Pokemon New Gold Era

The Gen 2 games are always good to go back to, and with a plethora of hacks for those games, we bring you Pokemon New Gold Era. This hack takes place in a futuristic Johto and Kanto where it uses a lot of familiar elements and gameplay mechanics.

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An interesting ROM hack of the Gen 2 games that are updated for GBA systems is Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma which you can check out here.

The ROM file attached below is an IPS file so you can easily patch it with the right Pokemon Gold ROM. There isn’t a specific one stated, so you can try any Gold ROM that is available. Use this guide to patch the ROM file into New Gold Era.

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Pokemon New Gold Era Details and More


The story takes place 100 years after the events of Gen 2. You start in Goldenrod City where it is noticeably developed compared to how it was to the old games.

It follows the usual formula where you have to get your Trainer to catch Pokemon, beat Trainers, and be the best of all.


The hack features three different starters namely Mankey, Natu, and Houndour. The typing chart is basically Dark, Psychic, and Fighting where they counter one out of the other.

While it is 100 years in the future, the map stays the same. Locations have updated looks, and the order of Gyms you fight is different. Updated characters and Moves are also in play as well as some of the standard Gen 2 features.

Pokemon New Gold Era Information

Pokemon new gold era

Pokemon New Gold Era
Creator: ericgall23
Game Base: Gold
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Starter Pokemon include Mankey, Natu and Houndoor
  • Moves and TMs have been updated and some changed
  • Game Corner prizes are changed
  • Teleporting in some areas is available
  • Slight difficulty increase but not unfair and too hard
  • Several elements updated to Gen 7 and even 8
  • New Battle Towers are included for more challenge and post-game content



Download Pokemon New Gold Era

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