15 Best Ice-type Pokemon From All Generations

The Ice-type was introduced in Gen 2 of the Pokemon games. According to speculation, it was introduced and made to have a counter to Dragon-types. In Gen 1, those Dragons were powerful, so Ice-types were there to knock them down a peg. That’s why we’re here to put up a list of the 15 best Ice-type Pokemon from all Generations.

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Ice-type Pokemon or Moves are Super Effective against Dragon, Flying, Grass, and Ground-types. They are weak against Fire, Fighting, Steel, and Rock. Now that you have a good idea of what Ice-types are good or bad against, let’s get to our list.

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15 best ice type pokemon from all generations

15) Weavile


Starting our list of the best Ice-type Pokemon is Weavile. Introduced in Gen 4, this “Sharp Claw Pokemon” is a Dark and Ice-type. While not a pure one, this Pokemon is the evolved form of Sneasel which came from Gen 2. Basically, this evolution didn’t come until Gen 4, and you can use its high Attack and Speed for your party’s benefit.

Ideal Moves and Strategies

  • Starting off with some good Ice-type moves, you can have it learn Ice Shard, which is a priority Move and uses the high Attack stat that Weavile has. Icicle Crash is also a good one if you’re looking for a stronger Ice-type-based attack.
  • As far as physical attackers go, you can teach Weavile moves such as Night Slash utilizing not only Weavile’s Attack but also its Speed. Use Ice Punch as well for a chance to freeze enemies.
  • If you want a bit of a support route, teaching Weavile Thief and Taunt can be good.

14) Vanilluxe


This ice cream-looking Pokemon first appeared in Gen 5 in its initial form Vanillite. The stats on this Pokemon are a bit all over the place. It has strong Special Attack and Special Defense as well as having decent Attack.

The other stats are average to low, but this Pokemon is good if you want to deal damage. If you get Vanilluxe that has Snow Warning as its ability, then you can start dealing damage from the start.

Ideal Moves and Strategies

  • For some good Ice moves, you can teach it Ice Beam, Ice Shard, or even Icicle Spear. Icicle Spear is a good move since it damages the opponent two to five times, depending on how lucky you are.
  • Blizzard is also a good move when it pairs up with Snow Warning, so that’s twice or more damage that the enemy takes in.
  • Using Weather Ball is an interesting choice as well because it gets a STAB when Snow Warning or Hail is active on the battlefield.

13) Walrein


We’re going to Gen 3 for this next Pokemon, which is Walrein, and it is an Ice and Water-type. This is the evolved form of Sealeo, and this is one beefy boy. Walrein has impressive defensive stats and high HP. It does have a decent SP. Attack stat for some form of offense.

It is usually best to make a tanky Walrein due to its abilities like Thick Fat which reduces damage taken from Ice and Fire-type moves. The other one is Ice Body which regenerates HP from Hail.

Ideal Moves and Strategies

  • When your Walrein has Ice Boy, then use Hail as one of your Moves. Hail will damage enemies, and it will heal Walrein at every turn. It’ ‘s a perfect Move for tanking. Pair up Hail with Blizzard as well since it gets a STAB and full accuracy during Hail’s presence.
  • Other good Moves for tanking are Aqua Ring, Protect, Light Screen, and give it Leftovers as a Held Item.

12) Galarian Darmanitan


Our first Pokemon on this list is an alternate form. The original Darmanitan is a Fire-type, but the Galarian form is an Ice-type introduced in Gen 8. While the two have different types, their base stats are pretty much the same.

This Pokemon has an impressive Attack and decent HP and Speed to boot. You can use it to deal some damage or have it at the front of your party for Wild Pokemon encounters. It has a great Hidden Ability called Zen Mode.

Once Zen Mode activates, Darmanitan gains a Psychic-type as well as a boost in stats, but this only happens when its HP drops below 50%.

Ideal Moves and Strategies

  • It’s ideal to teach it with moves that rely on being Physical due to Darmanitan having high Attack. Icicle Crash, Ice Fang, and Ice Punch are some great contenders.
  • The Galarian form can also learn some Fire-type Moves, which can be beneficial. Moves like Flare Blitz and Fire Punch can be taught to it for more Physical damage and diversity.
  • If your Darmanitan is also able to go Zen Mode, teach it Zen Headbutt for the added boost and damage.

11) Froslass


Coming in at number 11 is the Pokemon based on Japanese folklore, the snow woman, and that is Froslass. First appearing in Gen 4, this Ice and Ghost-type have to be evolved from a Snorunt using a Dawn Stone.

An interesting note is that Froslass will always be a Female, but that’s not really an issue. Its main strength lies in its Speed stat, which is very high.

A perfect Pokemon to clear out random encounters and specific trainers when it can attack first most of the time.

Ideal Moves and Strategies

  • Hail is the usual go-to Move for most players because it syncs with Froslass’ ability Snow Cloak. Basically, its evasion goes up while Hail is active, plus its Speed makes it attack first.
  • It has a balance Attack and Special Attack, so Moves like Ice Beam and Ice Shard are good to have for Ice Moves. Teaching it Physical or Special Moves can be advantageous, and even utilizing Ghost Moves like Shadow Ball.
  • Others will teach it debilitating moves like Confuse Ray, Thunder Wave, and even Spikes due to it being fast.

10) Glaceon

Number 10 on our best Ice-type Pokemon list is Glaceon which is one of the many evolutions of Eevee. This form was introduced in Gen 4, and in order to evolve Eevee, you need to level it up near the Ice Rock.

Glaceon has a high Special Attack stat and decent overall defensive stats. It also has the ability Snow Cloak to add evasion during Hail. Most players would use Glaceon as a Nuker or basically one that deals a lot of damage.

Ideal Moves and Strategies

  • Utilizing its ability Snow Cloak, when Hail is in effect, having the move Blizzard is a good idea. During Hail, Blizzard will always hit and pair it up with Glaceon’s Sp. Attack is just so good. Ice Beam is also a good move, even if it doesn’t sync up with Hail.
  • Other Moves that rely on high Sp. Attack are recommended, like Shadow Ball.
  • The other suggested Moves are for Glaceon’s survivability such as Wish, Double Team, and Agility if you have Hail active.

09) Abomasnow


If nothing speaks Ice Pokemon more than an abominable snowman, then Abomasnow doesn’t belong on this list. This Gen 4 Grass and Ice-type Pokemon can be a force of nature when it comes to the offensive aspect.

It has high Attack and Special Attack, which are perfect for dealing damage. It also has high HP, which makes it a bit tankier than other damage dealers. The downside is that since it is a Grass and Ice Pokemon, it will get more damage from Fire-type attacks.

Ideal Moves and Strategies

  • Blizzard is the first ideal Move since it syncs up with Abomasnow’s Snow Warning Ability. Once Hail starts to happen, Blizzard will always have a 100% accuracy, and the damage output is good too.
  • You can even have some other decent attack Moves, such as Ice Beam or Energy Ball where the latter decreases the enemy’s Special Defense giving room for more damage later on.
  • If you also want your Abomasnow to survive a bit longer, Moves like Leech Seed and Giga Drain can work. Having a good Water-type move is a good idea in case you’re fighting a Fire-type. Water Pulse is the best choice for this situation.

08) Mamoswine


Despite being a huge behemoth, Mamoswine isn’t really the tanky type. It is more on the hit, like a truck type, because it has a very high Attack. Its base stats when it comes to Attack is 130, which is impressive.

You really want this Pokemon to be a good damage dealer, at least in the Physical aspect. It is also a dual type being an Ice and Ground-type. As good as its offense is, its defensive stats are pretty poor.

Its low speed also doesn’t help, so you better make sure your attacks on your turn deal one-hit kills.

Ideal Moves and Strategies

  • Several good moves are Icicle Crash or Icicle Spear. These moves rely on Physical stats, and the flinching and multiple hits really help. A really good Move is Ice Shard because, despite its low attack, the damage boost from Mamoswine’s Attack will be improved. Plus, Ice Shard is a priority Move that may attack first, ignoring Mamoswine’s low Speed. You may also want to pair it up by giving it an Icicle Plate to boost Ice Moves.
  • Another good Move to have is Earthquake since it relies on Physical and is a powerful Ground-type Move. The only downside is that it’s risky for Double Battles unless your partner Pokemon is immune to Ground attacks, then Earthquake will kill it.

07) Avalugg


If you want a tanky Ice Pokemon, then, there’s nothing tankier than Avalugg. This Gen 6 Pokemon is dubbed the Iceberg Pokemon because it looks like a huge block of ice. Its Defense is very high, which is around 184, and that’s very impressive.

It can be used as good tank Pokemon, but its Attack stat isn’t that bad if you want to deal damage. Just don’t expect it to hit first due to how it has abysmal Speed, which is 28. Special stats are also bad, so it’s best to focus on its strengths.

Ideal Moves and Strategies

  • A couple of good Moves are Counter or Mirror Coat. Depending on the enemy, you can retaliate against their attacks with the correct Move. Plus, its Special Defense is bad, Mirror Coat would be a boon.
  • Healing Moves like Recover and Rest are ideal if your Avalugg is nearing death. Those heals can give your opponent a hard time since they have to shred that HP all over gain. Don’t forget about Shell Bell or Leftovers as Held Items.
  • A few good offensive Moves like Double Edge and Earthquake are more than enough for its offense.

06) Alolan Ninetales


We’re nearing the end of our list of the best Ice-type Pokemon from all Generations. When it comes to something that looks majestic and fascinating, we have Alolan Ninetales. The complete opposite of its Kanto version, this Ninetales is an Ice and Fairy-type.

Ninetails leans more toward being a Special tanker with its impressive Special Defense and Speed. Even its ability Snow Cloak helps it get more evasion during Hail. Players would like to build an Alolan Ninetales as a special tanker or something that debilitates enemies at the start of the battle.

Ideal Moves and Strategies

  • Aurora Veil is a good one to give it since it reduces damage taken from both Physical and Special moves. Plus, when engaged in Double Battles, Aurora Veil also protects the allied Pokemon.
  • Damage-dealing Moves of different types can also be a good addition. We’re talking about Moves such as Blizzard, Ice Beam, Moon Blast, and Psyshock.

05) Regice


It’s the top 5, so why not put our first Legendary Ice-type here which is Regice. If the name and body don’t scream Ice, we don’t know what will. Regice, like any Legendary is always tricky to get.

You have to get to the location as well as have a healthy amount of Poke Balls for catching it. This Legendary’s great feat is that it has a 200 Sp. Defense base stat. It has good Defense and Sp. Attack as well but its other stats are not so good.

Ideal Moves and Strategies

  • An interesting thing players do is that instead of making Regice a tank with its high Sp. Def, they use it to deal damage. It has good enough Sp. Attack, and the Sp. Defense can make it take a hit. It excels when it comes to Special stats, so take advantage of that.
  • Moves like Ice Beam or Blizzard, if it’s hailing are top choices. Focus Blast is another good choice since it is a Special Fighting-type attack that reduces the enemy’s Speed which can benefit Regice’s slow Speed.
  • For something a bit more humorous but makes sense, try teaching it Explosion. It has 250 damage, and if your Regice is dying, just hit Explosion, and you can beat a tough enemy.

04) Aurorus


Appearing in Gen 6, this dinosaur-looking Pokemon is a Rock and Ice-type. You know what that means, it completely nullifies the Super Effectiveness of Fire-type attacks and simply deals normal damage. Its ability Refrigerate will turn Normal-type Moves into ice damage.

It also has high HP and good Special stats in both aspects. This one is a very interesting Pokemon to build and use because it’s not that tanky but can be good for dealing damage in some aspects, and it looks cool.

Ideal Moves and Strategies

  • The best move to give it is Hyper Beam because, with Refrigerate, it becomes an Ice attack. It is much stronger than a regular Ice Beam but suffers from the recoil. Perfect for getting rid of Dragon-type enemies or those that are just weak to ice.
  • Being weak to Fighting-type by a great amount, Psychic is also a good counter, as other moves like Light Screen and Freeze Dry can help a lot.

03) Articuno


We’re not in the top 3 best Ice-type Pokemon from all Generations. Articuno is a Legendary Pokemon back in Gen 1. One of the Legendary Birds, it was originally a Water and Flying-type.

The introduction of Ice in Gen 2, change its typing altogether and it made it a bit more resistant to Electric attacks since it lost its Water typing and only the Flying-type suffers from it.

It has impressive Sp. Defense and a good Defense stat to boot. It does suffer more damage from Rock-type attacks.

Ideal Moves and Strategies

  • Players actually try to make Articuno into a bit of a tank. They let it learn Roost since it usually doesn’t get knocked out right away. Roost heals its HP, and it becomes a bit annoying to kill later on unless the enemy deals a one hit kill.
  • Several Ice-type Moves like Ice Beam, Blizzard, and Freeze Dry are good to teach it.
  • Flying-type Moves are also good such as Fly, Brave Bird, and Hurricane where it may cause confusion.

02) Kyurem


This Gen 5 Legendary Pokemon Kyurem is a strong and interesting one. On its base form, it has impressive balanced solid stats. In White Kyurem form, it excels more on the Sp. Attack part.

While in Black Kyurem form, it has higher Attack. Basically, White is for Special, and Black is for Physical. All three forms are Dragon and Ice-type, so you just have to choose which one you want to use.

Ideal Moves and Strategies

  • For regular Kyurem, any Move can be good due to its balanced stat distribution. People go for Moves related to Ice and Dragon, which we will mention in the later recommendations.
  • For White Kyurem, Moves that deal high Special attack can benefit from its stats. We have moves like Ice Beam, Blizzard, and Dragon Pulse.
  • For Black Kyurem, most players suggest Outrage by utilizing the High Attack and Dragon-type nature of the move.

01) Lapras


The Number one and best Ice-type Pokemon, at least according to us, is Lapras. Coming in from Gen 1, Lapras was originally just a Water-type. Now it is a Water and Ice-type and one of the most loved Pokemon in the series.

Who wouldn’t love a good Pokemon like Lapras, which isn’t just a strong Water and Ice-type, you can have it use Surf for convenience. It has impressive HP and a balanced stat build.

Plus, its ability Water Absorb allows it to absorb Water-type attacks. Its other potential ability Shell Armor protects it from critical attacks, and that’s big.

Ideal Moves and Strategies

  • Lapras have the same base Attack and Sp. Attack, so going either way or both can be good. Moves like Ice Beam and Blizzard are good for the Ice department. Most players do build Lapras with Water-type moves such as Surf or Waterfall.
  • Some players open up a fight with Whirlpool or Rain Dance to have a good tempo at the start of the fight.
  • Other ideal abilities are Perish Song, Curse, and Confuse Ray for debilitation. Rest and Body Slam are good Normal-type Moves to have as well.

In Closing

That concludes our list of the 15 best Ice-type Pokemon from different Generations. Ice-types are mostly there to freeze and debilitate enemies. However, they were always reliable for those pesky and powerful Dragon-types until the Fairy-type was introduced.

You only had Ice and Dragon back then until Gen 5, and most of the time, Ice was more accessible to have.

Did you like our list? Is there a Pokemon that you were thinking of but is not on this list? Let us know in the comments because we may have missed a few.

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