Pokemon Infinity V3.0

There are a ton of Pokemon fan-made games out there, so we’re going to be tackling another one: Pokemon Infinity. This is a game made using RPG Maker XP, and the game is playable in its current version. This game has been around since 2020; players download and grab a copy for free.

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Remember that this game can run independently when you play it on desktop computers. You can also play it on Joi Play app for Android systems on mobile devices.

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Pokemon Infinity Game Details and More


Your character wakes up in the middle of nowhere with no memories whatsoever. Then, a Pokemon Professor finds you… and the rest is history. You’re now given a Pokemon of your choice, and you’re out setting your own adventure catching Pokemon, finding your memory, and more.


Pokemon Infinity uses assets from the RPG Maker XP program. That being said, it pretty much looks like any Pokemon game from the GBA or DS. There are several altered sprites for some Pokemon, but that makes it all better.

The game has an interesting and polished UI so you can play it easily. The music as well is very distinct and good.

The game also has Challenge Modes if you want to test your mettle. It isn’t like Nuzlocke, but it offers unique challenges that you can do when you want to.

Multiple Pokemon from different Generations appear, and small amounts of Fakemon are in the game. This also includes several items, moves, types, and more.

Pokemon Infinity Details

Pokemon infinity

Pokemon Infinity
Creator: Atomic Reactor
Language: English
Discord: Link
Wiki: Link

Feature List

  • Three Starters with modified sprites (Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle)
  • Pokemon roster spans to different Generations
  • Some Pokemon also have altered sprites
  • Several Fakemon available
  • Explore the Egho Region
  • More areas to explore and the new Neoh Region
  • New Moves are in the game
  • Challenge Modes for you to try


Pokemon Infinity Download

Sorry, the file is not available for downloading at the moment.

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28 thoughts on “Pokemon Infinity V3.0”

  1. the download link does not work it takes me to mediafire and it says it has been deleted by the owner or by mediafire i cant play it 🙁

    • Hey Erik, thank you for joining us. I have temporarily removed the download link. You might want to check the Discord source link of the game for updates.

    • Hello Jonathan, thank you for informing us. I have updated the download link with the latest version of the game. I appreciate your visit here.

    • Hi spike, a new version of the game has just been released. I made an update to the link and it should be working fine by now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  2. just lost 5 hours of progress because of a crash. which was the result of another bad design. the guy that stands in front of the temple in echorock town walks around when the festival is over, he can also walk over the bridge and become stuck. the bridge is 1 tile tall, so you can’t walk around him. this happened to me and i re-entered the gym and left the gym to reset his position… only for it to crash as soon as i was outside… yeah, i’m done

  3. This game often crashes when you use the speedup feature. Also a lot of bugs from what I hear. If you decide to play it be sure to save very often, and if a character is following you don’t save the game. Honestly, you’re better off playing pretty much any of the other popular fan games. This one is poorly optimized and instead of fixing the problems the dev just tells you not to use speed up, as if anyone wants to play pokemon at normal speed…

    • Hi there 0m3ga, a new version of the game v2.3 has just been released, and I updated the download link. The download link should be working by now.

  4. I’m getting an error when i try to check the stats of the Regional Shelder trade. However, if it does let me check, the mon has suuuuuper subpar Stats, all c and under

  5. Just started and came across a few issues. My Starly  tried learning Double Team and an error code came up and stopped Starly  from learning it. Also, I went to check the egg you get to see when it will hatch and an Error code pops up and crashes the game.

    • Hi ProphecyKei, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I made an update to this page and included the download link, check it again.