Pokemon Emerald Walk Through Walls Cheat

There are a lot of Pokemon Emerald cheats that players use. Using cheats isn’t a bad thing as long as you’re playing on your own. If you’ve also played Emerald numerous times, then using cheats can give you a different experience.

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You can use cheats to catch Legendary Pokemon and even Shiny ones. Then, there’s the Pokemon Emerald walk through walls cheat.

The name itself says it all and it allows your character to walk through walls in the game. It is an interesting cheat because not a lot of players may want to use it.

However, we’ll give you an idea of why this cheat can be useful and why you may want to use it for the most part.

Pokemon emerald walk through walls cheat

How Pokemon Emerald Walk Through Walls Cheat Works

The Pokemon Emerald walk through walls cheat allows your character to walk through walls. However, that’s not the only thing it does. It basically, lets your character walk through anything in the game.

Pokemon emerald walk through walls cheat details

It can range from walls, trees, borders, buildings, and more. This cheat also allows you to cross through upper and lower terrains.

Think of a situation where your character is at the bottom part of the map. When the cheat is activated, your character can walk up the terrain even, regardless of the blockades and restrictions coming your way.

The cheat even allows you to walk through water and even through the ocean where you need Surf.

Walk through walls cheat is not compatible with the Emerald version 1.1

Pokemon emerald rom v1. 0 trashman

We have received reports from some of our readers regarding issues with the walk through walls cheat in the Emerald Version 1.1 they are using. Though this version is widely shared online, unfortunately, cheats do not work in this version.

We highly recommend that you search for the Emerald V1.0 or the Emerald (U) Trashman version if you plan to use cheats in your game. This will ensure that you have a version that is compatible with the cheat and you can enjoy using it without any issues.

Limitations and problems with the cheat

This isn’t really a limitation, but if you’re walking through an area and there’s an entry point that will take you to another spot, it will send you there. The cheat won’t walk through these entry points, so just keep that in mind.

There are some areas where your character can’t walk through. However, that is due to the game design. Think about the map has nothing more beyond that point so this means your character can’t walk through it but not that you would need to.

There are also instances where you get stuck in some areas and can’t get out.

How to use the cheat

How to use the pokemon emerald walk through walls cheat

This is the code for the Pokemon Emerald Walk Through Walls cheat

7881A409 E2026E0C 8E883EFF 92E9660D
  • Step 1: Click on cheats on your emulator
  • Step 2: Open the cheat list
  • Step 3: Click on Gameshark
  • Step 4: Copy and paste the cheat on the section
  • Step 5: Name the cheat whatever you want and choose OK
  • Step 6: You’re pretty much done, check to see if the cheat is turned on which should say E (For VBA) for enabled.

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Why use the Pokemon Emerald walk through walls cheat

Pokemon emerald walk through walls cheat usage

The first reason is mostly for fun. If you’ve already played Emerald numerous times, then you can just use it to have fun. Don’t take the game too seriously, and just walk through walls.

Another reason is if you want to bypass some areas. There could be some locations where you just want to get through fast because they are just annoying.

Finally, Emerald has a lot of water areas, so using the cheat allows you to walk over it saving you the burden of using Surf.

Two More Important Tips

Something to remember when using the cheat:

  • When you do use the cheat to walk over water, especially in those areas where the water area stretches a lot, you will still encounter Pokemon. It is like you’re Surfing minus the Surf, but wild Pokemon will still encounter you.
  • If you’re also walking through walls in some areas be careful of encounters. One map could have Pokemon right for you and if you walk through the other and you may encounter high level Pokemon that can annihilate your team.
  • After using the cheat, make sure to remove it. Avoid pairing it with another cheat as this can cause freezing and glitches.

In Closing

Utilizing the Pokemon Emerald walking through walls cheat can certainly bring a refreshing twist. If you’re not approaching the game with a serious mindset, feel free to embrace the cheat as part of your gameplay experience.

You can breeze through some parts of the game easily when you use it. You can also bypass the other Gym trainers when you just want to get to the leader.

You can always just turn it off and turn it on again when you want to use it. The cheat doesn’t always have to be in full effect all of the time.

The other thing is that you just want to get those long sections over with when you can just walk through the walls all the way to the exit.

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