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Pokemon R.O.W.E is a project by a simple person going by rioluwott. There isn’t an actual definition for ROWE but let’s just roll with it. It uses Pokemon Emerald as its base, and the story is the same for the most part. The other thing is that the location and characters are also the same.

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There are a lot of interesting new features for this ROM hack. You can choose different modes and three levels of difficulty for this game. The creator states that this is their attempt to make a Pokemon ROM hack that utilizes an open-world mechanic or at least close to it.

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Pokemon R.O.W.E Details and More


The story utilizes Emerald’s story; however, due to the game’s gimmick, the story could be altered in a way that you have to experience for yourself.


Before you start the game, you have the option to choose the difficulty from Easy, Normal, and Hard. You can even choose modes such as Perfect IVs, No IVs, Randomizer mode, etc. Mix up everything you want to ensure that you have a fun experience. The game also gives the player nine choices for their starter Pokemon.

The tenth one is a random Pokemon that they can get. Once you have your difficulty, mode, and starter selected, it is time to choose the location where you start off.

The game gives players some freedom here where they can go and which Gym Leader they can fight, so that’s a good feature to have.

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Pokemon R.O.W.E Information


Pokemon R.O.W.E
Creator: rioluwott
Game Base: Emerald
Language: English
Discord: Link
Cheats: Click here
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Pokemon roster goes up to Gen 8 (not complete)
  • Three different difficulties to choose from
  • Several modes to select
  • 9 Starter Pokemon to choose or 1 Random Pokemon
  • Physical and Special split
  • Mega Evolution (after 7th Gym)
  • 120 TMs
  • TMs are reusable
  • Can Surf from the start
  • Gen 8 Flying
  • Gen 7 Day Care Center
  • In Game Wonder Trades
  • Nature Mints
  • Bike and EXP Share are given at the start
  • Pokemon Centers have NPCs like Name Rater, Move Deleter, Move Reminder, and IV Checker




We don’t share pre-patched rom hacks and roms – sharing these files is considered piracy, and it’s illegal! Before you can play this game, you need to patch the downloaded file to a clean base rom. To learn more on how to patch, check this guide.

Download Pokemon R.O.W.E


CyanSMP64(Furret) for the Amazing music expansion
Feliz Navidaddy
Diego Mertens
Sapphire Jester
Everyone in the RHH discord for answering my silly questions
Pokeemerald Team
RHH Team

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How did you programme an open world Hoenn? I would look to know as I want to do something similar to ROWE in my ROM hack.

How goomy evolve into goodra? There’s no rain or weather that is raining in the games. Thanks for the answer.

How to download the latest version?

Hey just started playing the game and I’m loving it! Is there tart apple/sweet apple in the game? where can i find them?

Is Goomy Rare? I Can’t Find, is It Exclusive In The Rain? please Help

Does anyone know where Relic Cave is? Ive been looking for a while. Thanks in advance.

My Electabuzz don‘t evole :/ i was by the tradeguy, my Pokemon have the item, but dont work. Help pls

How do i get Battle Bond Greninja?

Sir, How do i mega Evolve my Pokemon ? I have Bracelet and stone as well b please reply

press start in battle while selecting a move youll see the mega symbole light up

Hi, I tried that, and when I select a move it isn’t lighting up

Ok so this game is as great as it was in the early days,still the game crashes alot this means i have to quicksave all the time but i.just dont care because there are so many things in the rom that has never been implemented to any romhack,but if u can plz fix the crashing and i also wanna know how to get megastones for my aerodactyl and beedrill,one short thing that i wanna say is implement a way to evolve trade pokemon without trading,i know later down the run you will eventually find strong mons and i know previous… Read more »

In slateport where the nickname house is there is a guy who trades back your pokemon to evolve them

In slateport where the name rater house is. In there you’ll find a guy who trades back your pokemon to evolve them

Where to get mints? On documentation it is said on oldale town on a house beside pokemart for 8k each, but its not there when i checked it

This game keeps freezing from time to time, please fix it.

Hi Protick, We’re very sorry to hear about this issue you’re having with Pokemon R.O.W.E. The game should not freeze up on you during play unless you have cheats enabled. Make sure to disable or better remove them to void such issues.

Hello i’m currently having an issue with the game, so i mistakely downloaded the version instead of 1.7 so do you know how to transfer my save file to the new version?

Hey, I’m actually having the same problem. After pokemon encounters my screen will black out and never come back up. it happens every 5-10 mins or so. Clean emerald rom used for the patch too. Really enjoying the game, all mons still in the teens for levels, but It’s frustrating having to save after every couple encounters or lose progress. any tips? never used any cheats, but disabled the feature anyway to troubleshoot.

Hi! I’m playing on version 1.8.3 and you’re describing the same problem I’m having right now. Any chance you know how to fix it?

When i load it in a my boy emulator it says unrecognizable gba file

Hey pal, this is not a pre-patched file that’s why you can’t play this directly to your emulator. We don’t share pre-patched here, that’s considered piracy. Fortunately, there’s a guide provided in the source site on how to patch the file.

thanks from China,this is a great pokemon hacker,and i wanna ask can i go to the battle frontier after i beat all the gym leader?its an open world but i can not go there directly

Is there a guide to find all of the Mega Stones for this ROM? Right now, I want to find the mega stone for my Medicham

Last edited 1 year ago by snorlax142

Yep u can download a document from the pokemon community page of this game it has all the information in it

Just a question since I am not very experienced in rom hacking: is this a patch and what do I patch?

Hi Wild Hippo, thanks for coming here. This is not a pre-patched download and we don’t share rom files. You need a clean Emerald for patching and we created this guide for patching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ch5EPf8z80. Hope this helps.

Got it.

How do you find all the mega stones? I have a Blaziken and Garchomp I wanna mega evolve?

Hi Serve, we don’t have information for mega stone cheats at the moment, but rest assured that we will have them listed here once we found them.

This looks like an amazing game but I need an emulator that will work for it any suggestions

You can’t go wrong with Myboy for Android and Visual Boy Advance for Windows. We just released our collection of Pokemon ROWE cheats, you might need it too as ROWE many players do.

when cheat are coming

We currently working on it. Luckily we were able to find a number of working codes. We will publish them very soon, in less than a week. Stay tuned.

Pokemon ROWE cheats are now live, and thanks for waiting. See it here https://www.pokemoncoders.com/pokemon-rowe-cheats/

I got a cheat
Working master ba cheat
82026AA4 0001
82026AA6 03E7

Thanks for this, will add this to our list. Our ROWE cheats collection will be out soon.

When will you post the cheat??

It’ll be sooner pal..

Heyy is the cheat are ready?

Is this complete

Item modifier code

82026AA4 YYYY
82026AA6 03E7

You’ll find your item at the PC, replace YYYY with any of the IDs in the pastebin I linked in the Discord.

Hey there Joe, thanks pal. I’m working on creating a cheat page for R.O.W.E, will have it ready soon.

where i can find banette’s mega stone?

Cheats Pokemon rowe please

We made a test for possible cheats for Pokemon Rowe but none of them works 😕