Pokemon Masters Ex Cheats: Strategy, Tips, And Guides

Pokemon Masters is a game available for Android and iOS systems. This game is a bit demanding, so you need to have a powerful phone or mobile device to run the game. Anyway, it is a Gacha-based game where you draw for Trainers also known as Sync Pairs that have specific Pokemon.

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You must then shuffle your team and make competent and strong combinations to win those 3 on 3 battles. That being said, the game is just getting hot today and you can use these Pokemon Masters Ex cheats, hints, tips, and tricks to get better.

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Note: The game was originally named Pokémon Masters, it was renamed Pokémon Masters Ex in August 2020 on the 1st anniversary.

Pokemon Masters Ex Gaming Guide

Pokemon masters cheats

Do the story and claim the rewards

When you’re just getting started, it is always ideal to just do the story. Doing the story can give you some nice rewards. The story scales with your characters’ levels. If you get stuck at a part of the story because it is a bit hard, then just grind your levels.

The good thing about doing the story is that it can give you some nice rewards, Sync Pairs, and Gems.

Gems are paid with real money

Keep in mind that Gems can only be paid with real money or you can get them as rewards. When you do the main story, you can accumulate a good amount of Gems that you can use later on with the help of our Pokemon Masters cheats, hints, tips, and tricks.

Don’t forget about doing the Sync Pair stories. When you do the stories, you also get some Gems. You don’t even need to watch or read the story if you’re not up to it. Just keep skipping the scenes until you get your rewards. Once you complete the story, you can’t get more rewards from the finished ones.

The game will update more parts of the story later on as the game continues to grow, and that means more rewards for you to get.

Do the events as well

There will be timed events in the game. These events can also net you some rewards, and that includes Gems. The problem with some events is that they have specific requirements and level gaps you need to have. That’s because you may have a hard time completing the events when you’re not prepared yet. That’s where doing the story can come into play because your characters can get stronger and you can tackle these events with ease. One other thing is that there are also limited Sync Pairs that you can get during an event before they are available again later on.

Using your Gems wisely

Gems are the premium currency in the game, and the best way to get a lot of them is by paying with real money. However, if you don’t want to do that, then that’s fine, but that’s where you need to manage on how to use your Gems wisely.

There are also Gems that are available in the game which aren’t the same as the premium ones. Anyway, when you want to use your Gems, you can use it for Scouting Sync Pairs. The best way to go about this is that you can use the Multiple Draw for 3,000 Gems.

Doing that is better than just using one draw at a time. That’s because the multiple draw can increase the rate of getting higher ranked Sync Pairs. Before you also draw, take a look at which Sync Pairs have a high chance of getting drawn. This is just in case you have a preferred Sync Pair you want to draw.

That way, you can save your Gems for later on instead of using it all right away. Finally, check the different packages that you can buy with Gems in case you have no need to Scout for Sync Pairs at the moment.

Composing your Team

Pokemon Masters is different because you can’t capture Pokemon. What you are looking for are the Sync Pairs or the Trainers which will make up your team. Basically, if you want to have an Onyx, Starmie, and Pikachu in your team then you need to have the Sync Trainers Brock who has Onyx, Misty who has Starmie and your character who has Pikachu.

What you can ideally do now is to have one Pokemon with one type for the time being. In this game, all Pokemon only have one type and one weakness and using our Pokemon Masters cheats, hints, tips, and tricks.

This goes back to how you can use your Gems wisely. It is best, for now, to just improve the current Sync Pairs that you have. Teaching them more moves and evolving some Pokemon, later on, can be a good idea.

Then again, when you do the story as we stated, you will end up with a good number of Sync Pairs. Plus, before you head into a battle, you already have an idea which ones you are encountering. This allows you to make a good team composition before you head out into battle.

Sync Pair Ranks can be irrelevant

The Sync Pairs are ranked by stars with one being the lowest and five being the highest. That is their rarity but just because it is a five star Sync Pair, doesn’t always mean that it will be far superior. You can increase the ranks of those that are lesser than five stars. The five stars can also improve their rank. Five stars can come at a rare rate so this means that the lower ranks can be upgraded to be stronger.

Hence, you shouldn’t be striving to always get five stars but is always welcome when you get them.

Battle tips you can use

When it comes to battles, one thing that you can do is focus your attacks on one Pokemon. Focusing your attack can easily wipe out that Pokemon. You can get a numbers advantage later on in battle. Relying on brute force is also not the answer all the time.

Keep in mind that there are moves that can give Pokemon status ailments. When you know how to use these status ailments, that can turn the tide of battle in your favor especially when you’re fighting against strong opponents.

You should also use the Sync Pair moves at the opportune moment. If you get them early, you can use it right away. It allows the Sync Pair move to refresh faster and you can use it again later on in battle. Use healing items as well especially if it is an event battle. You don’t want to start over again when you get wiped out.

That’s where the previous tips come in when you know how to compose your team and your Pokemon’s moves.

In Closing

Now that you have a good idea of the Pokemon Masters Ex cheats, hints, tips, and tricks, you can get better at the game. It is also an option for you to pay for these Gems. However, spending money is up to you when you have the resources to do so. Don’t hack the game just to get an advantage. You should also avoid using those Gem hacks that can get you in trouble.

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