Pokemon Nature Chart and Nature Strategy


The concept of Pokemon Nature was introduced in Generation III. A Pokemon’s Nature plays an important role in excelling in every battle. Aside from working and improving hold items, level, experience, and movesets, trainers must also pay attention to the right Nature. Having the right Nature can significantly affect a Pokemon’s growth and performance as you go through the game. In order to excel in every Pokemon battle, a good trainer must be familiar with the Pokemon Nature Chart to get an edge.

Pokemon nature
Pokemon nature increase decrease state

Nature is randomly applied to each Pokemon upon obtaining them. There are 25 Pokemon natures that will increase one base stat to 10% and decrease the other one by 10%. You can easily find and determine the nature of a Pokemon by viewing the “Summary” screen.

From Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver to the recent Pokemon game versions and including some Pokemon GBA ROM Hacks, stats are affected by a Pokemon’s Nature. The increased stat is typically highlighted in red text and blue text for the decreased stat (See image below).

This Pokemon nature list has 25 known natures along with its increase/decrease stat equivalent and favorite/dislike flavors.

Pokemon Nature Information

wdt_ID Nature Increases Decreases Favorite Disliked
1 Adamant Attack Sp. Attack Spicy Dry
2 Bashful Sp. Attack Sp. Attack
3 Bold Defense Attack Sour Spicy
4 Brave Attack Speed Spicy Sweet
5 Calm Sp. Defense Attack Bitter Spicy
6 Careful Sp. Defense Sp. Attack Bitter Dry
7 Docile Defense Defense
8 Gentle Sp. Defense Defense Bitter Sour
9 Hardy Attack Attack
10 Hasty Speed Defense Sweet Sour
Nature Increases Decreases Favorite Disliked

Tips, Tricks, and Strategy

Since Nature is given to each Pokemon randomly, some trainers take advantage of “soft resetting” method. This way, trainers can choose and have the ideal nature for their starter Pokemon.

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Another trick, capture numbers of the same Pokemon until you get the right nature. This can be a time consuming strategy but the effort you invest pays well as soon as you finally capture your desired Pokemon.

When you have an idea on how to take advantage of a Pokemon’s Nature, your Pokemon can be a monster to deal with. You can teach them the best moves based on their Nature and more. The best players try to scout out the best Nature combinations out there to make a good party of Pokemon. If you’re lucky enough, you can have the Nature of your choice after a few attempts of soft resets and captures.

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