6 Must Use Pokemon Emerald Cheats


We already made a list of a couple of Pokemon Emerald cheats that you can use. Using these cheats isn’t a bad thing because Emerald is meant to be a single-player experience. The question now is out of all of the cheats, which are the ones that are good for you to use.

These are the safest cheats in Pokemon Emerald that’s why highly recommend them to use.

Here are the 6 must use Pokemon Emerald Cheats that you can use in the game.

6 must use pokemon emerald cheats

Best Pokemon Emerald Cheats We Highly Recommend To Use

6. Walking through walls

Emerald Walk Through Walls cheat

This cheat can be useful as long as you don’t get stuck. The beauty of this cheat is that you can not only walk through walls but other terrains as well. There are some parts in the game that restrict you from entering a certain location.

Using this cheat allows you to bypass that and enter the area. This allows you to enter areas to catch Pokemon and even get some items that you won’t have access until later on.

5. Teleport

Bypassing sealed areas is one thing, but having the Teleport cheat can also be beautiful. If you input the code correctly, all you need to do next is to pass through an area where you need to make a transition to activate the Teleport cheat. It is very neat because it isn’t like using Fly but your Teleport destinations are also limited.

You can’t teleport to a specific spot but more or less a city or dungeon which can be convenient in its own way.

4. Unlimited Rare Candies

Unlimited Rare Candy in PC cheat Emerald

Using this cheat allows you to get an unlimited amount of Rare Candies from your Item PC. Rare Candies are always good because using one can increase the level of your Pokemon by one. Having an unlimited amount of it allows you to level up and evolve a lot of your Pokemon with relative ease.

You don’t need to grind for levels and do battles can take a long time. Just pop in a Rare Candy and you’re good to go. Plus, these things are rare and limited so that’s something that you need to consider.

3. Unlimited Master Balls

Pokemon Emerald Master ball cheat in PC

You can get an unlimited amount of Master Balls from the Poke Mart for free when you use the cheat. If rare Candies are limited, then there’s only one Masterball that you can get. Most players save their Master Balls for that special Legendary Pokemon. When you have this cheat, you need not worry about saving your one Master Ball for one Legendary.

Keep in mind that the game has a lot of Legendary Pokemon and having multiple master balls can be one of the best 6 must use Emerald Cheats you can use. Plus, you can get access to Master Balls as early as possible.

2. Wild Pokemon Modifier

Emerald Wild Pokemon Modifier cheat

You have your unlimited Rare Candy and Master Ball cheats, but what will you use them on? Naturally, you would want to catch and raise Pokemon hence the Wild Pokemon Modifier cheat is the one you need. Input the code of the Pokemon that you want to catch and then use your Master Balls and Rare Candies to raise it to be the best.

One would think that encountering a fully evolved Pokemon is ideal but catching in its first form is what most people do because you get better stats and moves that you can only get through leveling up.

1. TM and HM Modifier

Pokemon Emerald TM HM cheat

You’ve caught your ideal Pokemon and raised it to a level that you want. The thing that you need to do now is to teach them the right Moves to make them effective in battle. There are a lot of good challenges in Emerald like the Brain Frontier where you need strong Pokemon. Having a strong Pokemon also means that you need to give it the best Moves it can use.

Having the TM and HM modifier cheat allows you to get and use an unlimited amount of it. Much like the Master Ball, a lot of these TMs can be only used once and there are cases where you want multiple Pokemon to have the same Moves.

In Closing

Now that you know the 6 must use Pokemon Emerald cheats around, you just need to execute them properly. Keep in mind the requirements in activating each code. Plus, don’t forget to turn the cheats on or off when you want to.

On the other hand, although we recommend the six, still it pays forward to avoid overusing cheats. Doing so could lead to various consequences, use them on your own risk.

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