The only good reason to have this move is that if you’re fighting a Fairy-type which can be resistant to Dark-type moves. Steel-type moves deal good damage against Fairy-types, so having this in your arsenal can help.

Main Moves

Fire Blast

A strong Fire-type move but probably something that you wouldn’t put on the top of your priority list. It deals around 140 damage for 100 Energy, so it costs a lot for the damage that it deals, which is a fair exchange.

Stone Edge

Probably the best Main Move to give the best Tyranitar moveset in Pokemon GO. It is a strong Rocky-type move, and unlike in the main games, it doesn’t suffer from accuracy problems. Stone Edge is nifty to have when dealing against several types in the game.


Another Dark-type move that Tyranitar can use, and unlike Bite, this one has good damage output. But that’s a given because it is the Main Move. The beauty of Crunch is that, unlike other Main Moves, the Energy cost is just right, allowing you to deal great deals of damage without taking too much cost.

Best Moveset Combinations

Bite and Stone Edge

You have a good damage output with these two moves. You can deal against six types of Pokemon when you have these two.

Smack Down and Crunch

This is basically the reverse of Bite and Stone Edge. When you are able to get Smack Down, then Crunch would be a good Main Move to pair with it. You don’t want to have Bite and Crunch, which are two Dark moves at the same time. That goes when you have Stone Edge and Smack Down because you only have one type to deal damage with.

Iron Tail and Stone Edge

Iron Tail is good at fending off Fairy-types since Tyranitar is weak to them. Pairing it up with Stone Edge can help you deal with those pesky Fairy-types. Don’t pair Iron Tail with Crunch since Dark-types aren’t that effective against Fairy-types. The damage output of this pairing may not be that high, but it is for versatility against multiple Enemy types.

In Closing

Now that you have an idea for the best Tyranitar moveset in Pokemon GO, you can try and go for those Gym Battles and Raids. The unfortunate thing about Pokemon GO is that unless you work hard, you can’t have multiple Tyranitars with different movesets that fast.

You need to catch them in their base forms and need to catch more to get Candies to evolve them. The other thing is that Pokemon GO or Pokemon, in general, is a Rock-Scissors-Paper kind of game. Your Tyranitar may be stomping grounds, but if you get matched with an opposing Pokemon that it is weak to, it may lose, so just keep that in mind.

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