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This ROM hack is called Pokemon Cursed Version Halloween Holiday. That’s a bit long but it is also called Pokemon Cursed Version which is based of FireRed. This hack is one of the many holiday hacks such as the Christmas Wooper Who Saved Christmas 1 and 2, Valentines Valen Edition, Summer Splash, and the Pokemon Easter Revolution.

Those are indeed some interesting ROM hack titles but for now, we’ll focus on this one which is based on the Halloween holiday. This game attempts to give players a little scare and horror. It isn’t entirely a gruesome game but it takes an approach to it but this game isn’t that long but that’s not a bad thing.

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Pokemon Cursed Details and More


It is Halloween and children and older people are going on a trick or treat spree. You on the other hand have other plans, so you plan on going out but to challenge the Gym Leader instead. This is a really interesting story-based game so we’re not going to spoil it but there are multiple endings depending on what you do.


This really isn’t like any of your Pokemon games where you catch a lot of Pokemon and challenge Gym Leaders. This is a story-based game where you progress through the game with the Pokemon that is given to you. Try to beat the game and unlock the different endings which lead to more replay values. This game is a bit short so you have to play as best as you can because you can still get a game over. The game utilizes Gen 4 sprites in the process.

Pokemon cursed

Pokemon Cursed Version
Creator: Joexv
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Link: Source

Feature List

  • Story-based game
  • Not like any traditional Pokemon game
  • More than one ending
  • Gen 4 graphics


Pokemon cursed screenshots

Pokemon Cursed Download


To everyone who made a program, guide or resource.
my bro for being a tester and finding billions of bugs with the first version.

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hello and thanks for the information i think i am gonna try playing this game

This is a good game, I highly recommend trying it.