Pokemon Emerald Horizons

Emerald-based hacks are always interesting, so we’ll add one more to the list with Pokemon Emerald Horizons.

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The creator of this hack wanted to make a special hack based on other hacks he played.

He had three things to keep in mind: make a challenging but balanced game, incorporate some modern Pokemon elements, and streamline the player experience.

The file attached is a BPS file. Don’t worry, since we have a guide that you can use for patching BPS files.

The BPS file isn’t usually used, but there are always the right steps to patch the file.

Just secure your own copy of Pokemon Emerald and there’s no specific version required.

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Pokemon Emerald Horizons Details and More


The story in Pokemon Emerald Horizons is still the same as Pokemon Emerald.

Not much has been changed when it comes to the story of the hack. If you know what to do and where to go in Emerald, then you’re all set.


One of the biggest additions in this hack is that there are Pokemon from later Gen such as 8 are available.

Not all of them are available but there are some nice additions, as well as some Hisuian forms. Features like adding Fairy-type and Mega Evolutions are also included in this hack.

EVs and IVs are not present in this game which could be a bummer for most of us. HMs can be forgotten and TMs can be used infinitely.

Pokemon Emerald Horizons Information

Pokemon emerald horizons

Pokemon Emerald Horizons
Creator: BrandonXL
Game Base: Emerald
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Pokemon roster goes up to Gen 8 (not all)
  • Fairy-types added
  • Mega Evolution
  • Hisuian forms available
  • EXP received by all members
  • New TMs added
  • New optional battles
  • Black and White repel system
  • Physical and special split
  • Unlimited TM use
  • HMs can be forgotten
  • No EV, IV, and nature
  • Decapitalization
  • Poke Mart items based on trainer badges


Pokemon emerald horizons screenshots

Download Pokemon Emerald Horizons


PRET – pokeemerald
DizzyEgg – Battle Engine, Pokémon Expansion
RHH – pokeemerald-expansion
ghoulslash – DexNav, Item Description Headers, Move Animations, contributing to original Quest Menu
StargazaART – Title Screen and Diantha Trainer! Seriously, check their Twitter! Fantastic work and person to work with.
skeli – Move Animations, contributing to original Quest Menu
PSF – Quest Menu
TheXaman – Debug menu for incredibly fast testing
Lunos – Exp. All
PokemonCrazy – Type Effectiveness in Battle
Buffel Saft – Poké Vial
Clara-Dragon – Original Ultra Wormhole Sprite
Poffin Case and Kyle Dove – Leon Trainer Sprite
kumquat – Alder RSE composition
Wobb and Aveontrainer – Cynthia Overworld
Kaneblaise – Cynthia Trainer Sprite
Christopher “Nova” Foss – Miror B. Midi Arrangement
Aveontrainer and BurstXShadowsX – Gen 2 Gym Leaders and HGSS Team Rocket sprites
Contributors of Simple Modifications Directory/pokeemerald Tutorials, including AsparagusEduardo, HunarPG, Lunos, Tyler Scarff, and more – Numerous QOL features
The kind RHH community – AsparagusEduardo, Salem, Lunos, DizzyEgg, SBird, Archie, MGriffin, shinydragonhunter, Grunt Lucas, and anyone else I’ve had to bother for help

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