Pokemon Go: Dragonite Best Moveset


In Pokemon Go, Dragonite is the most overused Pokemon in Gym battles. No wonder why, because Dragonite has a promising attack, stamina, and defense which is fairly good in every battle, either for defense or offense.

When dealing with enemies, having a perfect moveset paired with good CP (Combat Power) or stats is crucial for winning.

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Also, before starting any battle, it is wise to check a Pokemon Weakness Chart. Since Dragonite is a dual type Pokemon (Dragon/Flying), he is weak and strong against;

Dragon Strength and Weakness

Dragonite is Weak Against

  • Ice (1.96x)
  • Dragon (1.4x)
  • Rock (1.4x)
  • Fairy (1.4x)

Dragonite is Strong Against

  • Bug (0.71x)
  • Water (0.71x)
  • Grass (0.51x)
  • Fighting (0.71x)
  • Ground (0.71x)
  • Fire (0.71x)

Ice type Pokemon is the worst enemy of Dragonite, which takes about 196% damage while taking about 140% damage to Fairy, Dragon, and Rock.

When dealing with enemies to which Dragonite is vulnerable to, it’s always a good approach to prepare and get familiar with appropriate and recommended moveset to succeed.

Recommended dragonite moveset in pokemon go

Now, let’s discuss in this article the best possible moveset for Dragonite in Pokemon Go you can use for offense or defense.

Ideal Moveset for Dragonite in Pokemon Go

Your play style plays a very important role here and in every battle, but below are the best-recommended moveset for Dragonite.

  • Offense: This is a bit complex as the offensive moveset for Dragonite depends on the enemy, but the ideal moveset for an attack is Dragon Tail paired with Outrage.
  • But when dealing with Machamp, it is advisable to use Dragon Tail with Hurricane.
  • Defense: The same as above, it is best to use Dragon Tail and Outrage for defense.

Best Dragonite Counters

Beating Dragonite can be successfully and easily done using Lapras with the moveset Frost Breath and Blizzard as Dragon is weak against Ice.

On the other hand, the ideal counter for Dragonite is another Dragonite as it takes (1.4x) damage. Golem is also ideal as a counter for Dragonite, and you can easily obtain it compared to the above suggested Pokemon.


Pokemon Go is a game of strategy, aside from having good stats, trainers must have appropriate knowledge when dealing with enemies. Having good movesets information plays a significant role in beating other Pokemon.

Despite being overused, Dragonite is still the ideal Pokemon for many. But it is the trainer’s playing style and strategy that helps.

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