Pokemon Rumble Rush Cheats: Hints, Tips, And Tricks

Pokemon Rumble Rush was released back in 2019 as a mobile game. It is available for iOS and Android systems when you can easily download them from their respective app stores. The game itself is something similar to a clicker game where you can click on your screen, allowing your Pokemon to attack.

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This game is more complicated because aside from clicking, you also need to do some swiping to allow your Pokemon to dodge. The RPG element comes into play where you have to change your Pokemon lineup and take part in events.

The more Pokemon you have, the more diverse your team can be, and that can be a good thing later on. Much like most mobile games, it is free to download and play, but it has options where you can pay for some things.

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That being said, a lot of players are looking for some good guides and cheats on it. You can’t input cheats or hack the game but we have a good number of things that you can use. Here are just a few Pokemon Rumble Rush cheats we have that you can use.

Pokemon rumble rush cheats

Check your team before you head out

Inspecting the dungeon before you go inside is one thing that you should do. When you find out which Pokemon are your enemy, you can customize your team. When you’re just getting started, then you may have limited Pokemon. Don’t worry as you can always get more later on and having a variety of them can be useful.

Rearrange and the sort the Pokemon you have because you can switch to any Pokemon in your team which can be up to 100 of them. Don’t worry as you don’t get attacked when you are switching Pokemon in the dungeon.

Don’t get fooled by CP

You’ll see that each Pokemon has a CP number. If you played Pokemon GO, then you’ll know that the higher the CP means, the stronger the Pokemon is. In Rumble Rush, CP can be a minor thing because there are other stats that the Pokemon have. These stats can include Attack Power, Defense, Health, and more.

A Pokemon that has a good CP doesn’t always mean that it can be that powerful. Consider the Pokemon’s types and moves. Don’t forget about the enemy Pokemon’s stats as well before you form your team.

Do the events before they go

There are limited events that players can partake in. A lot of these events are only up for a period. The other thing is, some are only up for a day. The events may change the next day or just refresh. Doing daily events can net you some good rewards. You need not to worry about losing the battle in these events because you won’t get any kind of punishment.

You just try again until you complete them. A lot of these are good Pokemon Rumble cheats, hints, tips, and tricks that you can do by completing the events.

Claim your rewards, presents and those Gems

Logging in daily gives you daily rewards and you have beginner rewards. Even if you don’t have to play the game, just log in to claim your rewards. That way, you can maximize your items and get those free incentives. Every time you also finish some dungeons, you can get some rewards which is cool.

Gems are the premium currency of the game where you need to buy with real money. However, doing these quests can net you some rewards that are Gems. Knowing how to use these Gems would be up to you or just rely on these Pokemon Rumble Rush cheats.

Don’t forget to refine the Ores

There are Ores that you need to refine to give you rewards and items. Refining Ores can be free, but they can take up to hours. The good thing is that you can see what the rewards are before you refine an Ore. You can use a ticket to boost the refining process or use Gems to do it. Before you log out, make sure than an Ore is being refined.

That way, when you take hours to go back online in the game, the Ore will still be refined. There are cases where you can refine a 10 hour Ore and you can get back to the game by the Ore gets refined. This helps when you don’t plan on spending money on the game for Gems.

Getting better at battles

One good thing during a battle is that if you’re confident enough, your Pokemon can breeze through a dungeon. You don’t need to keep on clicking and swiping on the screen to finish the dungeon. However, most of the time, you need to play the game as intended. Swiping to dodge is the key to surviving a dungeon. You can even find some nice tricks to knock out the boss with ease. Knowing when to switch as well is something that you should do to complete dungeons much easier.

Closing Thought

Now that you have these pleasant Pokemon Rumble Rush cheats, hints, tips, and tricks, then you can get better at the game. There are those that can afford to pay for the game. While that is a suitable option, you don’t need to do it unless you have money to be spent.

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