Pokemon Eevee Emerald

Play Pokemon Emerald with this hack called Pokemon Eevee Emerald. The catch here is that you can choose Eevee as one of the starters.

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The title was already a giveaway but aside from just adding Eevee, there are other features added and changed.

The file attached is an IPS file that you need to patch with a Pokemon Emerald ROM. The steps to patching an IPS file are very easy as long you have the right base ROM.

The other thing is that you need to get your own Emerald ROM since we don’t share it here.

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Pokemon Eevee Emerald Details and More


The story is the same as Pokemon Emerald. The game takes place in Hoenn and the story of Emerald just flows through.

Characters and story progression are still the same. Not much was changed in the story, so you’re good to go.


The primary selling point is that you can have Eevee as your starter. The other three Hoenn starter Pokemon are still there and Eevee is the fourth.

All three starters along with Eevee can spawn in the wild at certain locations. All Pokemon from all versions of Gen 3 will appear in this hack.

You’re not restricted to Emerald’s roster as you can catch all Gen 3 Pokemon if you know where to find them.

Trading to evolve Pokemon is no longer necessary. These Pokemon will evolve by leveling up naturally.

Finally, several rival battle changes have been updated to make them more interesting.

Pokemon Eevee Emerald Information

Pokemon eevee emerald

Pokemon Eevee Emerald
Creator: GingerGuy173
Game Base: Emerald
Language: English
Source: Link

Features List

  • 4 starters to choose from
  • No trade evolution needed
  • All Gen 3 Pokemon available
  • Run indoors
  • Text capitalization has been changed


Download Pokemon Eevee Emerald


Prof. Leon Dias (For the decap)

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