Pokemon Energized Emerald –  V1.0.16 (Updated)

We’ve covered a lot of Pokemon Emerald-based ROM hacks for a long time, so we’re adding one more. The hack we’re talking about is Pokemon Energized Emerald, and it improves a lot of the stuff that you have from the original Emerald.

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Speaking of another hack that improves Emerald, you might want to check out Pokemon Emerald Crest.

The file used for this hack is a BPS file and not UPS or IPS, which are the usual ones that are pumped out. Don’t worry because we have a guide on how you can patch a BPS file when you click here. Let’s get into this Energized Emerald hack now.

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Pokemon Energized Emerald Details and More


The story is the same as Pokemon Emerald, but you may notice some minor tweaks in the dialogue. The overall plot and progression are the same, so just do everything as you did when you played Emerald back then. There is a brand new story plot once you beat the game.


One of the biggest additions of this hack is that Pokemon can have three Abilities. If one is good enough, having three makes life better, but your enemy Pokemon will also potentially have three Abilities.

This makes the battle a bit more interesting or challenging, depending on how things turn out.

Some Pokemon can get Abilities that they weren’t able to learn from the start. All Pokemon are available up to Gen 3, totaling up to 416.

Finally, HMs have been changed to simply Badges that allow you to perform specific Moves in the overworld.

Pokemon Energized Emerald Information

Pokemon energized emerald

Pokemon Energized Emerald
Creator: Land0fChocolate
Game Base: Emerald
Version: 1.0.16
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Pokemon goes up to Gen 3 with 416
  • Pokemon can get up to 3 Abilities
  • Pokemon can learn Abilities that aren’t native to them
  • HMs are changed to being just the Badges
  • Rare Candies can be bought
  • Grinding is less of a hassle
  • Vitamins give more Stats
  • Several story elements from ORAS added



Pokemon Energized Emerald

Note: Use the ROM patcher to patch it with a Pokemon Emerald ROM (ideally a Pokemon Emerald Trashman ROM).


The fine people who worked on the pokeemerald and pokeemerald-expansion decompilation projects and helped me with problems:

– DizzyEggg
– LOuroboros/Lunos
– BuffelSaft
– Blackforest92
– ExpoSeed
– SBird1337
– aarant
– SonikkuA-DatH
– Xavion3
– GriffinR
– MGriffin
– AsparagusEduardo
– kleeenexfeu
– Citrus Bolt
– dunsparce9
– Sapphire Jester
– TheXaman
– MeekRhino
– MandL127
– Pyredrid
– ghoulslash
– UltimaSoul

Tools Used:
– Porymap
– Graphics Gale
– ROM Patcher JS

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