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There are a lot of fanmade Pokemon games out there using the different RPG Maker programs so we’re going to tackle Pokemon Green Remix. It is a fanmade game taking place in the Kanto Region. It has your typical Pokemon story and a whole lot of features.

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A lot of these features are very helpful and the roster of Pokemon goes up to Gen 8. You’ll have a lot of fun and content. Download and play this game on your desktop computer if you want. The best way to play is to use the JoiPlay app armed with the JoiPlay RPG Maker Plugin so you can play it on the go.

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Pokemon Green Remix Details and More


The story is like an alternate take on FireRed and LeafGreen. In fact, that’s where the name comes from Green Remix which is from Pokemon Green presumably. You’re in the Kanto Region and your mom is in jail and your dad is nowhere in sight. Luckily, Professor Oak is there to give you your starter Pokemon and you set your own journey to be a Pokemon Master.


There are a lot of features that we’ll be tackling later on but for starters, this game features Pokemon up to Gen 8. There’s also a Speed Up or Turbo button in the game that allows you to increase the speed. This is perfect for those grind sessions for EXP. Pokemon that also evolve through trading can be done on your own. Another interesting feature is that you can copy your existing teams from other games but this one is a bit buggy at the moment. There are also special Pokemon called Ex-Delta that will have random stats and moves.

Pokemon Green Remix Information

Pokemon green remix splash screen

Pokemon Green Remix
Creator: Zeak6464
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Pokemon roster goes up to Gen 8
  • Ex-Delta Pokemon included
  • Speed Up button is available
  • Wonder Trade is in the game
  • Your Pokemon will follow you
  • Pokemon can evolve during battle
  • Can become a Member of Team Rocket and steal Pokemon
  • Loot Boxes available
  • Can ride Pokemon (still buggy)
  • World Tournament unlocked after finishing the main part of the game
  • Loot Boxes (free in-game)


Pokemon green remix screenshots

Pokemon Green Remix Download


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“Speacial Thanks” to:
Pokemon Reborn Developers

“RPG Maker XP” by:

“Created” by:
Judge Kreep

Pokemon is owned by:
The Pokemon Company
Affiliated with Game Freak

This is a non-profit fan-made game.
No copyright infringements intended.
Please support the official games!

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