Pokemon Emerald Rogue

There is a video game genre called roguelike or rogue-like. The concept is that you enter dungeons, and the zones are procedurally generated.

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What that means is that a zone can change every time you leave or exit the area. Enter, the ROM hack Pokemon Emerald Rogue, which has the motif of being a rogue-like game.

The concept of this hack is very interesting, and it uses Emerald as the base. It still has concepts of a Pokemon game, catching Pokemon, and battling Trainers but with a lot of twists. We’ll get into the details when it comes to this game.

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Pokemon Emerald Rogue Details and More


The story is the same concept where you just become a Pokemon Master or Champion.


While the story doesn’t seem to be much, it’s the concept that you would want to get acclimated to. This game is a rogue-like, so here’s how it works. You start in a zone where there is an area called the Hub.

The Hub is where you do your things like buy items, store your Pokemon, change your team, and others. When you leave the Hub, you choose which routes you go, which are procedurally generated.

Every time you enter these routes, you can encounter different Pokemon and decide whether you want to catch them. The end goal for each adventure you do is to get a Badge.

If you don’t get the Badge, you can go back to the Hub and get stronger. Continue doing it until you get all the Badges which will take some time since the game scales in level. You can also do quests and get rewards to help you get stronger and get further in the game.

Pokemon Emerald Rogue Information

Pokemon emerald rogue

Pokemon Emerald Rogue
Creator: Pokkabie
Game Base: Emerald
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Link

Feature List

  • A lot of the things are randomized (Pokemon[even Starters], areas, trainers, etc)
  • Character customization
  • Adjust the game’s settings and other options at the Hub
  • Seeded Mode available
  • Mega Evolution
  • Galarian Forms


Pokemon emerald rogue screenshots


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Download Pokemon Emerald Rogue

IMPORTANT: There are two versions which are EX and VANILLA. The EX or Expanded version is the recommended version. While the Vanilla is just a standard Pokemon Emerald battle mechanic.

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  1. Looking for an update to this game… I wish the menu for the Pokemon competitions telling if a move is beauty or cool was replace with ribbons so I could have so reward for taking my favorite poke on adventures.

    • Hi Kiara, thanks for coming here. Unfortunately, regular cheats will not work in this game. Emerald rogue uses a different emerald script in the creation. But we are doing our best to find a workaround.